Thursday / 26 January 2012

Image Credit: LiftPort Group, Spaceward Foundation

Space Elevator On The Moon?; Michael Laine (BR) Of LiftPort Group Sees Moon As Ideal Location To Advance Space Elevator Concepts; Contrary To Earth-Based Elevator, Required Technology Exists Today; Weaker Gravity Allows For Use Of Zylon Ribbon Extending From Surface Of Moon To L1 Point (58,000km From Center Of Moon); Others In Space Elevator Community Such As Ben Shelef (Inset) See Lunar Elevator Concept As “Distraction”

2 thoughts on “Thursday / 26 January 2012

  1. True, Ben Shelef of Spaceward thinks what we are doing is a distraction…

    But doctors Jerome Pearson, Joe Carroll, Bryan Laubscher and Pete Swan (all are long-time Elevator supporters) and about 20 other PhDs, including NASA’s Advanced Concepts Office at Marshall, and Goddards’ experimental rocketry group and the American Museum of Natural History as an education and outreach partner all think it’s an interesting idea – worth pursuing.

    So it might be a ‘distraction’ from Ben’s perspective, but it is the ONLY elevator system that is buildable with current “Commercial Off The Shelf” technology. So, from my perspective, we can either sit around and think, and talk about what a future system might be someday… or we can build something now. My team has chosen to build something.

    Take care. mjl
    President, LiftPort Group

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