Friday / 27 September 2013

ARTEMIS Moon Orbiters Reveal Path Of Energy Through Space


ARTEMIS Teams With THEMIS & GOES 13 / 15 Spacecraft To Track Sun Energy As It Hurtles Around Earth Magnetosphere, Forms Aurora (Substorm); Results Published In Science 27 Sep Show Small Events Unfolding Over 1 Millisecond Can Result In 30-Minute Energy Flows & Cover Area 10x Larger Than Earth; Can Help Scientists To One Day Predict Space Weather; Lunar Orbiters Offer Unique Perspective Of Magnetotail, Through Which Moon Travels 1x Month

Pictured: ARTEMIS & THEMIS P.I. Vassilis Angelopoulos (T) & Project Manager David Sibeck (B)

Image Credit: NASA, JPL / Caltech, Berkeley