Friday / 28 March 2014

18 GLXP Teams Working Toward
2015 Moon Missions

GLXP Teams Mar 2014

Weekly GLXP Teams Virtual Hangouts To Occur Every Tuesday; Astrobotic Announces Other Teams Will Join Its Mission Soon; 5 Competing For US$6M Terrestrial Prizes: Team Indus, Hakuto, Part-Time Scientists, Astrobotic, Moon Express (Latter 2 Are Only Teams To Advance To Accomplishment Round In All 3 Categories – Landing, Mobility, Imaging); Synergy Moon Building NEPTUNE L-1000 Launch Vehicle With Partner Company Interorbital Systems; SpaceIL Raises $21M, SpaceMETA $10M

Image Credit: GLXP, ME, Indus, Hakuto, PT Scientists, Astrobotic, IOS, Synergy Moon