Friday / 25 April 2014

LPI Seminar On Moon Evolution,
SRR / PTMSS Deadline


Lunar & Planetary Institute Lecture ‘Constraints On The Formation Age & Evolution Of The Moon From 142Nd-143Nd Systematics Of Apollo 12 Basalts’ Presentation Today By Claire McLeod From University Of Houston; Will Discuss How New High-Precision Neodymium (Nd) Isotope Data For Apollo Mare Basalts Are Used To Evaluate Lunar Mantle Source Reservoirs, And 3 Potential Moon Evolution Scenarios; Abstracts Due Today For 2014 SRR / PTMSS To Advance Commercial Prospects Of Developing Moon, Mars, Asteroid Resources

Image Credit: LPI, SRR / PTMSS, NASA, GSFC, C. McLeod