Friday / 6 June 2014

Ken Murphy Cislunar Cinema Inventory

Cislunar Cinema

President At The Moon Society & Space Finance Group Holdings LLC, Ken Murphy (BR) Details 87 Films From 1902-2013 Focused On Cislunar Space; Parts 1 & 2 Put Films Into Context Based On Era (Space Age, Post-Apollo…) & Generation (Baby Boomers, Gen X…) With Analysis Of Past, Present, Future Trends; Planned 2015 GLXP Video Streaming From Moon Surface May Be Most Valuable / Catalytic Lunar Film Of 21st Century; Moon Needs More Advocates For Its Own ‘Mars One Reality Show

Image Credit: GLXP, G. Pal, S. Kubrick, J. Lancett, S. Fenegan, Moonandback Media