Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 29 Aug – 1 Sep 2014

Pacific Space Access: Opportunity For State Of Hawai`i / Gubernatorial Candidates


Equatorial Sea-Launching Orbital Access From Remote Mid-Ocean Location Would Be Highly Valued For Commercial & Government Launch Demand, Offer Economic Opportunities To Aloha State, Advance Astro / Aerospace Industry – Already Burgeoning With Moon / Mars Analogue Sites, PISCES, Mauna Kea Astronomy, ILOA Headquarters; New State Leadership Could Advance Hawaii 21st Century Astro Leadership; ‘Next Giant Leap’ Lunar Conference In Hawaii, 9-13 Nov 2014 Will Feature Discussions On Next Steps For State Of Hawaii To Implement Strategies Supporting Sustainable Space Ventures

Pictured: Hawaii Gubernatorial Candidates (L-R): Duke Iona (R), Mufi Hannemann (I), David Ige (D)

 Image Credit: NASA, Sea Launch, khno2.com