Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 26-29 September 2014

IAC 2014 To Provide Extensive Overview Of International Lunar Missions


Premier Astronautical Event – 28 Sep To 3 Oct In Toronto – To Feature 3 Sessions On Robotic Lunar Exploration 30 Sep: Review Of Past / Present Missions (Including SMART-1, Chang’e-1 & 3 / Yutu, LADEE), Prospective Missions From USA, China, Canada, ESA, Russia, India, Korea, Japan, GLXP Teams, Update On Technology Developments For South Pole Moon Prospector Mission By Nadeen Ghafoor Of Canadensys Aerospace Corp; Human Exploration Of Moon / Cislunar Space 1 Oct: Lockheed & Boeing To Present Ideas For Cis-Lunar / L2 Outpost, Lunar Skylights / Lavatube Exploration, Concepts For Lunar Greenhouse

Image Credit: IAC, NASA