Tuesday / 9 December 2014

China Super-Heavy Launch Vehicle Will Enhance Human Moon Mission Capability


China Academy Of Launch Vehicle Technology Head Li Tongyu Confirms Work Is Underway To Define Technological Feasibility & Requirements Of Long March-9 (LM-9) Super-Heavy Rocket; New Rocket Will Facilitate Human Moon Missions & Deep Space Exploration; Projected To Have 8-10-m Diameter, Launch Weight Of 3,000 Metric Tons, Max Payload Capacity Of 130 Metric Tons (Equal To NASA SLS); 1st Launch Of Long March-9 Expected In 2028; Currrent Rocket – LM-5 Can Facilitate Human Moon Mission Now, Yet Would Require 4 Launches As Opposed To 1 LM-9 Launch

Image Credit: CALT, CNSA