Wednesday / 24 December 2014

Angara-5 Test Key Step For Russia Ambitious Moon Program


Angara-5, Largest Rocket Developed By Russia, Achieves Successful Test Flight To GTO; 1st Launch To GEO From Domestic Plesetsk Cosmodrome As Country Moves To Become More Self-Sufficient In Launch Capacities; Largest Of New Generation Of Modular Launch Vehicles Capable Of Carrying 3.8-35 Metric Tons; 1st Crewed Voyage With Heavy Angara Currently Scheduled For 2018; Rocket Capable Of Facilitating Moon Missions, Yet Super-Heavy Launcher Needed To Accomplish Stated Moon Base Goals; President Putin Recently Approved Development Of Super-Heavy Angara With Payload Capacity Of 120-150 Metric Tons

Image Credit: NASASpaceflight, NASA