Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 9-12 January 2015

China Advancing Space Program With New Launch Center / ‘Moonport’


Launching Of Space Station Capsules & Crewed Moon Missions From New Wenchang Satellite Launch Center “Just A Matter Of Time” According To China Officials; 19-Degree Latitude Will Increase Carrying Capacity Of Rockets By 10% & Island Location Will Allow For Easier Transport / Delivery Of The Larger Rockets / Payloads Needed For Country To Achieve Next Phase Of Ambitious Lunar Exploration Program; Site Will Host Huge Long March 9 Rocket, Expected To Be Ready By 2030; Chang’e-5 T1 Service Module Currently Returning To Lunar Orbit To Collect Data In Preparation For 2017 Chang’e-5 Sample Return 

Image Credit: Digital Globe, astronomy.wiki.com