Wednesday / 28 January 2015

India Advancing Moon & Mars Missions, GSLV, Human CARE Capsule

India ISRO Moon

ISRO Focusing On Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission & Considering Second Mars Mission; Working On GSLV Mk 3 & Human-Rated CARE Capsule After Successful Launch Last Month; US President Obama Meeting With India Prime Minister Modi Says “Together, We Unlock New Discoveries – From The Particles Of Creation To Outer Space – Two Nations To Have Gone To Both The Moon & To Mars”; GLXP Team Indus Awarded US$1M Milestone Prize, Needs $35M For Completing / Launching Spacecraft

Pictured: Mahatma Gandhi Crater On Moon At Sinus Iridum 43.7°N 26.8°W – Also Known As Laplace A

Image Credit: ISRO, NASA, Team Indus, GLXP, Vinod Singh/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images