Friday / 20 March 2015

46th LPSC Revealing Further Data On Moon Evolution, Structure, Habitability

46th LPSC

Final Day Of 46th LPSC At The Woodlands TX Focuses On “Early Lunar Evolution: Accretion To Crustal Formation & More”, “Later Lunar Evolution: How Old Is Old?”, “Impact Craters On Mars & The Moon”;  New Map Of Moon, Produced By Jack Wilson & Team At Durham University, Charts Thorium Spread 70,000km2 From Volcanic Eruption 3.5B Years Ago; Study By David Blair & Colleagues At Purdue University Concludes Moon Lava Tubes Of 1km+ Would Be Structurally Sound For Permanent Bases, Tunnels Are Expected To Be Larger On Moon Than On Earth Due To Lower Gravity

Image Credit: LPSC, LPI, NASA, Durham University, GSFC, ASU, LRO