Friday / 3 April 2015

Moon Spacecraft To Observe Shortest Lunar Eclipse Of 21st Century

Lunar Ecplise Apr 4

Total Lunar Eclipse 4 Mins 43 Secs Starting 01:58 HST 4 April Will Be Shortest Of 21st Century & Shortest Since 1529; NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter To Study Lunar Surface Temperature Changes; China Chang’e-3 At Sinus Iridum / Mare Imbrium May Observe Lunar Terminator & Dust Dynamics, Take Images Along With Chang’e-5-T1 In Moon Orbit;  NASA Media Teleconference & Live Feed Of Eclipse From Griffith Observatory In CA Available; Next Total Eclipse 28 Sep To Last 1 Hr 12 Mins

Image Credit: NASA, LRO, CNSA, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Phil Hart