Friday / 10 April 2015

Google Lunar XPrize Developments GLXP

GLXP Team Omega Envoy Reveals New Look For Rover “Sagan” With 3D-Printed Parts & Prepares For Testing; Lunar Lion Working To 3D Print Thruster Model For Prototype; Moon Express Developing KSC Space Launch Complex 36 For MTV-1X Lander Testing; Hakuto & Astrobotic Plan For Rideshare To Moon Late 2016 Aboard SpaceX Falcon 9; Remaining 18 Teams Work To Achieve Moon Landing Before Dec 31, 2016; Discovery Channel & Science Chanel To Air ‘Lunar XPrize’ Documentary Miniseries In 2015-16

Image Credit: GLXP, Astrobotic, Google, SpaceFlorida, Omega Envoy, Penn State Lunar Lion