Friday / 7 August 2015

Pete Worden In India Discusses Life In Universe, Says Moon More Suitable Than Mars

India Kalam Worden

Breakthrough Listen Chairman Simon ‘Pete’ Worden Meeting Scientists & Senior Representatives In Bengaluru This Week, Gives Talk At Indian Institute Of Astrophysics & Points Out The Moon (As Well As Enceladus, Europa, Titan) Has Chemicals Needed For Life, Whereas Mars Has High Concentration Of Perchlorates Which Are Useful For Fuel, But Not Likely Suitable For Life / Settlement; India & World Observing Passing Of “India’s Original Rocket Man” & Lunar Proponent Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Credit: K. Murali Kumar, NASA, AMRC, GSFC/ASU/LOLA/PDS, SVS, Google, Pockocmoc, APL