Wednesday / 12 August 2015

Aiming For The Moon With Aloha:
President Obama On GLXP Astrobotic;
Moon RIDERS Continues Project Testing

Hawaii GLXP

Hawai`i-Born Barack Obama Speaks About Astrobotic Moon Goals, Americans Being Those Who “Explore Next Frontiers… Pioneers With A Vision For Tomorrow, Whether It’s Lewis & Clark, Sally Ride… They’re The Driving Force In A 21st Century Economy”; Hawaii Moon RIDERS (Research Investigating Dust Expulsion Removal Systems) Partnering Hawaii Schools, PISCES, NASA KSC & Undisclosed GLXP Team, Testing Electrodynamic Dust Shield Experiment At Hawaii Island Moon Analog Site Mauna Kea In Preparation For Late 2016 Launch

Credit: GLXP, PISCES, Moon RIDERS, NASA, Gig Greenwood, `Iolani, Robin Bourne, Astrobotic