Friday / 2 Feb 2018

Human Exploration Research Analog HERAnauts To Begin 45-Day Space Simulation Mission

Group Of 4 Compensated Volunteers Out Of ~400 Applicants To Perform >18 Investigations During HERA XVI Mission (Campaign 4 Mission 4) At Johnson Space Center, Houston TX 3 Feb – 19 Mar; Closed Habitat Of 148.1 m3 Volume Consists Of 3-Story Core, Airlock & Hygiene Facilities; Research Will Focus On Behavioral Performance, Team Performance, Crew Medical, And Enabling Technologies Including Low Latency Teleoperations Study, Lighting Protocols for Exploration, ISS Food Intake Tracker, STARWatch™ Sleep Measures For Spaceflight; Results Will Support Future Human Moon, Mars, Solar System, SLS / Orion, Potential Deep Space Gateway Missions

Credits: JSC, NASA, HERA