Friday / 9 Feb 2018

Deep Space Gateway To The Moon South Pole:
5 Landing Sites Being Explored

International Space Exploration Coordination Group Developing Navigation Routes For 5-Year Campaign Of 5 Human Moon Landing Missions From Envisioned Deep Space Gateway Starting 2028 At Malapert Massif, Shackleton Crater, Schrödinger Basin, Antoniadi Crater, South Pole-Aitken Basin; NASA NexGen ELA Study In 2015 Indicates Human Lunar Return 5-7 Years For US$10B Thru Public-Private Collaboration; Commercial Space At National Space Council Meeting 2017 Confirms Statement Adding Committed Funding & Political Support Necessary – Next Meeting 21 Feb; Reusable Moon Lander For Crew & Robots Would Be Most Essential For Moon, Deep Space Exploration States Clive Neal (R)

Credits: Leonard David, Scientific American; Image Credit: NASA, ISECG, Notre Dame