Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 9-12 Feb 2018

India Chandrayaan-2 Updated Details On Lunar South Pole Landing

ISRO Chairman K Sivan Confirms April Launch From Sriharikota Satish Dhawan For GSLV MK2 / 3,290-kg Chandrayaan-2 Carrying Orbiter, Lander, Rover To Land ~600 km From Lunar South Pole, ~70° S, Between Craters Manzinus C And Simpelius N; 6-Wheeled Rover Will Have Solar Power For 1 Lunar Day (14 Earth Days), Ability To Travel Up To 200 Meters While Performing In-Situ Surface Chemical Analysis, Experiments, Observations That Could Be Relayed To Earth Within 15 Minutes; May Pave Way For Future Lunar Habitation Says Project Manager Muthayya Vanitha

Credits: ISRO, NASA, LRO