Wednesday / 18 February 2015

McMurdo On Moon Conference:
Analog For Moon Settlement


Space Horizons 2015: McMurdo On The Moon Conference On 18-19 February At Brown University, Providence RI; Experts In Planetary Science & Antarctica Research Come Together To Examine How Antarctica Facilities Can Be Utilized As A Fully Operational Model For Sustainable Human Exploration Of Moon & Mars; Speakers Include (L-R) Pete Worden Of NASA Ames, Marco Lisi Of ESA, David Marchant Of Boston University & James Head Of Brown University; Event Will Feature 3D CAVE Tour Of Moon; Between 1,000-4,500 Researchers Live & Work In Antarctica At Any Given Time

Image Credit: Space Horizons, NASA, ESA, Boston University, Brown University



New Year / Holiday Edition
Thurs / 25 Dec 2014 – Mon / 5 Jan 2015

50 Years After Humans Return To Moon,
50,000 Lunar Visitors Per Year?


Antarctica, A Valuable Analog Site For Testing Lunar Base Systems, May Also Be A Prophetic Model Of What Is To Come On The 8th Continent- Luna; Race To Earth South Pole Won In 1912, No Human Returned Until UN IGY 1957, Now About 50 Years Later The Site Receives About 50,000 Visitors / Year (90% Tourists), With 30+ Countries Maintaining Permanent Research Stations; Human Return To Moon Similarly Delayed, Now Expected ~2020; 50 Years Of Development Could Manifest A Situation Similar To Today’s Antarctica; International Space Powers – India, China, USA, Japan, Russia & NewSpace Enterprises Should Take Note: Those Making 1st Pioneering Steps To Settle / Develop Energy & Resource-Rich South Pole Moon Will Reap The Benefits & Be Well Positioned For 21st Century Solar System Leadership

Image Credit: JAXA / Michael Carroll, Amundsen South Pole Station

Tuesday / 23 December 2014

Space Horizons Workshop Focuses On Antarctica Moon Base Analogs


Brown University Hosting ‘Space Horizons 2015’ On 18-19 Feb, With Theme ‘McMurdo On The Moon’; 50 Paid Participants & 10 Invited Students Will Examine How McMurdo & Other Antarctica Stations Can Be Studied As Models For Human Bases On Moon & Mars; Day 1 Will Include Participation In CAVE (BL) Virtual Reality Tour Of Dry Antarctic Valleys & Surface Of Moon & Mars; Day 2 Engineering Workshop Will Feature Examination Of Architecture & Technologies To Facilitate Functional Moon Base; Featured Speakers Include (L-R) Marco Lisi Of ESA, James Head Of Brown U, Brent Sherwood Of JPL

Image Credit: Brown University, NASA JPL, ESA

Wednesday / 15 October 2014

Space Horizons 2015:
McMurdo On The Moon?

LED101514Brown University Hosts Annual NASA Sponsored Event Space Horizons 2015, 18-19 Feb; Antarctic McMurdo Station Inspires Asking “What Can 50+ Years Of Science In The Toughest Setting On Earth Tell Us About Working On The Moon?”; Workshops Examine Analog For Breakthrough Technologies To Realize Lunar Settlement; Brown’s 250-Year Anniversary Celebration Highlighted By Contributions In Planetary Science; Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Exhibit Allows Viewer To Fly Over Moon And Antarctica; Online Registration Now Open

 Image Credit: USAP, NASA, Brown University

Weekend Edition / Fri-Mon 10-13 May 2013

Preserving Tranquility Base & Other Artifacts Of Human Drive To Explore Space


New Efforts To Protect Off-Earth Objects, Sites Of Significance Arise Out Of Society For American Archeology 78th Annual Meeting; Space Session Co-Chairs Beth O’Leary UNM Las Cruces / Lisa Westwood CSU, And Further Analysis At The Space Review, Suggest Evolving Legal Framework To Protect Without Claiming Sovereignty, Multilateral Transparency; Similar To Antarctica, Int’l Waters

Image Credit: NASA, NMSU

Weekend Edition – Fri-Mon / 13-16 July 2012

Antarctic Treaty Needs Review If It’s To Be Used As Model For Moon

Peter Kokh In Moon Miners’ Manifesto Considers Shortfalls Of Antarctic Treaty As Model For Settlement / Development On Moon; Article 7 Completely Bans Non-Scientific Mineral Resources Activity; Better To Allow ISRU, Require Strict Environment Protections, Spur Development Of New Clean Technologies and Techniques; Translate To Responsible Approach For Moon, Mars; Treaty Up For Review In 2019

Image Credit: Antarctic Treaty, NASA

Thursday / 3 May 2012

Moon Society Promotes Antarctica As Model For Lunar Outpost

Image Credit: British Antarctic Survey, Amundsen

Moon Miners’ Manifesto #254, April 2012 Edition Expounds The Value Of Learning From Earth South Pole Development In Preparation For Lunar Habitation; Cooperative Spirit & Plan / Philosophy Of Sharing Resources, Facilities, Equipment Is Ideal For Future International Moon Settlement; Model Could Be Refined Through Antarctica Lunar Research Park; Importance Of Sports In Antarctica & Moon