Thursday / 21 Dec 2017

New Novel “Artemis” Set In The 1st City On Moon In Late 21st Century

Andy Weir — Author Of “The Martian” — Depicts Life Of Saudi Woman Jazz Bashara In Lunar Settlement Named Artemis; Weir Thinks We Will Colonize Moon Before Mars; Artemis Based On Commercial Space Efforts Making Lunar Tourism Viable Business; Population Lives In 5 Interconnected Bubbles Built With Aluminum From Smelting Lunar Anorthite, Located Near Apollo 11 Landing Site; Weir Presents Only ~1% Of All Details Of City He Crafted; Film Rights Already Sold

Credits: Andy Weir, Crown Publishing Group, David Lindroth Inc, Will Staehle, Kovalto1/shutterstock

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 16-19 December 2016

Scientists Study Lunar Sonic Boomlets With ARTEMIS Probe Duo, Present Findings At AGU

“Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the Moon’s Interaction with the Sun” (ARTEMIS) P1 And P2 In Moon Orbit Since 2011 Are Gathering High-Fidelity Measurements Of Lunar Miniature Shock Waves Believed To Be Caused By Protons In Solar Wind Moving At Supersonic Speeds Colliding With Pockets Of Magnetic Fields From Moon Crust; Deputy PI Jasper Halekas To Present On ARTEMIS And The 40 Observed Shock Waves During AGU Which Is Hosting 24,000 Attendees & Presentations On LRO, Moon Processes, Moon-Plasma Interactions; ARTEMIS Also Finds  ‘Limb Shocks’ At Boundary Between Light Side & Dark Side

Credits: NASA, ARTEMIS, SSERVI, AGU, J. Halekas, A. Poppe, et al

Friday / 18 September 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse 27 Sep To Provide Valuable Observation Opportunities

Luar Eclipse Sep 27

Chang’e-3 Lander On Moon Surface To Take Advantage Of LUT / Astronomy From The Moon During Upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse (27 Sep HST) Lasting 1 Hour 14 Mins; Will Be Full Harvest “Blood” Super Moon At Perigee (Distance 356,457km); All LRO Instruments Will Be Turned Off Except Diviner Infrared Radiometer Which Will Map Surface Temperature Changes From Elliptical Polar Orbit (20km S Pole x 165km N Pole); Two ARTEMIS Craft In 100km x 19,000km Orbits, Solar Spacecraft & Earth-Based Observatories Will Also Collect Data

Credit: NASA, LRO, GSFC, CNSA, China News, Ken Kremer, Marco Di Lorenzo

Friday / 14 August 2015

LEAG Extends Abstract Due Date To 14 Aug, Team Preparing For 2015 Annual Meeting

LEAG 2015Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Annual Meeting 20-22 Oct In Columbia MD; Chaired By (L-R) Clive Neil, Supported By Sam Lawrence (ASU), Jeff Plescia (JHU/APL), Steve Mackwell (LPI) & Representatives For LRO, ESA, ARTEMIS, Commercial Space, Next-Gen Lunar Scientists & Engineers; Recent Findings / Recommendations Include Resource Prospecting At Lunar Poles & Interior, Advancing Lunar CubeSats, Maintaining Moon Missions / Pace Of Discovery To Support International Partnerships, Technologies, Future Crewed Missions To Moon & Mars

Credit: NASA, LEAG, C. Neil, JPL/Caltech, ASU, LPI

Wednesday / 25 February 2015

Lunar Science Talk Demonstrates
Value Of Moon Exploration


Principal Investigator Of GRAIL Mission, Maria Zuber, Will Give Presentation On Recent Discoveries Concerning The Interior Of The Moon, Thurs 26 Feb At University Of Arizona; Host Of International Lunar Orbiters / Landers Continuing To Advance Understanding Of The History & Potential Future Significance Of Earth’s Closest Neighbor; Currently NASA Has 3 Spacecraft Orbiting Moon (LRO, ARTEMIS), China Currently Has An Orbiter (Chang’e-5 T1), Lander & Rover (Chang’e-3 / Yutu) At Moon

Image Credit: NASA, CNSA

Thursday / 19 December 2013

USA Moon Orbiters Gather Data
From Chang’e-3 Landing


LADEE Measuring Changes In Lunar Atmosphere Caused By Chang’e-3-Released Dust & Exhaust, Comparing To Baseline Data Collected During Full 29.5-Day Lunar Cycle Prior To China Arrival; LRO Scans Landing Site With LAMP Instrument Looking For Exhaust Plume Signature, LROC Able To Image Lander / Rover At ~2m / Pixel, Will Attempt Image On 24 Dec; ARTEMIS Spacecraft Look For Plume Signatures In Plasma & Magnetic Field 

Image Credit: NASA, CCTV