Friday / 2 Feb 2018

Human Exploration Research Analog HERAnauts To Begin 45-Day Space Simulation Mission

Group Of 4 Compensated Volunteers Out Of ~400 Applicants To Perform >18 Investigations During HERA XVI Mission (Campaign 4 Mission 4) At Johnson Space Center, Houston TX 3 Feb – 19 Mar; Closed Habitat Of 148.1 m3 Volume Consists Of 3-Story Core, Airlock & Hygiene Facilities; Research Will Focus On Behavioral Performance, Team Performance, Crew Medical, And Enabling Technologies Including Low Latency Teleoperations Study, Lighting Protocols for Exploration, ISS Food Intake Tracker, STARWatch™ Sleep Measures For Spaceflight; Results Will Support Future Human Moon, Mars, Solar System, SLS / Orion, Potential Deep Space Gateway Missions

Credits: JSC, NASA, HERA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 1-4 Sep 2017

International Human Moon, Deep Space Mission Simulations

Beijing, China 200-Day Moon Simulation With 2 Women & 2 Men Living In Yuegong-1 (Lunar Palace-1) Until Jan 25, 2018 Complete With Two 50m2 Greenhouses / Bio-Regenerative Life-Support Systems Experiments Vital For Lunar Settlement; Next Group Will Perform 105-Day Mission Jan 25 – May 10, 2018; Commercial Company Space Garden 6-Person Mock Lunar Mission Performing 20 Spaceflight Experiments In Pila, Poland “Habitat Lunares” Concludes Lunar Expedition 1, Planning For 2 Additional Missions In 2017; NASA Human Exploration Research Analog Campaign 4 Mission 2 In 148.1 m3 Habitat At JSC Houston TX Scheduled Aug 5 – Sep 18 Cut Short Due To Hurricane Harvey

Credits: Xinhua/Ju Huanzong, Monica Alcazar-Duarte, NASA, CCTV

USA Independence Day Edition
Fri-Tue / 30 June – 4 July 2017

Human 2020 Return To Moon Also Supported By Stephen Hawking

First Women / Americans On Moon As Soon As 2020 Is Within Reach – Advances Made By SpaceX On Falcon Heavy, Dragon Crew & Interplanetary Transportation System, Blue Origin New Glenn, New Shepard & New Armstrong, Bigelow Lunar Inflatable Habitats, Moon Express And Astrobotic Lunar Landers, NASA SLS / Orion And New Astronaut Class With 5 Women & 7 Men; Returning “In Peace For All” To Reclaim Greatest American / Human Advance Is Vital For Long-Term Survival And First Step To Launching Into Solar System And Galaxy; Stephen Hawking States Countries Should Collaborate To Build Moon Settlement Within 30 Years; NASA, ESA, China, India, Russia, Canada And Others Support Moon Base Construct – Focusing On Moon South Pole New Frontier To Utilize Materials And Energy; The Time To Achieve Pioneering 21st Century Return To Moon To Solidify Multi World Species Status Is Now

Credits: NASA, N. Moeller, Space Age Publishing Company, Behrokh Khoshnevis

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 23-26 June 2017

Next Gen Spacesuits Needed For Women And Men IVAs, EVAs At LEO, Moon, Mars

2017 Audit Discusses Spacesuit Advances Required For Future Cislunar Gateway, SLS / Orion Flights, Moon & Mars Surface, Accommodations For Astronauts Of Various Sizes, Improvements In Glove, Hydration, Nutrition Systems; Lunar Dust Mitigation Technologies Integrated Into Spacesuits Proposed By Kavya Manyapu Includes Carbon Nanotube Flexible Electrodes To Eject Sharp, Magnetic Moon Dust; Lockheed Martin Proposes 8-Legged, Rocket-Powered Spacesuit For Mars Moons; NASA Has 11 Fully Functioning Extravehicular Mobility Units (145 kg) & Agency ‘Years Away From Deep Space Suits’; China Currently Utilizing Feitian EVA Suit (120 kg, Cost US$4.4M) Modeled After Russia Orlan Suits (104 kg); Final Frontier Design, SpaceX, Boeing Working On Light-Weight, Flexible, Low-Cost IVA Suits

Credits: NASA / Eugene Cernan, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, CNSA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 12-15 May 2017

China, USA Simulate Long-Duration Human Moon Missions In Closed Habitats

Beijing, China Hosts 1-Year Moon Mission Analog With 8 Volunteers In 2 Groups (2 Women, 2 Men In Each) Living In Yuegong-1 (Lunar Palace-1) Complete With Two 50m2 Greenhouses / Bio-Regenerative Life-Support Systems Experiments Vital For Lunar Settlement; 1st Group Will Remain For 60 Days, 2nd Group 200 Days, Then 1st Group Return For 105 Days; NASA Human Exploration Research Analog Campaign 4 (HERA-4) Is Ongoing From 6 May – 19 Jun At JSC, Houston TX 148.1 m3 Habitat; 4 Team Members Will Test New Space Food & Hardware Prototypes Including Simulated Exploration Vehicle, Use 3-D Printer; 3 Additional 45-Day Missions Run In Aug, Oct, Feb 2018

Credits: Beihang University – Beijing University for Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xinhua, Ju Huanzong, NASA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 17-20 March 2017

Human Moon Mission Planning Advances In USA, China, Russia

US Gov Surveying Feasibility Of Human Moon Flyby Sep 2018 On Orion / SLS / EM-1, Private Venture SpaceX Plans 2018 Circumlunar Trip For 2 Tourists, Blue Origin Proposes 2020 Moon South Pole Cargo Deliveries To Start Permanent Human Settlement; China Chief Lunar Exploration Designer Hu Hao Announces Success Of CE-5 Sample Return Launching Nov 2017 Will Pave Way For Human Landing Mission Which ‘Should Be Carried Out ASAP’; Russia Begins Selection Of 6-8 Cosmonauts For Federatsiya Spacecraft Intended To Fly To Moon, First Uncrewed Test Flight Planned 2021 On New Angara Rocket

Credits: NASA, CNSA, Roscosmos, SpaceX, Blue Origin

Tuesday / 10 November 2015

Russia IMBP Reviewing Data From ~30 “Fly Women To The Moon” Experiments

11102015Luna-15 Six-Female Crew Completes 8-Day Simulation At Moscow Institute Of Medical-Biological Problems (IMBP) To Provide Information On “The Mechanisms Of Adaptation To The Conditions Of The Female Body 8-Day Isolation In Germoobekte While Rotating At Short-Radius Centrifuge” With Sergey Ponomarev (TL) As Project Leader; Crew Members (L-R) Daria Komissarova, Tatyana Shuguyeva, Polina Kuznetsova, Inna Nosikova, Anna Kussmaul & Elena Luchitskaya; Simulations & Data Include Moon Flight, 2-Day Orbit & Landing; Scientists Hopeful To Conduct Similar Experiments With Landing On The Moon Noted By IMBP Head Mark Belakovsky (BL)

Credit: AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin, ESA, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, IMBP

Friday / 6 November 2015

Who Will Be The Next Astronaut To Reach The Moon?

Humans to MoonNew Class Of NASA Astronauts To Be Chosen Mid-2017, Agency Accepting Applications 14 Dec 2015 To Feb 2016; More Than 6,100 Applied During Last Call 2011 – 8 Chosen In 2013: 4 Women & 4 Men Who May Be The First Humans To Perform Lunar Mission Since 1972, Flying Aboard Orion ~2023; Private Golden Spike Co. Still Hoping For ~2020 Flights; China & India Steadily Advancing Moon Missions & Human Spaceflight Capabilities; Russia Proclaims Human Moon Mission 2029; ESA Discussing Eventual Permanent International Moon Station On Far Side

Credit: NASA, ESA

Thursday / 29 October 2015

Russia Focused On Luna-2015 Simulation & Proclaims Humans To Moon 2029

10292015RSC Energia Head Vladimir Solntsev (TL) Reveals Human “Lunar Landing Is Planned For 2029”; Spacecraft For Mission Currently Being Built In Moscow With Inaugural Flight Aiming For 2021, ISS Space Dock 2023, Un-Crewed Moon Mission 2025, Astronauts To Moon 2029; Luna-2015 Female-Only Crew Simulations Commence, Gathering Data With “Over 30 Experiments” As Stated By Crew Member Daria Komissarova (LC); Experiment Taking Place At Moscow Institute Of Medical-Biological Problems; Potential Collaboration Efforts Also Underway With ESA For Moon Settlement & Joint Lunar Station Prospectively With China

Credit: ESA, IMBP, RSC Energia

Wednesday / 5 August 2015

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Gathering Experimental Data For Future Space Missions

8052015First Canada Commander Of ISS Chris Hadfield (TL) Of Expedition 35, Advocating Future Moon Exploration, States “Yes! The Moon Is The Obvious Next Necessary Step”; CSA Continues To Take Advantage Of Moon / Mars Analogs In Arctic: Astronaut David Saint-Jacques (TC) Returning From Training Expedition On Kaskawulsh Glacier In Yukon, Data From Astronaut Jeremy Hansen (TR) Mission At Moon Analog Site In Tunnunik Crater Being Reviewed

Credit: CSA, NASA, Jeremy Hansen, Emily Chung / CBC