Thursday / 22 October 2015

Russia-Europe To Collaborate On Human Lunar Settlement At Late 2016 Meetings

10222015Moscow Space Research Institute Prof Igor Mitrofanov (TL) Asserts “We Have To Go To The Moon” Due To Commercial, Astronomical Observation & Utilization Of Lunar Resource Benefits; Meeting Of Ministers To Decide Europe Participation Late 2016; Russia Vostochny Cosmodrome For Lunar, Planetary, Human Missions Described As “Biggest & Most Ambitious Projects” By Pres Putin (TR); ESA Lunar Exploration Head, Bérengère Houdou (BL) States “Ambition To Have European Astronauts On The Moon” & Lead Scientist Dr. James Carpenter (BR) Notes Moon South Pole Unique Characteristics Includes Possible Water Ice For “Use As Rocket Fuel; Luna-25 Luna-Glob Lander Expected 2018 & Luna-Resurs 1 Lander Expected 2020

Credit: ESA, EPA/ Alexei Nikolsky, University of Bristol, IKI

Friday / 16 October 2015

China Makes Public 18-Month Performance Survey Of Chang’e-3 LUT Operating On Moon Surface

Chang'e-3 18 month survey

First Robotic Telescope Working On Moon Acquiring ~10,000 Images Per Month, Displaying Highly Stable Photometric Performance During 51-Run Observation Of 17 IUE Standard Stars (Used For Calibration); Continuously Monitoring Bright Variable Stars, Performing Sky Survey At Low Galactic Latitude; Exceeding Planned Lifetime (Now In Lunar Night 23), Mission Providing Data For NextGen Telescopes; Paper Published in Astrophysics and Space Science Gains International Attention For China Accomplishments / Science, Establishing Astronomy From The Moon; Chang’e-3 LUT Mission Awaits Official 2016 Extension


Friday / 9 October 2015

LunarCubes: Secondary Payloads Aiming To Produce First-Class Science


5th LunarCubes Workshop Hosted By Flexure Engineering 6-9 Oct Highlights Affordable, Innovative Options For Moon / Interplanetary Missions To Search For Volatiles, Map Surface, Support Human Exploration; Along With 8 Design Challenges, Various Talks Are Given On Missions Under Development By Private & Public Sectors: LunaH-Map (Craig Hardgrove, ASU), HALO (Michael Collier, NASA), Lunar Flashlight (John Baker, JPL), ILO-X & ILO-1 (Steve Durst, ILOA), FireFly (Dan Faber, DSI); Hack The Moon Event & Lunar Art / Flash Art Competition Being Held 9-11 Oct

Credit: Flexure Engineering, ASU, NASA, GSFC, JPL, Caltech

Wednesday / 7 October 2015

5th International LunarCubes Workshop Brings Scientists, Engineers, Enterprise To San Jose 6-9 Oct

1072015Robust Lunar Enterprise Workshop Over 4 Days  Focusing On Space Exploration, Collaboration, Technology & Commercial Strategies; NASA Ames Research Center Manager Jim Cockrell (R) Highlights First In-Space Cube Quest Challenge (US$5.5M Prize) To Develop Small Moon Orbiters & Deep Space Satellites; Steve Durst (BL) Discussing ‘Astronomy From The Moon’ As A New Frontier With The International Lunar Observatory (ILO-1); Interorbital Systems Randa Milliron (TL) Will Talk About IOS Neptune Modular Rockets; Annual LunarCubes Workshop Provides Hands-On Activities & Educational Sessions To Further Moon & Space Exploration

Credit: LCW5, ILOA, NASA, Jim Cockrell, IOS, Randa Milliron

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 25-28 September 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse To Inspire Astronomy From, On, Of The Moon

9262015Chang’e-3 Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope On Moon Surface At Sinus Iridum / Mare Imbrium, 44.12°N 19.51°W Will Attempt Observations During 74-Minute Total Lunar Eclipse Beginning 27 September 16:10 HST; Through MoU With NAOC, ILOA Supporting Unique Milky Way / Other Galaxy Imaging Opportunities From Moon Surface; ILOA Working To Establish Observatory At Moon South Pole, Lunar Base Build-Out; LRO Diviner Instrument Will Collect Data From Orbit, Professional & Enthusiast Groups To Observe / Study Eclipse


Friday / 25 September 2015

Galaxy Forum Canada 2015:
Astronomy From The Moon

GF Canada 2015

 ILOA 2015 Galaxy Forum 26 Sep To Be Held At University Of British Columbia In Vancouver, Canada; Will Feature (L-R) Paul Hickson, Steve Durst, Howard Trottier, Mark Halpern, Alma Barranco-Mendoza, Eldon Yellowhorn; Topics Include The Future ILO-1 Moon South Pole Observatory For Milky Way Galaxy Imaging / 21st Century Astronomy Education, Large Optical Telescopes On The Moon Taking Advantage Of The Airless Environment & Slow Lunar Rotation, Canadian Space Society & Canadian Space Agency Perspectives On Human Exploration & Development Of The Solar System, Archeoastronomy & The Cultural Importance Of The Moon


Friday / 18 September 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse 27 Sep To Provide Valuable Observation Opportunities

Luar Eclipse Sep 27

Chang’e-3 Lander On Moon Surface To Take Advantage Of LUT / Astronomy From The Moon During Upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse (27 Sep HST) Lasting 1 Hour 14 Mins; Will Be Full Harvest “Blood” Super Moon At Perigee (Distance 356,457km); All LRO Instruments Will Be Turned Off Except Diviner Infrared Radiometer Which Will Map Surface Temperature Changes From Elliptical Polar Orbit (20km S Pole x 165km N Pole); Two ARTEMIS Craft In 100km x 19,000km Orbits, Solar Spacecraft & Earth-Based Observatories Will Also Collect Data

Credit: NASA, LRO, GSFC, CNSA, China News, Ken Kremer, Marco Di Lorenzo

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 11-14 September 2015

Chang’e-4 Radio Astronomy From Moon Far Side Creating Opportunity With ILOA

9112015Observation Of Low Frequency Cosmic Rays Among Primary Astronomy Objectives Of CE-4 Mission To Moon Far Side NET 2020, According To Chinese Academy Of Sciences Zou Yongliao During LDSE Beijing Conference; Prof Wei, National Astronomical Observatory China & Steve Durst, International Lunar Observatory Association Speaking At Galaxy Forum China 2015 Affirm CE-3 Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope Continues Gathering Images & Data As Only Active Lunar Surface Mission; Further Cooperation Expected With ILOA ILO-X (NET 2016),  ILO-1 (NET 2017) & CE-4

Credit: Copyright ILOA, Michael Carroll, NAOC/CAS, CNSA, NASA

Wednesday / 9 September 2015

Galaxy Forum China 2015 “Astronomy From The Moon” At NAOC

9092015ILOA Event On 9 Sep Features (L-R) NAOC Prof. Jianyan Wei And Dr. Jing Wang Discussing LUT Findings & Performance, Univ. Of Hawaii Dr. R. Pierre Martin On Galaxy Exploration From The Moon, ILOA Founding Director Steve Durst On 21st Century Education, Exploration & Enterprise; Moon-Based Observatory Missions To Complement Earth / Space-Based Astronomy; ILOA Collaborating With National Astronomical Observatories – Chinese Academy Of Science (NAOC) Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) On Chang’e-3 As Only Mission Operating On Lunar Surface

Credit: ILOA, NAOC

Friday / 4 September 2015

Astronomy From The Moon:
Further Establishing The New Frontier

MSPA ILOA 2015 SepILOA Collaborating With National Astronomical Observatories – Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAOC) Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) Aboard Chang’e-3 Moon Lander At 44°N 20°W – Only Spacecraft Operating On Lunar Surface, 1st To Land On Moon In Almost 40 Years; ILOA Pursuing Moon-Based Observatory Missions, Seeks To Advance 21st Century Galaxy Imaging With ILO-1 2-Meter Radio Antenna To Malapert Mt. 86°S 2.7°E Near Moon South Pole, With ILO-X Precursor Mission Aboard GLXP Lander, With Human Service Mission To ILO-1 / Robotic Village New World Frontier

Credit: Copyright ILOA, Michael Carroll, NAOC/CAS, CNSA