Friday / 10 June 2016

Exploring The Galaxy From The Moon, Study Validates ‘Lunar Occultation Technique’

Lunar Occultation Tech

Richard Miller (L) From University Of Alabama – Huntsville & David Lawrence Of JHU/APL Using Data From Lunar Prospector Gamma Ray Spectrometer To Find Pattern Of Occultations Generated By Moon For Detecting & Characterizing Objects In Universe Whose Properties Change Over Time; Lunar Orbiter & Surface Missions Will Take Advantage Of Moon Unique Characteristics Including No Atmosphere, No Magnetosphere, Low Electromagnetic Interference From Earth, Well-Understood Radiation Background, Stable Platform, And Offer Cost Effective Way To Study Galaxy Without Diminishing Quality

Credit: Richard Miller, David Lawrence, UAH, JHU/APL, NASA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 27-30 May 2016

6 Current Moon Craft Operated Solely By China And NASA

China NASA 2016 Moon Craft

2017 Brings Hope For 1st Commercial Moon Missions, India Chandrayaan-2 & China Chang’e-5 Sample Return, While NASA LRO Continues Collecting Data On Lunar Poles, New Surface Features – Will Enter 8th Year At Moon 23 June, Data Release #26 Upcoming; NASA ARTEMIS 1 & 2 Studying Moon Plasma Wake & Solar Wind Interactions, To Enter 6th Year At Moon In July; China Chang’e-3 Lander & Yutu Rover At Guang Han Gong, 44.12°N 19.51°W To Celebrate Start Of 4th Year On Surface 14 Dec; Chang’e-5T1 Service Module Almost 17 Months In Orbit, Continues Observations / Tests For Future Landing Missions


Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 6-9 May 2016

China Prepares For 2017 Chang’e-5 Sample Return While Taking Proactive Steps For Human Mission

Change Human Missions

Chang’e-6 Could Serve As Precursor Accelerating China ~2030 Human Moon Mission Goal After CE5 Sample Return In 2017 Tests Related Technologies / Equipment; China Academy Of Space Technology Pang Zhihao States “Manned Lunar Spacecraft Will Be Different”; CE4 To Explore Moon Far Side NET 2018, May Carry Radio Telescope For Astronomy States Zou Yongliao Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences; CE3 Continues As Sole Operational Surface Mission; CE2 Orbiter Scouted Proposed Landing Sites; CE1 Inaugural Mission First Great Step

Credit: China Academy of Space Technology, China Academy of Sciences

Friday / 1 April 2016

Long-Term Observation From Moon Surface For Earth, Space, Weather Studies

Astronomy from the Moon 2016

 Guo Huadong Of CAS Proposing Series Of Sensors For Macro Phenomena On Earth / Global Changes, China Chang’e-3 Observing Galaxy With LUT From Stable Platform Of Moon Surface, Future Landers To Be Fitted With Similar & More Advanced Cameras; ILOA ILO-1 & ILO-X Being Developed To Study Galaxy Stars, Earth, Moon Local Environment From Unique Vantage Of Moon Surface; Upcoming European Lunar Symposium (18-19 May) Will Explore Astronomical, Astrophysical Topics & ‘Science From The Moon’


Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 Nov 2015

Galaxy Forum Waimea 2015:
Astronomy From The Moon And Hawai`i

GF HI 2015

Galaxy Forum Hawaii (12 Nov) Prompts The Question “Where Did The Moon Come From?”; Local Perspectives From Kimo Pihana & Pua Case, Multiple Scientific International Sources Theorize The Moon Formed From Giant Impact In Pacific Basin – Rob Kelso Of PISCES Notes ‘Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa Basalts Are Extremely Similar To Moon & Mars’; Astronomy From The Moon Being Conducted By Chang’e-3 With LUT – Through MoU With Hawaii-Based ILOA, Observations Of Galaxy M101 Helping To Refine Further ILOA Missions; Various Countries Planning On Far-Side Radio Astronomy; Passionate Talks Given About Hawaii’s Uniqueness, Astronomy From Hawaii / Earth, From Space & From The Moon


Wednesday / 4 November 2015

ESA ‘Lunarville’ Proposal Attracts Global Attention, Offers International Participation

11042015Human Lunar Missions With International Collaboration Priority Of (L-R) Johann-Dietrich Woerner, ESA Director Stating Desire To “Not Just Land On The Moon, But To Have A Permanent International Moon Station On The Far Side”; Far Side Site Valuable For Radio Astronomy; FAA Associate Administrator George Nield Impressed With ESA Comments / Moon Village Concept As It “Would Enable Countries To Participate” With Private Industries Playing An “Important Role”; Executive Mike Gold Reaffirms Bigelow Aerospace Position Of Supporting Long-Term Aspirations Of A Lunar Base; China Also Considering Crewed Lunar Missions; Energia Space Corp Head Vladimir Solntsev States Russia Desire To Put Humans On Moon By 2029

Credit: NASA, ESA, Foster + Partners, FAA, RSC

Thursday / 22 October 2015

Russia-Europe To Collaborate On Human Lunar Settlement At Late 2016 Meetings

10222015Moscow Space Research Institute Prof Igor Mitrofanov (TL) Asserts “We Have To Go To The Moon” Due To Commercial, Astronomical Observation & Utilization Of Lunar Resource Benefits; Meeting Of Ministers To Decide Europe Participation Late 2016; Russia Vostochny Cosmodrome For Lunar, Planetary, Human Missions Described As “Biggest & Most Ambitious Projects” By Pres Putin (TR); ESA Lunar Exploration Head, Bérengère Houdou (BL) States “Ambition To Have European Astronauts On The Moon” & Lead Scientist Dr. James Carpenter (BR) Notes Moon South Pole Unique Characteristics Includes Possible Water Ice For “Use As Rocket Fuel; Luna-25 Luna-Glob Lander Expected 2018 & Luna-Resurs 1 Lander Expected 2020

Credit: ESA, EPA/ Alexei Nikolsky, University of Bristol, IKI

Friday / 16 October 2015

China Makes Public 18-Month Performance Survey Of Chang’e-3 LUT Operating On Moon Surface

Chang'e-3 18 month survey

First Robotic Telescope Working On Moon Acquiring ~10,000 Images Per Month, Displaying Highly Stable Photometric Performance During 51-Run Observation Of 17 IUE Standard Stars (Used For Calibration); Continuously Monitoring Bright Variable Stars, Performing Sky Survey At Low Galactic Latitude; Exceeding Planned Lifetime (Now In Lunar Night 23), Mission Providing Data For NextGen Telescopes; Paper Published in Astrophysics and Space Science Gains International Attention For China Accomplishments / Science, Establishing Astronomy From The Moon; Chang’e-3 LUT Mission Awaits Official 2016 Extension


Friday / 9 October 2015

LunarCubes: Secondary Payloads Aiming To Produce First-Class Science


5th LunarCubes Workshop Hosted By Flexure Engineering 6-9 Oct Highlights Affordable, Innovative Options For Moon / Interplanetary Missions To Search For Volatiles, Map Surface, Support Human Exploration; Along With 8 Design Challenges, Various Talks Are Given On Missions Under Development By Private & Public Sectors: LunaH-Map (Craig Hardgrove, ASU), HALO (Michael Collier, NASA), Lunar Flashlight (John Baker, JPL), ILO-X & ILO-1 (Steve Durst, ILOA), FireFly (Dan Faber, DSI); Hack The Moon Event & Lunar Art / Flash Art Competition Being Held 9-11 Oct

Credit: Flexure Engineering, ASU, NASA, GSFC, JPL, Caltech

Wednesday / 7 October 2015

5th International LunarCubes Workshop Brings Scientists, Engineers, Enterprise To San Jose 6-9 Oct

1072015Robust Lunar Enterprise Workshop Over 4 Days  Focusing On Space Exploration, Collaboration, Technology & Commercial Strategies; NASA Ames Research Center Manager Jim Cockrell (R) Highlights First In-Space Cube Quest Challenge (US$5.5M Prize) To Develop Small Moon Orbiters & Deep Space Satellites; Steve Durst (BL) Discussing ‘Astronomy From The Moon’ As A New Frontier With The International Lunar Observatory (ILO-1); Interorbital Systems Randa Milliron (TL) Will Talk About IOS Neptune Modular Rockets; Annual LunarCubes Workshop Provides Hands-On Activities & Educational Sessions To Further Moon & Space Exploration

Credit: LCW5, ILOA, NASA, Jim Cockrell, IOS, Randa Milliron