Friday / 24 July 2015

16 GLXP Teams Have <6 Months To Confirm Launch, Extend Competition

GLXP July 2015

 One Firm Launch Provider Contract, Designating Launch Window / Date, Required By 31 Dec 2015 To Continue US$20M Moon Challenge; Rideshare Contract Between Astrobotic & Hakuto Confirmed For TBD SpaceX Launch Mid-2016, Team Indus Looking Toward ISRO For Subsidized Launch, Synergy Moon Counting On Interorbital Neptune Rocket, SpaceMETA Has MoU With Alcantor Cyclone Space, Barcelona Moon Working With China Great Wall Industry, Penn State Lunar Lion Launch Reservation Fee Given To Spaceflight Inc / Sherpa Craft

Credit: GLXP, SpaceX, GLXP Teams

Thursday / 29 May 2014

GLXP Team SpaceIL Advances Mission Funding


SpaceIL Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks To Raise $1 For Every Mile To The Moon (240,000), Runs Through 17 June, US$58,000 Raised In First Week, Team Says Overarching Goal Is To Raise Awareness / Create Apollo-Like Excitement Among Youth; Israel-Based Team Already Raised $20M Of Projected $36M Mission Budget, Including $16.4M Grant From Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson; A Private Group Is Looking To Send Hand-Printed Torah Scroll To Moon, Group Working On Payload Contract With Barcelona Moon Team After Talks With SpaceIL Broke Down

Image Credit: SpaceIL, Yuya Shino

Thursday / 6 February 2014

Lunar CATALYST Program Inspiring GLXP, Property Rights Debates


Moon Express & Other USA-Based GLXP Teams Enthusiastic About NASA Lunar CATALYST Program While Barcelona Moon & International Teams Concerned It Unbalances The Competition; Mike Gold (TR) Of Bigelow Aerospace Applauds NASA Initiative, Yet Warns That Private Moon Mission Investment Not Likely Until Rights To Extracted Minerals Clearly Defined; Bigelow Awaiting FAA Response To Recent Moon Mission Licensing Request

Image Credit: Barcelona Moon Team, Moon Express, NASA, Bigelow Aerospace