Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 2-5 June 2017

ILOA Galaxy Forum China 2017 Precedes IAF Global Space Exploration Conference In Beijing

Astronomy From The Moon & International Human Moon Missions Focus Of 3-Hour 2-Part Program 5 June At BICC, On Eve Of GLEX 2017, Highlights Global Lunar Exploration Priorities; Organized By International Lunar Observatory Association Of Hawai`i; Part 1) Wang Jing Of NAOC On CE3 Lunar Ultra-Violet Telescope, Hakim Malasan Of ITB On Indonesia Future Astronomy, Steve Durst Of ILOA On Galaxy First Light Imaging; P2) Christian Lange Of CSA On Canadian Lunar Payloads & Technology, Guo Linli Of CAST On China Lunar Base Concept, Andrew Aldrin Of ShareSpace Foundation On USA / International Human Missions To The Moon

Credits: ILOA, NAOC, CNSA, CSA, ShareSpace, ESA, NASA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 7-10 April 2017

Canada Prioritizes Technologies For International Lunar Deep Space Habitat And Lunar Surface Mobility (LSM) Concept Study

Canadian Space Agency Asking For Innovative Proposals For Detailed LSM Concepts & Feasibility Assessment Of Two Main Assets: Precursor To Human & Scientific Rover And Lunar Pressurized Rover Core; Planning To Select Up To 2 Six-Month Contracts; Canada Government Commits To CSA US$80.9M Over 5 Years To Accelerate Canada Leadership In Space Post-ISS Era Including Technology To Support International Human Missions On And Around Moon Such As Robotics, Rovers, Software, And Mars Surface Observation

Credits: CSA, NASA

Inauguration Month Edition
January 2017

Human Moon Lander Imperative, 2020-2025:
To Enable 21st Century Solar System Complete

2018 SLS / Orion EM-1 First Mission Planned For Cislunar Capability Signals Opportunity For Human Lunar Lander Enterprise And Development; American Independents Such As Golden Spike, Astrobotic, Moon Express, Shackleton Energy, Canadensys, ILOA, As Well As Blue Origin, SpaceX, Bigelow Among Others, May Collaborate Through Public-Private Partnerships Bi-Nationally, Multi-Nationally With Canada, China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, Russia, USA, And Other Nations Globally; American And International Space Community May Welcome Progressive, Constructive Initiatives From New U.S. President And Administration, While Remaining Vigilant Against Regression; New U.S. President Could Enable Humanity To Reestablish And Advance Itself As Multi World Species, With Women, Men On The Moon And 21st Century “Stretch Goal”

Credits: SPC, ILOA, NASA, Space Dev

Friday / 25 September 2015

Galaxy Forum Canada 2015:
Astronomy From The Moon

GF Canada 2015

 ILOA 2015 Galaxy Forum 26 Sep To Be Held At University Of British Columbia In Vancouver, Canada; Will Feature (L-R) Paul Hickson, Steve Durst, Howard Trottier, Mark Halpern, Alma Barranco-Mendoza, Eldon Yellowhorn; Topics Include The Future ILO-1 Moon South Pole Observatory For Milky Way Galaxy Imaging / 21st Century Astronomy Education, Large Optical Telescopes On The Moon Taking Advantage Of The Airless Environment & Slow Lunar Rotation, Canadian Space Society & Canadian Space Agency Perspectives On Human Exploration & Development Of The Solar System, Archeoastronomy & The Cultural Importance Of The Moon


Thursday / 24 September 2015

Canada Space Sector Innovating Strategies For Lunar Exploration

9242015 Lunar Night Survival Technologies Being Advanced By Canadensys With Endorsement Of ILOA Evaluating Extreme Moon Surface Temperature Variations From ~50°C In Sunlight To -230°C In Permanently Shadow Areas; Goal Is To Develop Alternative Non-Radioactive Heat Source For Missions Such As ILO-1 Moon South Pole Obervatory; Canadian Space Agency Performing Training & Field Work, Analyzing Data Of Lunar Geology Simulations From Arctic Analog To Aid In Future Moon, Mars, Asteroid Missions

Credit: CSA ACS, Canadensys, NASA, ILOA

Wednesday / 5 August 2015

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Gathering Experimental Data For Future Space Missions

8052015First Canada Commander Of ISS Chris Hadfield (TL) Of Expedition 35, Advocating Future Moon Exploration, States “Yes! The Moon Is The Obvious Next Necessary Step”; CSA Continues To Take Advantage Of Moon / Mars Analogs In Arctic: Astronaut David Saint-Jacques (TC) Returning From Training Expedition On Kaskawulsh Glacier In Yukon, Data From Astronaut Jeremy Hansen (TR) Mission At Moon Analog Site In Tunnunik Crater Being Reviewed

Credit: CSA, NASA, Jeremy Hansen, Emily Chung / CBC

Wednesday / 3 June 2015

Canada Space Program Announcement
Sets Stage For Lunar Exploration Involvement


Canada Industry Minister James Moore & Commander Chris Hadfield Unveil Plans For Country To Continue To Participate In ISS Through 2024, Promote Innovation / Cutting-Edge Technology & Participate With International Partners On Major Projects; With NASA And Other Partners Shifting Exploration Focus To Cislunar Space, Canada Will Likely Have Opportunities To Showcase Expertise In Robotics & Space / Lunar Mining In Coming Decade, The 2 Current Canada Astronauts May Participate In Moon Orbit Or Surface Missions; CSA Annual Space Budget A Modest US$260M

Image Credit: CSA, NASA, canadianbusiness.com

Tuesday / 12 May 2015

Canada Event Explores Extraction, Utilization, Commercialization Of Lunar Resources


6th Annual Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium / Space Resources Roundtable Continues Through Wednesday 13 May In Montreal, Canada; Event Intended To Promote Closer Relationship Between Space & Mining Sectors; Featured Speakers Today Include (L-R) NASA JSC ISRU Chief Engineer Jerry Sanders, John Hamilton Of PISCES; John Gruener Of NASA JSC Will Outline An International Lunar Polar Volatiles Strategy; Alex Ellery Of Carleton University Will Detail How ISRU & 3D Printing Can Facilitate A Self-Replicating Infrastructure On Moon

Image Credit: NASA, PISCES, Carleton University

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 21-24 November 2014

ILOA Progressing With 4 Moon Missions,
International / Private / Public Collaboration

ILOA 4 Moon Missions 2015

ILOA Board of Directors Annual Meeting On Hawai`i Prepares For 2015 Advances With ILO-X Joint Venture Partner Moon Express Inc, ILO-1 Partner Canadensys Aerospace Corp, ILO Human Service Mission Partner Golden Spike Company, And ILOA / CNSA, NAOC Chang’e 3,4 / ISRO IIA Chandrayaan-2 Moon South Pole Collaboration: ILOA Principal Operating Partnerships (POP) Considered With Canada, China, Southeast Asia; Galaxy 21st Century Education Enabling New Solar System Vision

Image Credit: ILOA, ME, NAOC, GSC, ISRO

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 17-20 October 2014

“Forget Mars, We Should Live On The MOON”


Canada Hero, CSA Astronaut, Former ISS Commander, Chris Hadfield Advocates For Permanent Settlement Of Moon As Among Highest Priorities For Human Space Exploration; Mars About 500 Times More Distant On Average, Making Many Things Much More Difficult: Communications, Mission Timeline, Safety Parameters, Abort Procedures, Earth-Based Mission Control; Hadfield Suggests We’ll Be Living On The Moon Several Generations, Then Eventually Go On To Mars

Image Credit: CSA, NASA, ESA, L. Oleastri