Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 Nov 2015

Galaxy Forum Waimea 2015:
Astronomy From The Moon And Hawai`i

GF HI 2015

Galaxy Forum Hawaii (12 Nov) Prompts The Question “Where Did The Moon Come From?”; Local Perspectives From Kimo Pihana & Pua Case, Multiple Scientific International Sources Theorize The Moon Formed From Giant Impact In Pacific Basin – Rob Kelso Of PISCES Notes ‘Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa Basalts Are Extremely Similar To Moon & Mars’; Astronomy From The Moon Being Conducted By Chang’e-3 With LUT – Through MoU With Hawaii-Based ILOA, Observations Of Galaxy M101 Helping To Refine Further ILOA Missions; Various Countries Planning On Far-Side Radio Astronomy; Passionate Talks Given About Hawaii’s Uniqueness, Astronomy From Hawaii / Earth, From Space & From The Moon


Friday / 30 October 2015

China Planning Chang’e-5 Lunar Sample Return & 1st Ever Landing On Far Side With Chang’e-4

Chang'e Program

Chang’e-5 Being Developed For 2017 Mission While 5-T1 Test Service Module Remains In Lunar Orbit Gathering Data On Landing Sites & Rendezvous Procedures; Chang’e-4 Lander & Rover With Numerous Advanced Instruments To Launch Before 2020 To Far Side, With Relay Orbiter Launched ~2018 To L2; Chang’e-3 At 44.12°N 19.51°W In Lunar Day 24 Successfully Operating 1st Robotic Telescope On Moon; Zou Yongliao From Chinese Academy Of Sciences States “If We Can Place A Frequency Spectrograph On The Far Side, We Can Fill A Void [In Astronomy With Chang’e-4]”

Credit: Xinhua, CNSA, CSA, CCTV, China Space Website

Friday / 16 October 2015

China Makes Public 18-Month Performance Survey Of Chang’e-3 LUT Operating On Moon Surface

Chang'e-3 18 month survey

First Robotic Telescope Working On Moon Acquiring ~10,000 Images Per Month, Displaying Highly Stable Photometric Performance During 51-Run Observation Of 17 IUE Standard Stars (Used For Calibration); Continuously Monitoring Bright Variable Stars, Performing Sky Survey At Low Galactic Latitude; Exceeding Planned Lifetime (Now In Lunar Night 23), Mission Providing Data For NextGen Telescopes; Paper Published in Astrophysics and Space Science Gains International Attention For China Accomplishments / Science, Establishing Astronomy From The Moon; Chang’e-3 LUT Mission Awaits Official 2016 Extension


Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 25-28 September 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse To Inspire Astronomy From, On, Of The Moon

9262015Chang’e-3 Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope On Moon Surface At Sinus Iridum / Mare Imbrium, 44.12°N 19.51°W Will Attempt Observations During 74-Minute Total Lunar Eclipse Beginning 27 September 16:10 HST; Through MoU With NAOC, ILOA Supporting Unique Milky Way / Other Galaxy Imaging Opportunities From Moon Surface; ILOA Working To Establish Observatory At Moon South Pole, Lunar Base Build-Out; LRO Diviner Instrument Will Collect Data From Orbit, Professional & Enthusiast Groups To Observe / Study Eclipse

Credit: NASA, CNSA, NAOC-CAS, CCTV, Higherlearning.com

Tuesday / 22 September 2015

China Preparing Long March-5 Carrier Rocket To Aid Future Lunar Missions

9222015First Trial Of New Booster Designed By China Academy Of Launch Vehicle Technology & China Aerospace Science And Technology Corp (CASC) Set For 2016; Long March-5 Rocket (CZ-5) Scheduled To Carry Chang’e-5 Sample Return Mission In 2017; CASC Official Gao Xinhui States CZ-5 Will Utilize YF-100 Engine “That Uses Fuel Free Of Toxicity And Pollution”; CZ-5 Innovation Could Reduce Cost While Increasing China Space Access Capabilities Including Human Moon Missions In The Next Decade

Credit: NASA, China News, CASC, CCTV

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 11-14 September 2015

Chang’e-4 Radio Astronomy From Moon Far Side Creating Opportunity With ILOA

9112015Observation Of Low Frequency Cosmic Rays Among Primary Astronomy Objectives Of CE-4 Mission To Moon Far Side NET 2020, According To Chinese Academy Of Sciences Zou Yongliao During LDSE Beijing Conference; Prof Wei, National Astronomical Observatory China & Steve Durst, International Lunar Observatory Association Speaking At Galaxy Forum China 2015 Affirm CE-3 Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope Continues Gathering Images & Data As Only Active Lunar Surface Mission; Further Cooperation Expected With ILOA ILO-X (NET 2016),  ILO-1 (NET 2017) & CE-4

Credit: Copyright ILOA, Michael Carroll, NAOC/CAS, CNSA, NASA

Wednesday / 9 September 2015

Galaxy Forum China 2015 “Astronomy From The Moon” At NAOC

9092015ILOA Event On 9 Sep Features (L-R) NAOC Prof. Jianyan Wei And Dr. Jing Wang Discussing LUT Findings & Performance, Univ. Of Hawaii Dr. R. Pierre Martin On Galaxy Exploration From The Moon, ILOA Founding Director Steve Durst On 21st Century Education, Exploration & Enterprise; Moon-Based Observatory Missions To Complement Earth / Space-Based Astronomy; ILOA Collaborating With National Astronomical Observatories – Chinese Academy Of Science (NAOC) Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope (LUT) On Chang’e-3 As Only Mission Operating On Lunar Surface

Credit: ILOA, NAOC

Weekend Edition
Fri-Tue / 4-8 September 2015

Lunar & Deep Space Leaders Meet In Beijing Sep 7-10

9052015Chinese Academy Of Sciences (CAS) Lunar And Deep-Space Exploration (LDSE) Continues Global Cooperation For Advancing Moon / Mars Missions & Will Discuss Policy & Program Status Updates At 2015 Conference; 2nd Bi-Annual Event Will Feature 100 Submissions, 165 International Participants, 73 Special Reports & 19 Invited Speeches Including Plenary Lectures By Prof. Ouyang Ziyuan Of CLEP (TL) Discussing Chang’e-3 Mission / Preliminary Results & Dr. Chris Sallaberger (TR) Of Canadensys Aerospace Discussing ILO-1 Moon South Pole Mission Developments & Astronomy From The Moon


Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 31 July – 3 August 2015

ILOA Astronomy From The Moon At 29th IAU In Hawai`i 3-14 August

MSPA LEDInternational Lunar Observatory Association ILO-1 “Moon South Pole Astronomy” Vision To Be Featured In Honolulu At International Astronomical Union (IAU) Triennial General Assembly Poster Session 3-7 August; ILOA Galaxy Imaging Is Being Conducted With Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope Aboard Chang’e-3 Lunar Lander; ILOA Advancing Astronomy From The Moon With Contractor Canadensys Aerospace & Human Moon Missions With Golden Spike Company; IAU Is The Largest Gathering Of Professional Astronomers

Credit: ILOA, Michael Carroll

Thursday / 30 July 2015

China Chang’e Fleet, Hainan Moon Port & Long March V Rocket Steadily Advancing

7302015 Change-5 Vehicles Undergoing Plume Deflector Comprehensive Validation Testing; Chang’e-5 T1 Service Module In Orbit Around Moon Collecting Data For Sample Return / Future Landing Missions; Chang’e-4 Team Experts At CNSA & ESA Discussing Objectives, Tasks & Payloads For 2018 Mission; Chang’e-3 & Yutu In Lunar Day 21 Are The Only Spacecraft Operating On Moon Surface; Chang’e-2 Heading Into Deep Space Toward 300M-km Apogee

Credit: NASA, CNSA, Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering