Thursday / 21 Dec 2017

New Novel “Artemis” Set In The 1st City On Moon In Late 21st Century

Andy Weir — Author Of “The Martian” — Depicts Life Of Saudi Woman Jazz Bashara In Lunar Settlement Named Artemis; Weir Thinks We Will Colonize Moon Before Mars; Artemis Based On Commercial Space Efforts Making Lunar Tourism Viable Business; Population Lives In 5 Interconnected Bubbles Built With Aluminum From Smelting Lunar Anorthite, Located Near Apollo 11 Landing Site; Weir Presents Only ~1% Of All Details Of City He Crafted; Film Rights Already Sold

Credits: Andy Weir, Crown Publishing Group, David Lindroth Inc, Will Staehle, Kovalto1/shutterstock

Friday / 4 March 2016

GLXP ‘Moon Shot’ Documentary To Air,
X PRIZE Plans Successor To GLXP Competition

GLXP 2016

16 GLXP Teams Remain In Race, Moon Express With Verified Rocket Lab Launch Contract And SpaceIL Verified SpaceX Launch Plan For 2017 Moon Missions; J.J. Abrams ‘Moon Shot’ 9 Short Documentary Films On GLXP Teams To Debut For Free March 15 And 17; X Prize Foundation Andrew Barton Discusses 2nd Space-Related Competition Under Development, May Be Announced After Dec 2017 When GLXP Officially Ends

Credit: GLXP, SpaceIL, Moon Express, J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, Epic Digital, et al

Friday / 10 April 2015

Google Lunar XPrize Developments GLXP

GLXP Team Omega Envoy Reveals New Look For Rover “Sagan” With 3D-Printed Parts & Prepares For Testing; Lunar Lion Working To 3D Print Thruster Model For Prototype; Moon Express Developing KSC Space Launch Complex 36 For┬áMTV-1X Lander Testing; Hakuto & Astrobotic Plan For Rideshare To Moon Late 2016 Aboard SpaceX Falcon 9; Remaining 18 Teams Work To Achieve Moon Landing Before Dec 31, 2016; Discovery Channel & Science Chanel To Air ‘Lunar XPrize’ Documentary Miniseries In 2015-16

Image Credit: GLXP, Astrobotic, Google, SpaceFlorida, Omega Envoy, Penn State Lunar Lion

Friday / 6 June 2014

Ken Murphy Cislunar Cinema Inventory

Cislunar Cinema

President At The Moon Society &┬áSpace Finance Group Holdings LLC, Ken Murphy (BR) Details 87 Films From 1902-2013 Focused On Cislunar Space; Parts 1 & 2 Put Films Into Context Based On Era (Space Age, Post-Apollo…) & Generation (Baby Boomers, Gen X…) With Analysis Of Past, Present, Future Trends; Planned 2015 GLXP Video Streaming From Moon Surface May Be Most Valuable / Catalytic Lunar Film Of 21st Century; Moon Needs More Advocates For Its Own ‘Mars One Reality Show

Image Credit: GLXP, G. Pal, S. Kubrick, J. Lancett, S. Fenegan, Moonandback Media