Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 17-20 Nov 2017

ILOA Participating In Moon Village Association Workshop After Completing 10-Year Commemoration Of ILOA Organization

Moon Village Association 1st Workshop Being Hosted At ISU In Strasbourg, France 19-21 November Featuring ESA Director General Jan Woerner, Bernard Foing, Clive Neal, Experts From China, India, Japan, Russia, USA And Commercial Space Including International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA);  10-Year Successful Observation Of ILOA Founding Celebrated This November With International Directors From Southeast Asia, Europe, Canada, China, Japan – And Specific Proposal Of ILOA Collaboration With Newly-Formed International Moonbase Alliance Of Hawaii Could Add Another Dimension To Global Goal Of Moon Village Advancement

Credits: ILOA, ESA, ISU

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 2-5 June 2017

ILOA Galaxy Forum China 2017 Precedes IAF Global Space Exploration Conference In Beijing

Astronomy From The Moon & International Human Moon Missions Focus Of 3-Hour 2-Part Program 5 June At BICC, On Eve Of GLEX 2017, Highlights Global Lunar Exploration Priorities; Organized By International Lunar Observatory Association Of Hawai`i; Part 1) Wang Jing Of NAOC On CE3 Lunar Ultra-Violet Telescope, Hakim Malasan Of ITB On Indonesia Future Astronomy, Steve Durst Of ILOA On Galaxy First Light Imaging; P2) Christian Lange Of CSA On Canadian Lunar Payloads & Technology, Guo Linli Of CAST On China Lunar Base Concept, Andrew Aldrin Of ShareSpace Foundation On USA / International Human Missions To The Moon

Credits: ILOA, NAOC, CNSA, CSA, ShareSpace, ESA, NASA

Friday / 19 August 2016

ESA Invites 2,200 EU Citizens From 22 Member States For ‘Debate On Space’

ESA EU Citizen Debate 2016

First Major Event For European Union Public To Learn About, Voice Opinions On ESA Space Program Priorities 10 September; Topics Covered Will Include ESA Director Jan Woerner Moon Village, Human Spaceflight, Planetary Missions, Science, Exploration, Earth Observation, Telecommunication; Engaging Initiative Could Benefit USA, Other Countries To Catalyze Further Support Of Space Programs And Solidify Moon, Mars, Beyond Path For Human Space Settlement / Exploration

Credit: ESA, Euronews, D. Ducros

Thursday / 28 July 2016

Nuclear Power On Moon, Mars, Beyond


SETI Institute Science Colloquium At Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus Features Frank Shu, Professor Emeritus, University Of California Berkeley; Discusses Lunar Base As Wise First Step Toward Humans Colonizing Mars, Traveling To The Stars; Shu Notes Lunar Water Ice Harvesting / Electrolysis To Produce Habitat-Critical Oxygen (& Hydrogen For Fuel) Requires Primary Power Source; Presents Patented Design For Two-Fluid Molten-Salt Breeder-Reactor (2F-MSBR) Using In Situ Thorium; Overlooks Potential For Photo-Voltaic Power At Peaks Of Eternal Light (Areas Of Near-Continuous Illumination) At Moon South Pole

Credit: SETI Institute, UC Berkeley, NASA

Friday / 15 July 2016

Spaceweek Begins With Moon Day 2016,
Apollo 11 Launch 47th Observation

Moon Day 2016

Moon Day 2016 On July 16 At Frontiers Of Flight Museum, Dallas TX Will Feature Apollo 7 Lunar Module Pilot Walt Cunningham (BR), Apollo 7 Command Module, Adult-Oriented ‘Lunar University’ Classes, Live Talk With ISS Exp. 48 Commander Jeffrey Williams (BL), Russia Spacesuit, Inflatable Planetariums, Model Rocket Builds; Hosted Annually By The Moon Society & National Space Society Of North Texas Over 2,000 Attendees To Revisit Humankind’s 1st Steps On Another World & Learn About Current / Planned Human Exploration Efforts

Credit: NASA, Frontiers Of Flight Museum, Moon Society, Ken Murphy (TL), NSS of North Texas

Friday / 15 April 2016

2016 Lunar Conferences Head Into July Moon Landing Observation / Lunar High Tide 

Lunar Conferences 2016

 New Views Of The Moon 2 To Be Held At LPI / USRA, Houston TX 24-26 May, Covering New Data From Missions, Sample Analyses & Earth-Based Observations Of The Moon Made This Century; 2016 SRR/PTMSS At Colorado School Of Mines, Golden CO 7-9 June, Will Cover In-Situ Resource Utilization Of Lunar, Asteroid, Mars Resources; 3rd Annual Exploration Science Forum (ESF 2016) Hosted By SSERVI, NASA Ames, Mt View CA 20-22 July, Will Feature Scientific Discussions Of Human Exploration Of The Moon, NEAs, Moons Of Mars, Recent Mission Results & In-Depth Analyses Of Science & Exploration Studies


Friday / 11 March 2016

Teams Developing LunarCubes, Interplanetary CubeSats & SLS Moon Sat Missions


Advancing Low-Cost, High-Return CubeSat Technologies Highlighted In Upcoming Events: Flexure Engineering 6th International Workshop On LunarCubes 28-29 Sep In Conjunction With 6th International Workshop On Lunar Surface Applications, CubeSat Developer’s Workshop 20-22 Apr, 5th Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop 24-25 May; SLS To Carry At Least 4 Lunar CubeSats In 2018 – Winner Of NASA ‘Cube Quest Challenge’ Will Be Announced End Of Mar & Join EM-1 Lunar Flyby Mission

Credit: Flexure Engineering, NASA, Morehead State University

Friday / 4 December 2015

SSERVI-Hosted Lunar Workshop Discusses Permanently Shadowed Regions Regolith, Effects On Rovers & Volatiles

Lunar Volatiles

Six-Hour Virtual Workshop Held Yesterday, Featuring Dr. David Kring (R) PI At Center For Lunar Science & Exploration And Brad Bailey (L) Staff Scientist SSERVI, Sought To Collect Data On Potential Trafficability Issues Rovers Can Face In PSRs; Proposed Resource Prospector With RESOLVE Payload Would Map Polar Surface & Subsurface Hydrogen, Extract O2 From Regolith & Process With Hydrogen To Make H2O For Life Support Or Propellant – Could Launch 2018 & Involve Canada Or Japan Collaboration; Lunar Flashlight CubeSat To Locate Volatiles May Launch Dec 2017 On SLS EM-1

Credit: NASA, SSERVI, LPI, Center for Lunar Science & Exploration, GSFC, SVS

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 Nov 2015

Galaxy Forum Waimea 2015:
Astronomy From The Moon And Hawai`i

GF HI 2015

Galaxy Forum Hawaii (12 Nov) Prompts The Question “Where Did The Moon Come From?”; Local Perspectives From Kimo Pihana & Pua Case, Multiple Scientific International Sources Theorize The Moon Formed From Giant Impact In Pacific Basin – Rob Kelso Of PISCES Notes ‘Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa Basalts Are Extremely Similar To Moon & Mars’; Astronomy From The Moon Being Conducted By Chang’e-3 With LUT – Through MoU With Hawaii-Based ILOA, Observations Of Galaxy M101 Helping To Refine Further ILOA Missions; Various Countries Planning On Far-Side Radio Astronomy; Passionate Talks Given About Hawaii’s Uniqueness, Astronomy From Hawaii / Earth, From Space & From The Moon


Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 23-26 October 2015

Stanford On The Moon (SOM)
Launching The Next 50 – 75 Years

10242015Stanford University President John Hennessy (TL) Commends SOM At Reunion Weekend “It’s A Good Project, Keep It Up”; SOM Advisory Committee Consists Of 12 Alum: Founder Steve Durst 1965, Lois Driggs Aldrin 1951, Bruce Lusignan 1958, Jim McCotter 1965, Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides 1996, Grant Anderson 1985, Henning Roedel 2011, Jim Michaelis 1960, John Kleeman 1969, Alicia Kavelaars 2002, William Brown 1965 & Professor Sigrid Close; Committee Drawn To Critical Thinking To Address The Need To Explore New Horizons Vital To The Future Of Humanity; SOM Launching For The Next 50-75 Year Trajectory, Planning For Stanford Center On The Moon Before 2091 University Bicentennial

Credit: SOM, NASA, Space Age Publishing Company