Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 January 2017

Mysteries Of The Moon: Continued Studies On Lunar Age, Dust, Formation, Evolution

Newest Theory On Earth’s Closest Celestial Neighbor Suggests Luna May Have Been Created 4.51B Years Ago, According To Apollo 14 Sample Study By Melanie Barboni & UCLA Team; Pinpointing Moon Age Helps Narrow Down When Earth Became Habitable; Recent Lunar Formation Simulation By Hagai Perets Of Technion-Israel Institute Shows Moon May Have Been Formed By Many Impacts Creating Moonlets That Merged; NASA Reports Lunar Horizon Glow Observed By Apollo Astronauts & Surveyor 5, 6, 7 Is Likely Caused By Micron-Sized Dust Particles Jumping Several Centimeters Under UV Radiation Or Exposure To Plasmas; Returning To Moon For Hands-On Lunar Surface Studies Needed To Fill In Knowledge Gaps

Credits: NASA, UCLA, Hagai Perets

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 21-24 Oct 2016

 Schrödinger Basin @ Moon South Pole Gives Clues To Earth Chicxulub Crater & Solar System Evolution


Study Using NASA LRO & ISRO Chandrayaan-1 Remote Sensing Data Shows Similarities, Including Peak Rings, Between Moon 312-km Diameter Schrödinger Basin & Earth 180-km Chicxulub Crater (Impact Thought To Have Killed Dinosaurs ~66 Million Years Ago); Head Researcher David Kring Explains Impact On Moon Created In An Hour Able To Be Studied Because Of Clearly Visible, Preserved State, Whereas Impact On Earth Created In Just Minutes (Due To Higher Gravity) Is Hard To Study Lying Underneath Yucatán Peninsula & Half Submerged In Ocean; Moon South Pole Remains High Priority For Research, Exploration

Credits: NASA, Detlev Van, Ravenswaay / Science Source

Friday / 29 July 2016

PISCES And NASA Conducting Lunar Simulations, Technologies Testing At Mauna Kea Hawai`i


Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES) Executive Director Rob Kelso & Students Developing, Upgrading, Testing Moon / Mars Rover, Equipment & Communications Software; From Remote Location, Students Use Google Earth Images Of Mauna Kea To Move Rover & Study Geology Mimicking Real Life Lunar Robotic Mission; NASA Ames Also Testing The Rover Stereoscopic Imaging System, Data Capture & Data Processing Remotely From Florida, Taking Advantage Of Moon, Mars Analog 3,000-meter Altitude Sites At Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa


Wednesday / 20 July 2016

Full Moon Rising Again As World Observes 47th Anniversary Of Apollo 11


Space Community, Scientists Gather In Silicon Valley At Ames Research Center, NASA For The Exploration Science Forum (ESF 2016) Bolstered By Renewed Global Momentum Toward Lunar Landings & Crewed Habitats; An International Moon Surface Station With Commercial Services Integration Would Be A Major 1st Step Toward Reclaiming, Sustaining And Surpassing The Greatest Advance In Human History To Date; GOP Platform Supportive Of Space Exploration, Former Astronaut Eileen Collins To Speak At Republican National Convention; Louise Prockter Named As New Director Of Lunar & Planetary Institute

Credit: NASA, LPI, ESA

Friday / 15 July 2016

Spaceweek Begins With Moon Day 2016,
Apollo 11 Launch 47th Observation

Moon Day 2016

Moon Day 2016 On July 16 At Frontiers Of Flight Museum, Dallas TX Will Feature Apollo 7 Lunar Module Pilot Walt Cunningham (BR), Apollo 7 Command Module, Adult-Oriented ‘Lunar University’ Classes, Live Talk With ISS Exp. 48 Commander Jeffrey Williams (BL), Russia Spacesuit, Inflatable Planetariums, Model Rocket Builds; Hosted Annually By The Moon Society & National Space Society Of North Texas Over 2,000 Attendees To Revisit Humankind’s 1st Steps On Another World & Learn About Current / Planned Human Exploration Efforts

Credit: NASA, Frontiers Of Flight Museum, Moon Society, Ken Murphy (TL), NSS of North Texas

Weekend Edition
Fri-Tue / 1-5 July 2016

2017 USA Space Program And The Moon – Galaxy Forum USA Inaugurates Spacemonth July 2016 / July 4th Weekend


 GF USA 2016 In Santa Clara CA On 2 July; Presentations By Bruce Pittman Of NASA Ames On USA Space Direction 2017, Imke de Pater Of UC Berkeley Astronomy On Jupiter, Steve Durst Of SPC / ILOA On Getting Human Moon Missions & Jupiter Back Into American Space Program, Considerations For 21st Century Solar System Complete; Bipartisan Support & Implementation Of Evolvable Lunar Architecture (ELA) Study Partly Funded By NASA, Proposed July 2015 By Charles Miller Of NexGen Space; ELA Designed To Lead A Return Of Humans To The Moon Surface Within 5-7 Years For US$10B (+/-30%) Via Development Of 2 Independent Competing Commercial Service Providers

Credit: Space Age Publishing Company (SPC) , International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA), NASA, NexGen Space LLC, A. Nesterova, UC Berkeley, FreeFlagIcons.com

Thursday / 12 May 2016

India Launch Business Booming, USA Companies Missing Out As Feds Continue Export Restrictions


Affordable, Reliable PSLV Launch Opportunities For Commercial US Spacecraft Obstructed By Federal Policy Protecting US Launch Companies From ‘Unfair Market Competition’; India Department Of Space Secretary K Radhakrishnan Cites Possible Waiver Opening By US For Scientific, Educational (Non-Commercial) Missions; About 60% Of PSLV Launches In Last Decade Were For International Customers; ISRO Commercial Arm Antrix Achieved US$280M Revenue (Profit Of $30M) For 2014-15; GSLV Being Commercialized In Near Future, Will Carry Chandrayaan 2 Mission In 2017 / 2018

Credit: ISRO, ILOA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 23-26 October 2015

Stanford On The Moon (SOM)
Launching The Next 50 – 75 Years

10242015Stanford University President John Hennessy (TL) Commends SOM At Reunion Weekend “It’s A Good Project, Keep It Up”; SOM Advisory Committee Consists Of 12 Alum: Founder Steve Durst 1965, Lois Driggs Aldrin 1951, Bruce Lusignan 1958, Jim McCotter 1965, Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides 1996, Grant Anderson 1985, Henning Roedel 2011, Jim Michaelis 1960, John Kleeman 1969, Alicia Kavelaars 2002, William Brown 1965 & Professor Sigrid Close; Committee Drawn To Critical Thinking To Address The Need To Explore New Horizons Vital To The Future Of Humanity; SOM Launching For The Next 50-75 Year Trajectory, Planning For Stanford Center On The Moon Before 2091 University Bicentennial

Credit: SOM, NASA, Space Age Publishing Company

Wednesday / 21 October 2015

President Obama Inspiring Youth To ‘Ask About The Stars’ At White House Astronomy Night

10212015Private-Sector “Educate To Innovate” (ETI) Campaign Announced By Pres. Obama Stating “We Need To Inspire More Young People To Ask About The Stars And Begin That Lifetime Quest To Become The Next Great Scientist, Or Inventor, Or Engineer, Or Astronaut”; Astronomy Night Featuring Moon, Mars Meteorite Rock Samples & New York 12th-Grader Alvarez-Bareiro Inviting President To Examine The Moon; President Outlined Priorities: Journey To Mars, Space Technology, Earth Science & Climate, ISS, Commercial Space; ETI Focus In STEM To Prepare 100k Teachers By 2021 & Other Projects To Work With 30+ States To Support ~500k Students Grades 4-8; Hawaii World Class Observatories Goal Of Inspiring A Passion For Astronomy Offering Free Tours To Students 16 Years Old As Early As November 2015

Credit: NASA, Case.edu

Wednesday / 14 October 2015

Space Agency Heads At IAC2015; Discussing “Moon First” Approach To Space Exploration

10142015International Participation & Cooperation, IAC2015 Plenary Session Includes Israel Space Agency Chairman Isaac Ben-Israel, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, CNSA Administrator Xu Dazhe, ISRO Scientific Secretary Krishna Murthy, Roscosmos Head Igor Komarov, JAXA President Naoki Okumura, ESA Director General Jan Woerner With Panel Moderated By German Journalist Uli Bobinger; 3 Goals Emerging: Need For Stronger International Cooperation, Moon As Next Destination, Need For Measurable Benefits To The Public; CNSA Xu Dazhe Discussing China CE5 Moon Sample Return Mission & CE4 Lander on Far Side Moon; HOA Panel Consensus Of Further Moon Exploration & Moon Before Mars As Logical Step

Credit: IAC2015, NASA, ESA