Friday / 9 Feb 2018

Deep Space Gateway To The Moon South Pole:
5 Landing Sites Being Explored

International Space Exploration Coordination Group Developing Navigation Routes For 5-Year Campaign Of 5 Human Moon Landing Missions From Envisioned Deep Space Gateway Starting 2028 At Malapert Massif, Shackleton Crater, Schrödinger Basin, Antoniadi Crater, South Pole-Aitken Basin; NASA NexGen ELA Study In 2015 Indicates Human Lunar Return 5-7 Years For US$10B Thru Public-Private Collaboration; Commercial Space At National Space Council Meeting 2017 Confirms Statement Adding Committed Funding & Political Support Necessary – Next Meeting 21 Feb; Reusable Moon Lander For Crew & Robots Would Be Most Essential For Moon, Deep Space Exploration States Clive Neal (R)

Credits: Leonard David, Scientific American; Image Credit: NASA, ISECG, Notre Dame

Wednesday / 7 Feb 2018

JAXA To Hold Workshops On Lunar Polar Exploration & Global Exploration Roadmap

JAXA Announces 2nd Workshop On Exploration Of Moon Polar Region To Be Held Feb 19 To Deepen Discussion Toward International Collaboration On Instruments & Vehicles For Exploring Water Ice, In Conjunction With Workshop On International Space Exploration Coordination Group Global Exploration Roadmap Feb 18; Drawing On Results From 2-Day Workshop Dec 8-9, 2017; Both In Tokyo & Open To Public – Soliciting Participation From Private Sectors & Universities; Marks Rapid Growth Of Japan Interest In Moon, Including Human Exploration

Pictured: JAXA lunar scientist Makiko Ohtake (top left), JAXA workshop convener Hiroki Furihata; Credits: JAXA, Makoto Nakamura, SPC

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 5-8 Jan 2018

New Year 2018 Likely To See Increased Lunar Activities Worldwide

Increasing Moon Efforts By USA, India, China, Europe, Japan, Russia, Canada, South Korea Reflected By Growing Number Of International Lunar Conferences: Lunar Science For Landed Missions Workshop At NASA Ames 10-12 Jan, New Views Of The Moon 2 – Asia In Japan 18-20 Apr, European Lunar Symposium In Toulouse 13-16 May, International MoonBase Summit In Hawai`i Oct, ILOA Galaxy Forum China In Hainan Nov With Themes “Astronomy From The Moon” & “International Human Moon Missions”

Credits: NASA, LPI, International MoonBase Alliance, ISRO

Thanksgiving Weekend Edition
Thu-Mon / 23-27 Nov 2017

Lunar Interests / Plans Accelerate Globally

Moon Village Association / ESA Records Progress At ISU In Strasbourg, France; US National Space Council Working Scenarios For 3-7 Year Human Moon Return; India Early 2018 Chandrayaan-2 Moon South Pole Touchdown Could Startle Global Space Communities; China Expanding Astronomy From The Moon Activities With Chang’e-4 VLF Payloads And Technology; India-Japan Announce Lunar Sample Return Collaboration; Canada Space Agency LEAD Project To Support International HERACLES Moon South Pole Mission Concept; Prospective Candidates For ‘First Woman On The Moon’ Rising

 Credits: ESA/ Foster + Partners,, ISRO, CAST, JAXA, SPC / ILOA, CSA

Special Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 14-17 Oct 2016

First Woman On The Moon:
Chinese? American? Other?


While 46 Of The 60 Women Astronauts Are American, NASA Has No Plans To Put 1st Woman On Moon, Reclaim Greatest Advance In Human History / Multi World Species, Reach New Frontier Of Moon South Pole; China May Be Well Positioned To Put 1st Woman On Moon As Chang’e, Tiangong, Long March Rocket Programs Prove Reliability, And Planning Shows Step-By-Step Logical Progression; Russia & ESA Hope For Eventual Human Lunar Bases, Japan Plans Human Lander After SELENE-3, Canada Participating In ISECG Road Map Which May Include Moon Missions & On NASA Robotic Resource Prospector Mission 2018, S Korea Focusing On 1st Moon Orbiter 2018, Robotic Lander / Rover 2020

Pictured: L-R, T-B: Wang Yaping, Liu Yang (China), Julie Payette (Canada), Naoko Yamazaki (Japan), Yelena Serova (Russia), Yi So-yeon (S Korea)


Friday / 12 August 2016

ILDWG Proposes G20 Leaders Discuss Financial Promise Of Developing Moon, Space Economy

ILDWG 2016

International Lunar Decade Working Group Urges Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) To Include Space Development At G20 Summit In Hamburg July 2017 As Innovative, Global Strategy For Building Sustainable, Long Term Future For Humanity; Moon Village Would Include More Nations, Surpass Financial Scope Of ISS; Cislunar Space Infrastructure Could Reduce Costs & Risks Of Operating In Space; Space-Based Resources, Asteroid Mining Would Create Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs, Drive Innovation & Discovery, Generate Tools For Earth Climate Change, Planetary Defense

Credit: ILDWG, ESA, NSS, NASA, ISDC, SFF, 5FM, Researchgate, G20

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 4-7 December 2015

Sustainable Revitalization Strategies For Lunar Exploration To Be Discussed At “Moon 2020-2030”

1252015Moon 2020-2030 Symposium On Human & Robotic Exploration Being Held At ESTEC Noordwijk, The Netherlands 15-16 Dec Will Examine & Build Upon Approaches And Innovations For Lunar Missions; Symposium “Will Be A Key Step In Advancing The International Approach For Lunar Exploration Together With Key Players From Agencies, Academia, And Industry”; Objectives Invite Contributions In Multiple Areas Including: Operational Human Roles, Opportunities Of Lunar Exploration For Society, Planned Missions & Capabilities; Opening Plenary Session By ESA Head Of Propulsion And Aerothermodynamics Division Giorgio Saccoccia To Discuss Exploration Technology Roadmaps In Support Of Moon Initiatives & Technology Prioritization

Credit: ESA, Foster + Partners

Friday / 14 August 2015

LEAG Extends Abstract Due Date To 14 Aug, Team Preparing For 2015 Annual Meeting

LEAG 2015Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Annual Meeting 20-22 Oct In Columbia MD; Chaired By (L-R) Clive Neil, Supported By Sam Lawrence (ASU), Jeff Plescia (JHU/APL), Steve Mackwell (LPI) & Representatives For LRO, ESA, ARTEMIS, Commercial Space, Next-Gen Lunar Scientists & Engineers; Recent Findings / Recommendations Include Resource Prospecting At Lunar Poles & Interior, Advancing Lunar CubeSats, Maintaining Moon Missions / Pace Of Discovery To Support International Partnerships, Technologies, Future Crewed Missions To Moon & Mars

Credit: NASA, LEAG, C. Neil, JPL/Caltech, ASU, LPI

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 June 2014

LEAG & SSERVI Conferences Highlight Scientific Value Of Lunar Exploration


1st Announcement Of 2014 Annual Meeting Of LEAG, 22-24 Oct In Maryland USA; Call For Abstracts Expected 24 June; 2 Main Focus Areas: Lunar Volatiles & The Global Exploration Roadmap (GER); SSERVI Releases Agenda For 1st Annual NASA Exploration Science Forum, 21-23 July At Ames RC, California USA; Event Also Includes Discussion Of GER, To Integrate Priority Science Objectives Into NASA / International Exploration Plans; Pictured: LEAG Program Chair Samuel Lawrence

Image Credit: LEAG, NASA

Thursday / 1 May 2014

Exploration Science Forum Special Session Focuses On Exploration Destination Objectives

LED050114SSERVI Announces 1st Annual NASA Exploration Science Forum (ESF) 21-23 July At NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field CA; 3rd Day Special Session Examines Objectives / Benefits Of Human Activities At Various Global Exploration Roadmap (GER) Destinations; Topics Include ‘Lunar Surface Presence: Outpost Or Sorties?’ And ‘The Role Of The Moon In Further Exploration Destinations’; Destinations Include Moon / Cis-lunar Space, NEAs & Mars; Abstract Deadline Extended Until 2 May

Image Credit: NASA