Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 5-8 May 2017

Latest NASA RFI Seeks Commercial Lunar Surface Cargo Transportation Services

Requesting Proposals For Lunar Services Starting 2018 Through Next Decade, Thomas Zurbuchen States NASA ‘Remains Committed To High-Priority Lunar Science & Investigating Potential Resources For Exploration’; SLS / Orion Circumlunar Flight 2019 & Humans To Mars 2030s Goal May Solidify Plans To Return USA To Moon; Enterprises Advancing Landers Include Moon Express With MX-1, Blue Origin Blue Moon Lander / New Armstrong Rocket, Astrobotic Peregrine & Griffin Landers; Others Planning For Moon Operations Include Bigelow Lunar Habitats / Cislunar Depot, Shackleton Energy Co. Mining Pursuits, ILOA Instruments / Human Service Mission, SpaceX Crew Dragon Lunar Tourism, Liftport Group Lunar Elevator

Credits: Moon Express, Blue Origin, SpaceX, Astrobotic, ILOA, Bigelow, Liftport Group, Golden Spike Company, Lunarcubes / Flexure Engineering

Inauguration Month Edition
January 2017

Human Moon Lander Imperative, 2020-2025:
To Enable 21st Century Solar System Complete

2018 SLS / Orion EM-1 First Mission Planned For Cislunar Capability Signals Opportunity For Human Lunar Lander Enterprise And Development; American Independents Such As Golden Spike, Astrobotic, Moon Express, Shackleton Energy, Canadensys, ILOA, As Well As Blue Origin, SpaceX, Bigelow Among Others, May Collaborate Through Public-Private Partnerships Bi-Nationally, Multi-Nationally With Canada, China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, Russia, USA, And Other Nations Globally; American And International Space Community May Welcome Progressive, Constructive Initiatives From New U.S. President And Administration, While Remaining Vigilant Against Regression; New U.S. President Could Enable Humanity To Reestablish And Advance Itself As Multi World Species, With Women, Men On The Moon And 21st Century “Stretch Goal”

Credits: SPC, ILOA, NASA, Space Dev

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 31 July – 3 August 2015

ILOA Astronomy From The Moon At 29th IAU In Hawai`i 3-14 August

MSPA LEDInternational Lunar Observatory Association ILO-1 “Moon South Pole Astronomy” Vision To Be Featured In Honolulu At International Astronomical Union (IAU) Triennial General Assembly Poster Session 3-7 August; ILOA Galaxy Imaging Is Being Conducted With Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope Aboard Chang’e-3 Lunar Lander; ILOA Advancing Astronomy From The Moon With Contractor Canadensys Aerospace & Human Moon Missions With Golden Spike Company; IAU Is The Largest Gathering Of Professional Astronomers

Credit: ILOA, Michael Carroll

Weekend Holiday Edition
Friday-Monday / 3-6 July 2015

Moon South Pole Landers 2017-19
Point To 2020s Human Lunar Decade

July 4 Edition, Moon South Pole

International Fleet Of South Pole Lunar Landers Developing From India (Chandrayaan-2, 2017), China (Chang’e-4 & -5, 2017), Japan (SLIM, 2019), Russia (Luna-25, 2019), Korea (2020), As Well As Independent Enterprises Moon Express, ILOA, Canadensys, Golden Spike Company & Shackleton Energy Company; American Flags On Moon Commemorated 4 July As Pioneering Individuals Look Forward To Earth / International Flags & Multi World Species Endeavors


Thursday / 4 June 2015

New Horizons May Shed Light On Earth-Moon System Formation


New Horizons Mission May Facilitate Better Understanding Of  Formation Of Earth-Moon System, Says Mission PI Alan Stern, As Charon Believed To Have Been Formed Through Similar Process; His Efforts To Study Pluto, Its Satellites & Kuiper Belt With New Horizons Mission Should Garner More Attention / Support & Help In Preparations To Achieve Human Missions To Earth’s Moon Via Golden Spike Company Of Which Stern Is Co-Founder

Image Credit: NASA, Golden Spike Company

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 27-30 March 2015

Golden Spike Company Progressing Towards Commercial Human Lunar Missions


GSC Optimisitic 2015 Will See Advancement Of Business Plan / Lunar Mission Development; Board Of Directors Newly Reconfigured – With New Members (L-R) NASA Astronaut Terence Henricks & Dylan Taylor Of Space Angels Network – To Reflect Increased Focus On Fundraising For Human Moon Missions; Gerald Griffin, Doug Griffith, Alan Stern, Taber MacCallum Continue In Director Positions; Additional Meetings With Potential Asian Customers Likely In 2015; Company Working To Implement Human Space Transportation Systems To The Moon At Commercially Successful Price Points

Image Credit: GSC, LinkedIn, NASA, Paragon

Friday / 27 March 2015

ARM Project To Revive NASA Human Missions To Cislunar SpaceARM

Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) Under Development By NASA To Launch Humans To Moon Orbit, While Private Companies Such As Golden Spike Aim For Moon Surface 2018-2020s; US$1.25B Robotic Mission To Launch Dec 2020, Travel 2 Years To Asteroid (Potentially 2008 EV5), Spend 400 Days Searching For 4-Meter Diameter Boulder, Bring Selected Boulder To Moon Orbit; Astronauts Will Then Launch 2025 To Moon Orbit, Dock With & Study Rock Via SLS / Orion; Additional Cislunar / Moon Surface Missions Under Consideration

Image Credit: NASA, Boeing Co., New Scientist

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 21-24 November 2014

ILOA Progressing With 4 Moon Missions,
International / Private / Public Collaboration

ILOA 4 Moon Missions 2015

ILOA Board of Directors Annual Meeting On Hawai`i Prepares For 2015 Advances With ILO-X Joint Venture Partner Moon Express Inc, ILO-1 Partner Canadensys Aerospace Corp, ILO Human Service Mission Partner Golden Spike Company, And ILOA / CNSA, NAOC Chang’e 3,4 / ISRO IIA Chandrayaan-2 Moon South Pole Collaboration: ILOA Principal Operating Partnerships (POP) Considered With Canada, China, Southeast Asia; Galaxy 21st Century Education Enabling New Solar System Vision

Image Credit: ILOA, ME, NAOC, GSC, ISRO

Thursday / 18 September 2014

Commercial Crew Enterprises Advancing
Lunar Aspirations

SpacePeople Commercial Crew Selection Allows NASA To Focus On Deep Space Exploration; Commercial Space Enterprises Not Content With Taxi Service To LEO: Space Adventures (2017) & Excalibur Almaz (by 2025) Planning Circumlunar Tourism Missions, Golden Spike Company Advancing Human Surface Mission Architecture; While At ASE In Beijing Buzz Aldrin Says He Is Supportive Of China & International Human Moon Exploration, Thinks USA Should Advance Robotic Lunar Exploration, Build Permanent Station On Moon As Staging Post To Mars / Beyond

Image Credit: NASA, Golden Spike Company, Space Adventures

Thursday / 10 July 2014

Golden Spike Company & Honeybee Robotics Complete Moon Rover Study


Golden Spike Company Continues To Advance Plans For Commercial Human Moon Missions With Honeybee Robotics Design Study; Builds On Mission Concept To Precede Human Mission With Robotic Lander Which Could Collect Several Kg Of Rock & Regolith From A 10-100km Range; Human Mission Would Retrieve Samples & Return Them To Earth, Enhancing Scientific Value Of Mission; Honeybee-Designed Rover Weighs 77kg, Includes Stereo Camera, Capacity To Accommodate Additional Payloads Such As Honeybee NanoDrill

Image Credit: Golden Spike Company, Honeybee Robotics