Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 18-21 Aug 2017

USA Lunar Developments: Bridenstine Could Be NASA Admin, GLXP Extended Until 31 March 2018

Representative Jim Bridenstine R-OK (TL) Is Reported To Likely Become New NASA Administrator, Aerojet Rocketdyne Vice President John Schumacher May Be Named Deputy Administrator; Bridenstine Advocates For Human Return To Moon Before Mars, Permanent Lunar Outpost And Increased USA Space Activity; Google Lunar X Prize 5 Teams Remaining Have Until 31 March 2018 To Complete Mission; New Prizes Include US$1.75M For Teams That Complete 1 Lunar Orbit Or Enter Direct Descent Approach To Moon Surface, And $3M For Teams To Soft Land On Moon & Transmit Data To Earth Before Deadline; Still In The Race Is Moon Express, Team Indus With Hakuto, Synergy Moon, SpaceIL

Credits: GLXP, Moon Express, Hakuto, SpaceIL, Indus, Synergy Moon, NASA. J. Bridenstine

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 24-27 February 2017

2017 Student Moonbots Challenge Winner Could Send Video To Moon And Meet GLXP Winners In Person

Parallel International Competition To Google Lunar XPrize, Moonbots Challenge For Students Ages 8-17 To Detail What They’d Like To Leave On Moon As A Legacy, Build Robotic Lunar Rovers & Make STEM Video; Registrations Due 1 March; 5 Teams (Moon Express, SpaceIL, Synergy Moon, Team Indus, Team Hakuto) Will Attempt To Launch To Moon Before 2018, Land,Travel 500 Meters & Send High Res Video To Earth; Moonbot Grand Prize Winner Video Will Be Sent To Moon On Disc

Credits: Moonbots, GLXP

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 2-5 December 2016

GLXP Teams Must Provide Launch Contract Before 2017 To Stay In Competition: 4 Verified, 1 Newly Contracted


Nearing 1-Year Mark To Claim US$20M First Place Prize, GLXP Teams Have Until 31 Dec 2016 To Contract With Launch Provider; Israel SpaceIL With Hopper Lander Has Verified SpaceX Launch, USA Moon Express Hopper Lander Verified Contract With Rocket Lab (And Has FAA Approval For Mission), USA Synergy Moon Lander & 2 Rovers Verified With Interorbital, India Team Indus Lander & Rover Verified With ISRO PSLV; Germany Part Time Scientists Lander & 2 Rovers SpaceX Contract Via Spaceflight Industries Not Yet Verified; USA Astrobotic Lander (With Andy Rover) – Carrying Japan Hakuto 2 Rovers & Chile AngelicvM Uni Rover – Still Planning SpaceX Launch

Credits: Moon Express, Astrobotic, Hakuto, SpaceIL, Part Time Scientists, Synergy Moon, Team Indus, AngelicvM, GLXP

Friday / 2 September 2016

Team Synergy Moon Launch With Interorbital Receives Official Verification By GLXP


The Announcement Out Of Los Angeles CA Verifies The Launch Agreement Between Synergy Moon And Team Member Interorbital Systems; Utilizes NEPTUNE 8 Rocket To Lift Off From Open-Ocean Platform Off California Coast During 2nd Half Of 2017; It Is The 3rd GLXP Team To Receive Launch Verification After SpaceIL (Via SpaceX – Falcon 9) And Moon Express (Via Rocket Lab – Electron); Synergy Moon Co-founders Are Kevin Myrick (USA) & Nebojša Stanojević (Bosnia And Herzegovina), Team Includes Randa & Roderick Milliron, As Well As Individuals And Working Groups In More Than 15 Countries

Credit: Synergy Moon, Interorbital

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 5-8 Aug 2016

Parabolic Arc Poll:
Will Anyone Win the Google Lunar XPrize?


Even With Moon Rising Again As A Prime Focus Of National Space Agencies Doubts Are Being Cast On Whether Any Of GLXP Teams Are Adequately Positioned To Complete The Mission By 31 Dec 2017; Doug Messier’s Poll Of Readers (Still Open) Shows 52% No, 36% Yes, 12% Don’t Care; Commentary Overviews Many Challenges, Lack / Slow Pace Of Demonstrable Progress; Thomas Matula Notes That If Google Had Instead Directly Funded ILO From Beginning, The Mission Would Already Have Been Completed, Probably Beating China’s Dec 2013 Landing

Credit: Parabolic Arc, GLXP

Wednesday / 27 July 2016

GLXP Team PTS Lands In UAE To Scout Rover Test Sites


CEO Robert Boehme Of Part-Time Scientists Is In United Arab Emirates To Search For Extreme Environmental Conditions & Soft Sand Inclines To Test 35kg Rover; Rub’ al Khali (The Empty Quarter) Is Largest Contiguous Sand Desert On Earth, Hyper-Arid With Typical Annual Rainfall <3cm And Temperatures Up To 51°C (124°F); With 35 Fixed Staff In Berlin, Germany & 70 Contributing Members Across 3 Continents Team PTS Has Won US$750K In Milestone Prizes So Far & Is Building Significant Industrial And Academic Partnerships; Total Venture Cost About US$35M

Credit: PTS, D. Johnson / The National, D. Yoder, National Geographic

Thursday / 14 July 2016

GLXP: Moon Express Expanding To LC 17 & 18 At Cape Canaveral; SpaceIL Testing Engine


Moon Express Announces Agreement To License Historic Launch Complexes (LC) For Lunar Lander Development, Test Operations From USAF 45th Wing; State Of Florida Has Approved Up To US$1.85M In Matching Funds Toward Improving Facilities; Press Release Projects 25-50 New Jobs Enabled Immediately, 100s More Direct & Indirect Jobs Possible Over Next 5 Years; LC 17 Dormant Since Sep 2011 GRAIL Moon Launch; Israel Team SpaceIL Recently Tested Lunar Lander Main Engine At Facilities In England; Successfully Met Durability Requirements During Multiple Operation Modes, Shutdown Cycles Without Overheating

Credit: ME, SpaceIL, GLXP, USAF

Friday / 1 July 2016

GLXP Team Indus Offering Public Project Ride To Moon, Astrobotic Selects New Mission Director

Team Indus

From 28 Jun – 30 Aug Young Adults Ages 14-25 Able To Register Via Lab2Moon For Their Experiment To Fly On Team Indus Craft To Moon Surface 2017; Project Should Fit Inside 330-ml Can, Weigh Less Than 250-grams & “Catalyse The Evolution Of Mankind As A Sustainable Multi-Planetary Species”; Winner Announced 26 Jan 2017, Selection Jury Will Include Dr. K. Kasturirangan (BR), Former Chairman Of ISRO; Team Indus With 85 Engineers & 15 Former ISRO Scientists Hoping For Subsidized ISRO Launch; Astrobotic Announces Sharad Bhaskaran (BL) As New Lunar Mission Director   

Credit: Team Indus, GLXP, Lab2Moon, Cairo University, IEEE, Astrobotic, NASA

Thursday / 16 June 2016

GLXP Teams Flying Under The Radar Continue To Make Headway

GLXP 6,2016

With 16 Teams From 13 Countries Remaining – Malaysia Team Independence-X Working On SQUALL Lander & BLIZZARD Rover Featuring Continuous Track Propulsion & Able To Fit Into 1.5U CubeSat; Croatia, Australia Team STELLAR Developing 4-Wheeled Rover With Support From 6 Companies & 14 Team Members, Produces Video Of Lunar Vision; Italy Team Italia With Expert Help From Thales Alenia Space & Polytechnic University Of Turin Furthering AMALIA Lander & ~10-kg Rover; Canada Team Plan B Supported By More Than 39 Volunteers Is Advancing 4-kg 2-Wheel Rover & Landing System

Credit: GLXP, Team Independence-X, Team STELLAR, Team Italia, Team Plan B

Friday / 3 June 2016

Astrobotic Signs More Partners For Lunar Lander Development, Payload Delivery Services

Astrobotic Lunar Delivery

Astrobotic CEO John Thornton Unveils New ~1.5-meter Tall Peregrine Lander, New Partners DHL & Airbus Defence And Space, Adding To Existing Support From Aerojet Rocketdyne & NASA CATALYST Program; Astrobotic Stacking Up Contracts & Agreements For Lunar Delivery (US$1.2M/kg To Surface) Including GLXP Teams AngelicvM & Hakuto (With 2 Rovers), Payloads From Mexican Space Agency, DLR, Astroscale, Lunar Mission One, Elysium Space, Carnegie Mellon University & Celestis, Stating “Launch Procured From SpaceX” Q4 2017 To Lacus Mortis Without Verified Launch Contract As Of Yet

Credit: Astrobotic, AngelicM, Hakuto, AEM, Elysium, CMU, LM1, DLR, Celestis, Astroscale, GLXP