Friday / 12 August 2016

ILDWG Proposes G20 Leaders Discuss Financial Promise Of Developing Moon, Space Economy

ILDWG 2016

International Lunar Decade Working Group Urges Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel (R) To Include Space Development At G20 Summit In Hamburg July 2017 As Innovative, Global Strategy For Building Sustainable, Long Term Future For Humanity; Moon Village Would Include More Nations, Surpass Financial Scope Of ISS; Cislunar Space Infrastructure Could Reduce Costs & Risks Of Operating In Space; Space-Based Resources, Asteroid Mining Would Create Hundreds Of Thousands Of Jobs, Drive Innovation & Discovery, Generate Tools For Earth Climate Change, Planetary Defense

Credit: ILDWG, ESA, NSS, NASA, ISDC, SFF, 5FM, Researchgate, G20

Wednesday / 11 November 2015

Lunar Power Utility Necessary For Commercial Lunar Enterprise

11112015Commercial & Sustainable Activity On Moon Surface Could Be Advanced By Lunar Power Utility (LPU) Construction According To Authors V. Beldavs, D. Dunlap, J. Crisafulli & B. Foing Of “The Lunar Electrical Power Utility”; Two Powersats (Developed For ~US$250M) In Lunar Orbit Could Beam Power To ISRU Rovers / Equipment, Providing 168 Kilowatts Of Generating Capacity; Anticipated Long-Term Demand For LPU May Reach Megawatt Levels Beyond 2030; International Lunar Decade To Kick Off 2017 Promoting Sustainable Space Economy, Commercial Space Development, Infrastructure & Financing

Credit: NASA/John Frassanito and Associates, Shimizu Corporation

Weekend Holiday Edition
Friday-Monday / 3-6 July 2015

Moon South Pole Landers 2017-19
Point To 2020s Human Lunar Decade

July 4 Edition, Moon South Pole

International Fleet Of South Pole Lunar Landers Developing From India (Chandrayaan-2, 2017), China (Chang’e-4 & -5, 2017), Japan (SLIM, 2019), Russia (Luna-25, 2019), Korea (2020), As Well As Independent Enterprises Moon Express, ILOA, Canadensys, Golden Spike Company & Shackleton Energy Company; American Flags On Moon Commemorated 4 July As Pioneering Individuals Look Forward To Earth / International Flags & Multi World Species Endeavors


Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 29 May – 1 June 2015

International Lunar Decade Initiative
Gaining Momentum


Initiative Of NSS, ILEWG, & FOTONIKA-LV Garnering Increased Attention After Being Featured At Several Conferences Including ISDC2015; ILD 2017-2029 Seeks To Foster International Collaboration Leading To Industrial Development Of Moon & Cislunar Space Enabling Self-Sustaining Space Economy; Next Step Is To Achieve Support Of COPUOS & UN General Assembly – 58th COPUOS Session 10-19 June In Vienna; Architects Of Initiative Seeking Aggregate 10-Year Investment Of US$150B From Main Spacefaring Powers

Image Credit: NASA, FOTONIKA-LV,

Thursday / 21 May 2015

ISDC 2015 Focusing On Breakthrough Technologies For Lunar / Space Exploration


Over 1,000 Attendees Meeting At NSS International Space Development Conference In Toronto, Canada 20-24 May; Robert Richards Of Moon Express To Speak Today On ‘Breakthrough Technologies Shaping Our Future’; Friday To Feature Presentations On The International Lunar Decade By Dave Dunlop & Vid Beldavs, Plus A Keynote Presentation By Apollo 11 Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin; Lunar Workshop To Include Presentations On Lunar Surface Solar Power / Power Beaming, Supporting A Cislunar Econosphere, Mapping Lunar Lava Tubes

Image Credit: National Space Society, Canadian Space Commerce Association, Moon Express, LinkedIn

Friday / 17 April 2015

5th International Lunar Surface Applications Workshop Last Day


Final Day Of LSA5 In Cocoa Beach FL Will Feature Russell Cox (L) Of Flexure Engineering On ‘The Lunar Initiatives’, David Dunlop (R) Of NSS On ‘International Lunar Decade’, & Presentations On The Business Of Being An Astropreneur; Other Lunar Leaders Include Bob Richards (Moon Express), Dan Hendrickson (Astrobotic), Jim Keravala (Shackleton Energy); Conference Advancing Collaborations, Ideas For Robotic Science / Resource Prospecting & Human Exploration / Settlement Missions; 5th LunarCubes Workshop To Be Held Oct 6-9 In San Jose CA; LSA5 Speech By Astronaut Cady Coleman & Panel Discussion Available

Image Credit: Flexure Engineering, NSS, Bigelow, Isaac Brekken/The New York Times/Redux/Eyevine

Tuesday / 14 April 2015

International Lunar Decade Initiative Seeking UN Support


Initiative Of ILEWG, NSS & University Of Latvia Seeks To Build Foundations For Permanent Human Presence Beyond LEO Through Detailed Framework Of International & Public-Private Partnerships, Legal / Property Rights Resolutions; ILD Working Group Seeking UN General Assembly Sanctioning As Global Activity, 1st Step Is COPUOS Approval, Possibly In 10-19 June 58th COPUOS Session; ILD To Be Discussed / Advanced At Upcoming Conferences In Florida USA, Frascati Italy, Toronto Canada

Image Credit: NASA, ILEWG, UN