Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 2-5 Feb 2018

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Demo Success Could Mean Human Occupied Lunar Base Soon To Come

Upcoming 6 Feb Falcon Heavy Launch With Reusable Rocket Components Will Increase Space Travel Sustainability And Possibility Of Permanent Lunar Base; CEO Elon Musk States Aspirations Of Sending Humans To Mars In 2024 At ~US$200K Per Person With Launch Seating Capability¬†Of 100 People, Also Plans To Accommodate¬†Commercial And Government Desire To Reach Moon First As Stepping Stone Into The Solar System; Musk Envisions His Interplanetary Transport System On Self-Proclaimed “Moon Base Alpha” Leading To Speculation Of Personal Interest In Lunar Settlement

Credits: NASA, SpaceX, Elon Musk

Thursday / 28 July 2016

Nuclear Power On Moon, Mars, Beyond


SETI Institute Science Colloquium At Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus Features Frank Shu, Professor Emeritus, University Of California Berkeley; Discusses Lunar Base As Wise First Step Toward Humans Colonizing Mars, Traveling To The Stars; Shu Notes Lunar Water Ice Harvesting / Electrolysis To Produce Habitat-Critical Oxygen (& Hydrogen For Fuel) Requires Primary Power Source; Presents Patented Design For Two-Fluid Molten-Salt Breeder-Reactor (2F-MSBR) Using In Situ Thorium; Overlooks Potential For Photo-Voltaic Power At Peaks Of Eternal Light (Areas Of Near-Continuous Illumination) At Moon South Pole

Credit: SETI Institute, UC Berkeley, NASA