Inauguration Month Edition
January 2017

Human Moon Lander Imperative, 2020-2025:
To Enable 21st Century Solar System Complete

2018 SLS / Orion EM-1 First Mission Planned For Cislunar Capability Signals Opportunity For Human Lunar Lander Enterprise And Development; American Independents Such As Golden Spike, Astrobotic, Moon Express, Shackleton Energy, Canadensys, ILOA, As Well As Blue Origin, SpaceX, Bigelow Among Others, May Collaborate Through Public-Private Partnerships Bi-Nationally, Multi-Nationally With Canada, China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Japan, Russia, USA, And Other Nations Globally; American And International Space Community May Welcome Progressive, Constructive Initiatives From New U.S. President And Administration, While Remaining Vigilant Against Regression; New U.S. President Could Enable Humanity To Reestablish And Advance Itself As Multi World Species, With Women, Men On The Moon And 21st Century “Stretch Goal”

Credits: SPC, ILOA, NASA, Space Dev

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 18-21 November 2016

Japan Epsilon Launch Set For 20 Dec, Intended To Carry SLIM Lander To Moon 2018-19


The 2nd JAXA Epsilon Rocket Launch Planned 20 Dec Lofting ERG Satellite Should Further Qualify Technology Enabling 1st JAXA Lunar Landing With Smart Lander For Investigating Moon (SLIM); Epsilon Launch Estimated At US$38M (Half Cost Of Predecessor M-5), Uses H-2A Solid Booster, M-5 Second & Third Stages; SLIM To Test Technologies For SELENE-2 (Lander & Rover) And Future Human Missions; JAXA, ISAS, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory ‘Workshop On Planetary Science Enabled By Epsilon Class Missions’ 15-16 Nov Establishing Potential International Collaborations & Inputs For SLIM, Penetrator Probe For Moon Or Airless Bodies, DESTINY+ For Meteor Shower Study

Pictured: ISAS Associate Professor Shinichiro Tokudome (responsible for developing Epsilon propulsion systems & integration)

Credits: JAXA, ISAS

Special Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 14-17 Oct 2016

First Woman On The Moon:
Chinese? American? Other?


While 46 Of The 60 Women Astronauts Are American, NASA Has No Plans To Put 1st Woman On Moon, Reclaim Greatest Advance In Human History / Multi World Species, Reach New Frontier Of Moon South Pole; China May Be Well Positioned To Put 1st Woman On Moon As Chang’e, Tiangong, Long March Rocket Programs Prove Reliability, And Planning Shows Step-By-Step Logical Progression; Russia & ESA Hope For Eventual Human Lunar Bases, Japan Plans Human Lander After SELENE-3, Canada Participating In ISECG Road Map Which May Include Moon Missions & On NASA Robotic Resource Prospector Mission 2018, S Korea Focusing On 1st Moon Orbiter 2018, Robotic Lander / Rover 2020

Pictured: L-R, T-B: Wang Yaping, Liu Yang (China), Julie Payette (Canada), Naoko Yamazaki (Japan), Yelena Serova (Russia), Yi So-yeon (S Korea)


Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 23-26 Sep 2016

The Moon, Mars And A Multi World Species


The Moon, Earth Closest Celestial Neighbor / The ‘8th Continent’, And The New Frontier Moon South Pole May Be The 1st And Most Logical Step Toward Establishing & Sustaining Humans As A Multi World Species And Exploring Solar System Complete; Luna Is Almost 600 Times Closer To Earth Than Mars On Average; Projections Indicate Human Moon Missions Could Occur Within 5-7 Years For ~US$10B; Countries China, India, Japan, Russia, S. Korea, Europe & Commercial Entities ILOA, Moon Express, Astrobotic, Canadensys, Bigelow, Blue Origin And Others Are Making Moon Missions A Priority

Pictured: Multi World Explorers Remaining



Friday / 26 August 2016

Humans To Moon: Beyond National Efforts, International And Commercial Entity Could Accelerate 21st Century Advancements

International Moon Efforts

USA 2017 Administration Could Support New Effort To Reclaim Greatest Achievement In History With SLS 2021-23; China Long March 9 Expected Completion 2025, Proposes Human Moon Missions 2031-2036; India GSLV Mk. 3 Might Launch Crews To Space ~2021; Russia Hopes For Human Lunar Orbit 2027, Surface Mission 2029 If Funding Remains Consistent; Japan Working On Robotic SLIM Mission; ESA Proposes Moon Village; Independent Astrobotic, Moon Express, ILOA Missions And / Or Formation Of International Entity Could Increase Momentum Toward Ultimate Goal Of Lunar Exploration, Science, Resources For Earth


Friday / 22 July 2016

UAE Satellite Maneuver Pays Tribute To Humankind’s Greatest Achievement

Moon 47th International

UAE Dubai-Sat-2 Earth Observation Satellite Turns Face & Captures Images Of Moon To Mark Achievement Of 1st Human Moon Landing, Inspire Future Space Scientists; Salem Al Marri Of Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre Notes Apollo As “A Pinnacle Of Engineering Development & Exploration” And Hopes To “See People On Mars & Other Celestial Bodies”; Nations Including China, India, Japan, Russia, S. Korea & ESA Are Focusing On Moon Missions And Outposts; U.S. Has The Technologies & Could Catalyze Space Race With Prioritization

Credit: Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre, Dubai Eye Radio, NASA

Thursday / 9 June 2016

Japan Kajima Corp. To Develop Machinery For Construction On Moon


Fully Automated Construction Machinery On Moon, Mars For Building Long-Term Human Habitation Is Being Developed By Kajima Corporation, A Japan Industrial Services, Engineering and Construction Firm With Market Capitalization Of Almost US$8B; JAXA Selected The Project For The Space Exploration Innovation Hub; An Indoor Experiment Will Be Conducted NET April 2017 At JAXA Sagamihara Campus; Machinery Is Estimated To Be Ready To Build A Structure To Accommodate 4-6 People On The Moon By 2030

Credit: Kajima Corp., JAXA

Thursday / 2 June 2016

3 International Lunar CubeSats To Join Orion/SLS On Cislunar Journey


Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) First Test Flight Of New Space Launch System With Uncrewed Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle On 21-Day Circumlunar Trajectory NLT Nov 2018; Will Also Carry And Deploy 10 Other CubeSat Missions; Latest Announcement Introduces JAXA EQUULEUS (EQUilibriUm Lunar-Earth point 6U Spacecraft) And OMOTENASHI (Outstanding MOon exploration TEchnologies demonstrated by NAno Semi-Hard Impactor), As Well As ASI / Agrotec ArgoMoon

Credit: NASA, JAXA, AIS / Argotec

Thursday / 19 May 2016

Japan SLIM Moon Lander Advancing For 2018/2019 Launch


JAXA Selects Mitsubishi Electric As Contractor For 1st Japan Lunar Lander Launching Fiscal Year 2019; Company To Work With JAXA, Several Japan Universities To Build 130-Kg Craft Capable Of Precision Landing, Goal To Improve Location Accuracy By Factor Of 10 Or More Over Similar Missions; Possible Destinations Scouted By Kaguya Include Vertical Shaft (Lava Tube Skylight?) 60m Diameter, 80m Deep; Total Project Budget JP¥18B (US$164M)

Credit: JAXA, Mitsubishi Electric

Friday / 18 December 2015

JAXA Plans To Achieve Japan 1st Soft Landing On Moon In Fiscal Year 2018


Smart Lander For Investigating Moon (SLIM) Mission Hoping To Secure Funding FY2016 To Launch FY2018 On Japan Solid-Fuel Epsilon Rocket; Will Improve Landing Technology To Be Used On SELENE-2 (Orbiter, Lander, Rover) And Human Missions To Moon Proposed For 2025; SLIM May Land In Crater / Area Mapped By Kaguya (SELENE) With Support Of National Astronomical Observatories Of Japan (NAOJ); Commercial GLXP Team Hakuto Aiming To Launch Pair Of Rovers To Moon Mid-2017 Aboard Astrobotic Lander

Credit: JAXA, SELENE, NAOJ, Team Hakuto