Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 28-31 October 2016

Could 2016 Lunar Advocacy For 1st Woman On Moon Impact USA Presidential Candidates?


Upcoming Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Meeting 1-3 Nov & New Worlds Conference 4-5 Nov Held Before 8 Nov USA Election Could Support A New Dimension To Lunar Exploration & Vision For Humanity – Putting Women On The Moon; Esteemed LEAG Leaders Including Clive Neal, Stephen Mackwell, James Carpenter, Noah Petro, Samuel Lawrence Convening On Themes: Building A Moon Village, Commercial Space Opportunities, Lunar Capabilities Roadmap, New Lunar Mission Concepts, New Views Of Lunar Regolith; At New Worlds Conference, Rick Tumlinson, Bob Richards, Bernard Foing Could Make The Case For Exploring New Frontier Moon South Pole With Women & Men, And Sustaining Humans As A Multi World Species

Credits: New Worlds Institute, NASA, JAXA, NHK, G.Skidmore, M.Vadon

Tuesday / 20 October 2015

LEAG 20-22 October Focus On Moon Utilization For Sustained Human Space-Faring Capabilities

10202015Public & Private Sector To Discuss Common Goals Of Lunar Exploration, Apply Results Of Recent / Ongoing Missions Toward Future Exploration, Provide A Community Forum At 2015 LEAG In Columbia MD; Along With Various Information Sessions, ESA Will Offer Update On Current Lunar Exploration Activities & Plans With International Partnerships; Rob Kelso Of PISCES To Brief On PISCES-NASA “Additive Construction With Mobile Emplacement (ACME)” Project Demonstrating Technologies Associated With Planetary Robotic Construction Using Basalt; Final Day Includes In Situ Resource Utilization Session About Key Factors For Sustainable Human Spaceflight Programs

Credit: LEAG, UH Hilo, PISCES, ESA

Friday / 14 August 2015

LEAG Extends Abstract Due Date To 14 Aug, Team Preparing For 2015 Annual Meeting

LEAG 2015Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Annual Meeting 20-22 Oct In Columbia MD; Chaired By (L-R) Clive Neil, Supported By Sam Lawrence (ASU), Jeff Plescia (JHU/APL), Steve Mackwell (LPI) & Representatives For LRO, ESA, ARTEMIS, Commercial Space, Next-Gen Lunar Scientists & Engineers; Recent Findings / Recommendations Include Resource Prospecting At Lunar Poles & Interior, Advancing Lunar CubeSats, Maintaining Moon Missions / Pace Of Discovery To Support International Partnerships, Technologies, Future Crewed Missions To Moon & Mars

Credit: NASA, LEAG, C. Neil, JPL/Caltech, ASU, LPI

Tuesday / 21 October 2014

Lunar Scientists Gather For
LEAG Annual Meeting 22-24 Oct

LEAG Oct 22-24

Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Meeting Taking Place 22-24 October In Laurel MD At JHU/APL; 3 “Current Understanding” Sessions On Lunar Volatiles With Major Focus Moon South Pole / Permanently Shadowed Craters, Solar Wind, Data From LRO / LADEE / ARTEMIS, Potential For Human Stays On Moon; 2 Sessions On Future Exploration Instruments, Missions, Techniques, Strategies & Opportunities; 50+ Speakers (L-R) Include Jacob Bleacher (NASA), John Thorton (Astrobotic), James Carpenter (ESA)

Image Credit: LEAG, JHU/APL, NASA

Wednesday / 24 September 2014

LEAG To Meet In Oct,
SRR Planetary Mining Symposium May 2015


Annual Meeting Of Lunar Exploration Analysis Group 22-24 Oct 2014; Focus On Lunar Volatiles & Their Potential To Support Extended Human Stays On Moon, Potential Scientific Objectives Of Human Moon Missions For Global Exploration Roadmap, Discussion Of Upcoming Lunar Robotic Missions; Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium / Space Resources Roundtable To Be Held In Conjunction With Canadian Institute Of Mining (CIM) Convention In Montreal, Canada, 9-13 May 2015; Abstracts Due By 31 Oct

Image Credit: LEAG, PTMSS, MGM

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 June 2014

LEAG & SSERVI Conferences Highlight Scientific Value Of Lunar Exploration


1st Announcement Of 2014 Annual Meeting Of LEAG, 22-24 Oct In Maryland USA; Call For Abstracts Expected 24 June; 2 Main Focus Areas: Lunar Volatiles & The Global Exploration Roadmap (GER); SSERVI Releases Agenda For 1st Annual NASA Exploration Science Forum, 21-23 July At Ames RC, California USA; Event Also Includes Discussion Of GER, To Integrate Priority Science Objectives Into NASA / International Exploration Plans; Pictured: LEAG Program Chair Samuel Lawrence

Image Credit: LEAG, NASA