Friday / 12 Jan 2018

Lunar Science For Landed Missions NASA Ames Workshop To Evaluate Target Sites Today

3rd & Final Day Of Workshop At NASA Ames Organized By NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) & Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG); 1st Presentation Today By Jack Burns On Lunar Farside Science Including Radio Observations Of Redshifted 21-cm Hydrogen Line For Cosmology; Final Panel Discussion With Jim Green, Sarah Noble, Ben Bussey, Clive Neal, Greg Schmidt; Ends With Discussion On Top Recommended Sites — Within Context Of Newly Reactivated USA Moon Goals; Remote Participation Possible Through Live Coverage

Pictured: NASA Planetary Science Division Director Jim Green, Professor Jack Burns; Credits: NASA, University of Colorado

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 29 Sep – 2 Oct 2017

First Woman On The Moon Advocacy
From 68th IAC, LEAG, Stanford On The Moon

IDEA 3G Breakfast “First Woman On The Moon” At 68th International Astronautical Congress In Adelaide, Australia 27 Sep Featuring Jean-Yves Le Gall, Steve Durst, Jan Woerner, Danielle Richey, Sandy Magnus, Mary Snitch Focuses On Epochal & Historic Event Of 1st Woman On The Moon – Asking Who? When? How? Why? And Confirming Significant International Interest To Reclaim Greatest Advance In Human History, Fulfill Spirit Of Apollo 11 Pledge ‘In Peace For All’, And Launch Multi World Civilization; Further Support For Women On The Moon Upcoming At Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Meetings Oct 10-13 And Stanford On The Moon Conference Oct 13 Featuring Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides

Credits: IAF, IAC, ILOA, SPC, Newsgallery Pty Ltd

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 28-31 October 2016

Could 2016 Lunar Advocacy For 1st Woman On Moon Impact USA Presidential Candidates?


Upcoming Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Meeting 1-3 Nov & New Worlds Conference 4-5 Nov Held Before 8 Nov USA Election Could Support A New Dimension To Lunar Exploration & Vision For Humanity – Putting Women On The Moon; Esteemed LEAG Leaders Including Clive Neal, Stephen Mackwell, James Carpenter, Noah Petro, Samuel Lawrence Convening On Themes: Building A Moon Village, Commercial Space Opportunities, Lunar Capabilities Roadmap, New Lunar Mission Concepts, New Views Of Lunar Regolith; At New Worlds Conference, Rick Tumlinson, Bob Richards, Bernard Foing Could Make The Case For Exploring New Frontier Moon South Pole With Women & Men, And Sustaining Humans As A Multi World Species

Credits: New Worlds Institute, NASA, JAXA, NHK, G.Skidmore, M.Vadon

Tuesday / 20 October 2015

LEAG 20-22 October Focus On Moon Utilization For Sustained Human Space-Faring Capabilities

10202015Public & Private Sector To Discuss Common Goals Of Lunar Exploration, Apply Results Of Recent / Ongoing Missions Toward Future Exploration, Provide A Community Forum At 2015 LEAG In Columbia MD; Along With Various Information Sessions, ESA Will Offer Update On Current Lunar Exploration Activities & Plans With International Partnerships; Rob Kelso Of PISCES To Brief On PISCES-NASA “Additive Construction With Mobile Emplacement (ACME)” Project Demonstrating Technologies Associated With Planetary Robotic Construction Using Basalt; Final Day Includes In Situ Resource Utilization Session About Key Factors For Sustainable Human Spaceflight Programs

Credit: LEAG, UH Hilo, PISCES, ESA

Friday / 14 August 2015

LEAG Extends Abstract Due Date To 14 Aug, Team Preparing For 2015 Annual Meeting

LEAG 2015Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Annual Meeting 20-22 Oct In Columbia MD; Chaired By (L-R) Clive Neil, Supported By Sam Lawrence (ASU), Jeff Plescia (JHU/APL), Steve Mackwell (LPI) & Representatives For LRO, ESA, ARTEMIS, Commercial Space, Next-Gen Lunar Scientists & Engineers; Recent Findings / Recommendations Include Resource Prospecting At Lunar Poles & Interior, Advancing Lunar CubeSats, Maintaining Moon Missions / Pace Of Discovery To Support International Partnerships, Technologies, Future Crewed Missions To Moon & Mars

Credit: NASA, LEAG, C. Neil, JPL/Caltech, ASU, LPI

Tuesday / 21 October 2014

Lunar Scientists Gather For
LEAG Annual Meeting 22-24 Oct

LEAG Oct 22-24

Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Meeting Taking Place 22-24 October In Laurel MD At JHU/APL; 3 “Current Understanding” Sessions On Lunar Volatiles With Major Focus Moon South Pole / Permanently Shadowed Craters, Solar Wind, Data From LRO / LADEE / ARTEMIS, Potential For Human Stays On Moon; 2 Sessions On Future Exploration Instruments, Missions, Techniques, Strategies & Opportunities; 50+ Speakers (L-R) Include Jacob Bleacher (NASA), John Thorton (Astrobotic), James Carpenter (ESA)

Image Credit: LEAG, JHU/APL, NASA

Wednesday / 24 September 2014

LEAG To Meet In Oct,
SRR Planetary Mining Symposium May 2015


Annual Meeting Of Lunar Exploration Analysis Group 22-24 Oct 2014; Focus On Lunar Volatiles & Their Potential To Support Extended Human Stays On Moon, Potential Scientific Objectives Of Human Moon Missions For Global Exploration Roadmap, Discussion Of Upcoming Lunar Robotic Missions; Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium / Space Resources Roundtable To Be Held In Conjunction With Canadian Institute Of Mining (CIM) Convention In Montreal, Canada, 9-13 May 2015; Abstracts Due By 31 Oct

Image Credit: LEAG, PTMSS, MGM

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 June 2014

LEAG & SSERVI Conferences Highlight Scientific Value Of Lunar Exploration


1st Announcement Of 2014 Annual Meeting Of LEAG, 22-24 Oct In Maryland USA; Call For Abstracts Expected 24 June; 2 Main Focus Areas: Lunar Volatiles & The Global Exploration Roadmap (GER); SSERVI Releases Agenda For 1st Annual NASA Exploration Science Forum, 21-23 July At Ames RC, California USA; Event Also Includes Discussion Of GER, To Integrate Priority Science Objectives Into NASA / International Exploration Plans; Pictured: LEAG Program Chair Samuel Lawrence

Image Credit: LEAG, NASA