Wednesday / 11 February 2015

Lunar Elevator May Facilitate
Moon Mining Industry


Oregon L5 Society Hosting /Streaming Meeting ‘Mining The Moon With A Lunar Elevator’ On 19 Feb At Pearson Air Museum In Vancouver, Washington; Proponents Claim Lunar Elevator Can Be Built For US$800M With Available & Inexpensive Materials Like M5, Zylon, Dyneema; Proposal Envisions Near Side Elevator Anchored To Lunar Equator At Sinus Medii, Orbital Center Of Mass Of System To Be Situated At Earth-Moon L1 Or L2 (50,000 Km) From Moon Surface; Elevator Would Substantially Reduce Cost Of Lunar Surface Missions, Could Potentially Pay For Itself In Single Payload Cycle

Image Credit: The Technion,, Oregon L5 Society