Thursday / 23 June 2016

Multiple Human Moon Missions Evolving As Major National / International Goals


Astronaut Tim Peake Has New Focus On Lunar Missions As ESA Plans To Establish A Cislunar ‘Deep Space Habitat’ For Lunar Surface & Solar System Exploration; Dave Parker Of ESA Human Spaceflight Cites Upcoming Discussions At Ministerial Conference In Lucerne, Switzerland In December; China Manned Space Program Deputy Chief Zhang Yulin Recently Proclaimed The Goal Of ‘Crewed Lunar Exploration’, With Analysts Predicting This Could Be Achieved As Soon As 2020s; Russia Plans To Permanently Station 12 Cosmonauts On Lunar Surface, Starting With 2-4 People By 2030

Credit: ESA, Roscosmos, CNSA

Thursday / 16 July 2015

ESA Envisions Lunar Village

7162015New Director General Of European Space Agency (ESA) Johann-Dietrich Woerner (TL) Proposes “Moon Village On The Far Side Of The Moon”; Collaborative Efforts Would Incorporate World Participation; Far Side Of Moon Long Supported By Dr. Jack Burns (TR) Of University Of Colorado Boulder; Motivation For Village Includes Telescopes For Deep Space Observation, Stepping Stone For Mars Missions / Training, 3D Printing Trials & Multi-Nation Astronaut Settlement / Expanded International Involvement

Credit: NASA, ESA, Foster + Partners

Wednesday / 3 September 2014

MoonBots Winners Headed To Hawai`i


Incredibots From Columbus, Ohio Win 2014 MoonBots Challenge; Team Wins Trip To Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES), Hawaii Island To Test Its Robot On Slopes Of Mauna Kea; Over 300 Teams From 24 Countries Participated In Contest, 25 Finalists Built & Programmed LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot & Tested It In Their Own Lunar Landscape; 1st Runner-Up From Barcelona, Spain, 2nd Runner-Up From Rotterdam, Netherlands; Contest Sponsored By GLXP & GeekDad

Image Credit: GLXP, GeekDad

Tuesday / 3 June 2014

PISCES Extending Hawai`i Apollo Moon Mission Contributions To 21st Century


Hawaii Island Moon-Like Environments Being Utilized By PISCES To Test Moon / Mars-Bound Vehicles & Technologies; New State Resolution Initiating Project To Develop Basaltic ‘Lunar Concrete’, Installation Of A Test ‘Lunar Sidewalk’ Set For Aug; 2nd Initiative Involves Construction-Scale 3D Printing Using Basalt, PISCES & NASA Plan To 3D Print A Landing Pad, Curved Wall, Dome Shelter; Aloha State Was Important Contributor To Apollo Moon Missions – As Depicted In Recently Released Photos – Astronaut Training, Communication Relays, Recovery Of Returning Moonworkers  

Image Credit: PISCES, NASA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 4-7 April 2014

PISCES Advancing Lunar Base Analog Development In Hawai`i


340-kg Rover Unveiled By PISCES; Vehicle Will Be Integral Feature Of Robotic Village The Group Is Developing On Hawaii Island To Pave Way For Human Moon / Mars Bases; Companies From Around World Invited To Send Their Technology To Be Tested On Canada-Manufactured Rover; PISCES Will Utilize Rover & Analog Facilities To Promote STEM Education In Hawaii; Hawaii Aerospace Caucus & Groups Such As ILOA Also Helping To Advance Aerospace Technology & Development Opportunities In Hawaii; Pictured: PISCES Robotic Village Project Manager Rodrigo Romo

Image Credit: PISCES

Tuesday / 7 May 2013

Lunar Concrete Example Of Technology Match “Spin Up” Concept


Peter Kokh, In April 2013 Edition Of Moon Miners’ Manifesto, Notes PISCES Efforts To Develop Sustainable Basalt Concrete On Hawai`i Island As Example Of “Spin Up” Technology Development: Identifying Profitable Terrestrial Applications For Technologies Needed In Space / Moon To Spur Advancement Of Human Off-World Capabilities; MMM Seeking Ideas For Similar Technology Matches That Could Be Advanced By Private Enterprise

Image Credit: NASA, Moon Society, PISCES

Weekend Edition / Fri-Mon 8-11 Mar 2013

Pacific Space Access: Hawai`i To The Moon


Hawaii Spaceport Initiative Is Back On The Table According To Hawaii State Representative Cindy Evans; Unhindered Flight Paths, Optimal Latitude For Launch To Moon & Beyond, Cultural Heritage Of Exploration / Navigation Make Hawaii Best Place In World For Spaceport; Separate UH-Hilo Sponsored Initiative Would Develop Hawaii Island Office To Provide Ground Support For Moon-Exploring Robots

Image Credit: NASA, SpaceX,

Weekend Edition / Fri-Mon 25-28 Jan 2013

Golden Spike Company Business Plan


GSC CEO Alan Stern Provides More Clarity About Business Plan Of Ambitious Company In Recent AmericaSpace Interview; Corrects Misperception That GSC Focus Is Lunar Tourism: Primary Focus Of Business Is Flying Lunar Expeditions For Foreign Science & Space Agencies, Secondary Focus Is Corporations; Elaborates On How Company Will Achieve Relatively Affordable Missions By 2019-2020 

Image Credit: GSC, NASA, Planetary Society

Wednesday / 14 November 2012

PISCES Program Advancing On Hawai`i Island

Annual PISCES Conference Underway In Waikoloa HI; Program Expanding With Recent US$2.34M Investment From State; New Director Rob Kelso Says New Vision For PISCES Includes Research Of: Basalt-Based ‘Lunar Concrete’, Lava Tube Exploration, Testing Habitation Modules & GLXP Lunar Rovers; Goal Is To Become ‘Aerospace Enterprise Zone’ Supporting Planetary Surface Exploration

Image Credit: PISCES, NASA, White Label Space

Weekend Edition / Fri-Mon 17-20 Aug 2012

2012 PISCES Conference In Hawai`i

Abstracts For 11-15 Nov 2012 PISCES Conference On Hawaii Island Due 21 Sep; International Scientists, Government Leaders, Entrepreneurs Will Evaluate Recent Developments In PISCES Vision To Establish Terrestrial Prototype For International, Extraterrestrial Research Park On Hawaii Island; Breakout Sessions To Discuss Revolutionary Surface Technologies, Establish Strategic Partnerships To Enable / Expedite Robotic & Human Missions To Moon, Mars, Beyond

Image Credit: PISCES,