Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 24-27 June 2016

Lunar CubeSats Queuing Up For Unique Boost Toward Moon


13 CubeSats Hitching Ride To Translunar Space Aboard SLS EM-1 Test Flight 2018; Each No More Than 6 Units, 14 Kg; 10 Payloads Already Confirmed; 7 Selected By NASA Through NextSTEP (SkyFire, Lunar IceCube), Human Exploration & Ops Mission Directorate (NEA Scout, BioSentinel, Lunar Flashlight) And Science Mission Directorate (CuSP, LunaH-Map); 3 International; 3 TBD Pending Outcome Of CubeQuest Challenge; SLS Will Release Primary Payload Orion On Lunar Trajectory, Then 13 CubeSats To Deploy From Stage Adapter

Credit: NASA, Morehead State University

Thursday / 2 June 2016

3 International Lunar CubeSats To Join Orion/SLS On Cislunar Journey


Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) First Test Flight Of New Space Launch System With Uncrewed Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle On 21-Day Circumlunar Trajectory NLT Nov 2018; Will Also Carry And Deploy 10 Other CubeSat Missions; Latest Announcement Introduces JAXA EQUULEUS (EQUilibriUm Lunar-Earth point 6U Spacecraft) And OMOTENASHI (Outstanding MOon exploration TEchnologies demonstrated by NAno Semi-Hard Impactor), As Well As ASI / Agrotec ArgoMoon

Credit: NASA, JAXA, AIS / Argotec

Friday / 11 March 2016

Teams Developing LunarCubes, Interplanetary CubeSats & SLS Moon Sat Missions


Advancing Low-Cost, High-Return CubeSat Technologies Highlighted In Upcoming Events: Flexure Engineering 6th International Workshop On LunarCubes 28-29 Sep In Conjunction With 6th International Workshop On Lunar Surface Applications, CubeSat Developer’s Workshop 20-22 Apr, 5th Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop 24-25 May; SLS To Carry At Least 4 Lunar CubeSats In 2018 – Winner Of NASA ‘Cube Quest Challenge’ Will Be Announced End Of Mar & Join EM-1 Lunar Flyby Mission

Credit: Flexure Engineering, NASA, Morehead State University

Friday / 9 October 2015

LunarCubes: Secondary Payloads Aiming To Produce First-Class Science


5th LunarCubes Workshop Hosted By Flexure Engineering 6-9 Oct Highlights Affordable, Innovative Options For Moon / Interplanetary Missions To Search For Volatiles, Map Surface, Support Human Exploration; Along With 8 Design Challenges, Various Talks Are Given On Missions Under Development By Private & Public Sectors: LunaH-Map (Craig Hardgrove, ASU), HALO (Michael Collier, NASA), Lunar Flashlight (John Baker, JPL), ILO-X & ILO-1 (Steve Durst, ILOA), FireFly (Dan Faber, DSI); Hack The Moon Event & Lunar Art / Flash Art Competition Being Held 9-11 Oct

Credit: Flexure Engineering, ASU, NASA, GSFC, JPL, Caltech

Wednesday / 7 October 2015

5th International LunarCubes Workshop Brings Scientists, Engineers, Enterprise To San Jose 6-9 Oct

1072015Robust Lunar Enterprise Workshop Over 4 Days  Focusing On Space Exploration, Collaboration, Technology & Commercial Strategies; NASA Ames Research Center Manager Jim Cockrell (R) Highlights First In-Space Cube Quest Challenge (US$5.5M Prize) To Develop Small Moon Orbiters & Deep Space Satellites; Steve Durst (BL) Discussing ‘Astronomy From The Moon’ As A New Frontier With The International Lunar Observatory (ILO-1); Interorbital Systems Randa Milliron (TL) Will Talk About IOS Neptune Modular Rockets; Annual LunarCubes Workshop Provides Hands-On Activities & Educational Sessions To Further Moon & Space Exploration

Credit: LCW5, ILOA, NASA, Jim Cockrell, IOS, Randa Milliron

Thursday / 27 August 2015

ASU CubeSat May Lead Moon South Pole Water / Ice Search

8272015 Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map) CubeSat Is A Candidate To Launch On NASA SLS Exploration Mission-1, Would Be ASU First Interplanetary Mission; Lunar Water Exploration Objective Vital To NASA Strategy For Future Human Space Missions; ASU NewSpace Initiative Led By Scott Smas, Jim Bell & Craig Hardgrove (L-R) With Bell As Deputy Principal Investigator; Principal Investigator Hardgrove Reaffirms ASU Achievements / Commitments To NASA & “Abundance Of Hydrogen At Lunar Poles”

Credit: ASU, NASA

Friday / 14 August 2015

LEAG Extends Abstract Due Date To 14 Aug, Team Preparing For 2015 Annual Meeting

LEAG 2015Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Annual Meeting 20-22 Oct In Columbia MD; Chaired By (L-R) Clive Neil, Supported By Sam Lawrence (ASU), Jeff Plescia (JHU/APL), Steve Mackwell (LPI) & Representatives For LRO, ESA, ARTEMIS, Commercial Space, Next-Gen Lunar Scientists & Engineers; Recent Findings / Recommendations Include Resource Prospecting At Lunar Poles & Interior, Advancing Lunar CubeSats, Maintaining Moon Missions / Pace Of Discovery To Support International Partnerships, Technologies, Future Crewed Missions To Moon & Mars

Credit: NASA, LEAG, C. Neil, JPL/Caltech, ASU, LPI

Thursday / 6 August 2015

NASA Selects Lunar IceCube To Search For Water Ice

8062015Public-Private Partnerships Selected Under NASA NextSTEP Include Lunar IceCube Mission Led By Morehead State University Professor Ben Malphrus; Massachusetts-Based Busek Company Providing Low-Thrust Electric Propulsion System And GSFC Providing Broadband InfraRed Compact High Resolution Explorer Spectrometer (BIRCHES); IceCube To Prospect For Lunar Volatiles & Water To Aid Future Moon & Deep Space Missions, May Launch On SLS / Orion Exploration Mission 1 In November 2018

Credit: NASA, Morehead State University, Busek Company

Tuesday / 7 July 2015

Flexure Engineering Hosting
5th LunarCubes Workshop (LCW 5)

7072015LunarCube Technologies & Opportunities To Be Examined At LCW 5 In San Jose CA 6-9 October; Topics To Include: Cislunar Communications, LunarCube Science & Payloads, & NASA’s Cube Quest Challenge (CQC) To Promote New Technology Developments For Lunar Orbit & Deep Space Communication; CQC CubeSat To Fly To Moon In 2018 As Secondary Payload On Orion Spacecraft & Space Launch Systems (SLS) EM-1; Winning Team(s) To Share Prize Of US$5M NASA’s First In-Space Competition With Largest Prize

Credit: Lunarcubes.com, Lunar-Cube, Lunarnetworks, NASA

Wednesday / 27 May 2015

Lunar Initiatives Newsletter LunarCube Mission Opportunities, Upcoming Events


Deep Space CubeSat Missions – Including LunarCubes – Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Elements In Space Exploration, The Lunar Initiatives / Workshops Continue To Organize Events To Support The Growth Of This Field; Its Latest Newsletter Includes Updates Of Upcoming LunarCubes Workshop On 6-9 Oct In San Jose CA, The 2nd International Workshop On Scientific Opportunities In Cislunar Space On 8 Nov, & News From Recent LSA 5 Workshop

Image Credit: lunar-cubes.com, Flexure Engineering