Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 6-9 January 2017

China And India Next-Gen Moon Missions, Planning For Mars, Venus, Jupiter

China CE-5 Sample Return Mission To Launch Late 2017; CE-4 Orbiter To Support Moon South Pole / Far Side Aitken Basin Lander & Rover Mission Launching 2018; Chief Lunar Scientist Ouyang Ziyuan Says Precise Lunar Digital Map And 4.36 x 2.2 Meter Drawing To Be Finished 2018, Released 2020; First China Mars Probe Expected 2020, Jupiter Exploration To Follow; India Chandrayaan-2 Moon Orbiter, Lander & Rover Likely 2018 For Polar Mission To Study Atmosphere, Temperature, Plasma Environment; ISRO Associate Director M. N. Rao Says Its Planning Cost Effective Jupiter & Venus Missions, Analyzing Satellites & Rockets Needed; Mars Orbiter 2 To Launch 2018; Team Indus To Launch Two Lunar Rovers On PSLV Late 2017

Credits: ISRO, CAS, NASA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 2-5 December 2016

GLXP Teams Must Provide Launch Contract Before 2017 To Stay In Competition: 4 Verified, 1 Newly Contracted


Nearing 1-Year Mark To Claim US$20M First Place Prize, GLXP Teams Have Until 31 Dec 2016 To Contract With Launch Provider; Israel SpaceIL With Hopper Lander Has Verified SpaceX Launch, USA Moon Express Hopper Lander Verified Contract With Rocket Lab (And Has FAA Approval For Mission), USA Synergy Moon Lander & 2 Rovers Verified With Interorbital, India Team Indus Lander & Rover Verified With ISRO PSLV; Germany Part Time Scientists Lander & 2 Rovers SpaceX Contract Via Spaceflight Industries Not Yet Verified; USA Astrobotic Lander (With Andy Rover) – Carrying Japan Hakuto 2 Rovers & Chile AngelicvM Uni Rover – Still Planning SpaceX Launch

Credits: Moon Express, Astrobotic, Hakuto, SpaceIL, Part Time Scientists, Synergy Moon, Team Indus, AngelicvM, GLXP

Weekend Edition
Thu-Mon / 24-28 November 2016

USA Lunar Transport Enterprises Submitting RFI Proposals For NASA Payload Delivery 2017-2020


Seeking To Address Strategic Knowledge Gaps In Lunar Resource Potential, Lunar Environment & Its Effects On Humans, NASA Asks USA Commercial Lunar Cargo Transportation Service Providers To Propose (By 9 December) Payload Delivery Options Available In 2017-2020; Moon Express Announces It Will Give US$500,000 For Each NASA Payload On First Three MX-1 Missions ($1.5M Total) Under Lunar Scout Program; Astrobotic Proposes Dollar For Dollar Matching Program (Up To US$12M) – For Every NASA Payload Selected To Fly On Astrobotic 1st Mission 2017, It Will Provide Second Mission In 2021 At No Charge

Credits: Moon Express, Astrobotic

Friday / 2 September 2016

Team Synergy Moon Launch With Interorbital Receives Official Verification By GLXP


The Announcement Out Of Los Angeles CA Verifies The Launch Agreement Between Synergy Moon And Team Member Interorbital Systems; Utilizes NEPTUNE 8 Rocket To Lift Off From Open-Ocean Platform Off California Coast During 2nd Half Of 2017; It Is The 3rd GLXP Team To Receive Launch Verification After SpaceIL (Via SpaceX – Falcon 9) And Moon Express (Via Rocket Lab – Electron); Synergy Moon Co-founders Are Kevin Myrick (USA) & Nebojša Stanojević (Bosnia And Herzegovina), Team Includes Randa & Roderick Milliron, As Well As Individuals And Working Groups In More Than 15 Countries

Credit: Synergy Moon, Interorbital

Thursday / 28 July 2016

Nuclear Power On Moon, Mars, Beyond


SETI Institute Science Colloquium At Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus Features Frank Shu, Professor Emeritus, University Of California Berkeley; Discusses Lunar Base As Wise First Step Toward Humans Colonizing Mars, Traveling To The Stars; Shu Notes Lunar Water Ice Harvesting / Electrolysis To Produce Habitat-Critical Oxygen (& Hydrogen For Fuel) Requires Primary Power Source; Presents Patented Design For Two-Fluid Molten-Salt Breeder-Reactor (2F-MSBR) Using In Situ Thorium; Overlooks Potential For Photo-Voltaic Power At Peaks Of Eternal Light (Areas Of Near-Continuous Illumination) At Moon South Pole

Credit: SETI Institute, UC Berkeley, NASA

Thursday / 14 July 2016

GLXP: Moon Express Expanding To LC 17 & 18 At Cape Canaveral; SpaceIL Testing Engine


Moon Express Announces Agreement To License Historic Launch Complexes (LC) For Lunar Lander Development, Test Operations From USAF 45th Wing; State Of Florida Has Approved Up To US$1.85M In Matching Funds Toward Improving Facilities; Press Release Projects 25-50 New Jobs Enabled Immediately, 100s More Direct & Indirect Jobs Possible Over Next 5 Years; LC 17 Dormant Since Sep 2011 GRAIL Moon Launch; Israel Team SpaceIL Recently Tested Lunar Lander Main Engine At Facilities In England; Successfully Met Durability Requirements During Multiple Operation Modes, Shutdown Cycles Without Overheating

Credit: ME, SpaceIL, GLXP, USAF

Friday / 8 July 2016

Rocket Lab Electron Rocket May Launch Late Summer, Qualifies Rutherford Engine For Flight

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab Planning Maiden Electron Rocket Launch Within A Couple Months From Wairoa, New Zealand Followed By Launches From New Site At Onenui Station, Mahia Peninsula (39° S, 177° E) Which Is Close To Completion; CEO Peter Beck Notes Mahia Can Offer “Widest Range Of Orbital Azimuths Of Any Launch Site Globally”; Electron Is 10,000kg, 16-meters Tall, Able To Carry 150kg To 500-km Sun-Synchronous Orbit For Less Than US$5M; HQ In Los Angeles, Company Working With Moon Express For 2017 Launch To Moon & Potentially 3 Other Launches, And Up To 12 Missions For Spire Satellites

Credit: Rocket Lab, Google, Moon Express

Friday / 4 March 2016

GLXP ‘Moon Shot’ Documentary To Air,
X PRIZE Plans Successor To GLXP Competition

GLXP 2016

16 GLXP Teams Remain In Race, Moon Express With Verified Rocket Lab Launch Contract And SpaceIL Verified SpaceX Launch Plan For 2017 Moon Missions; J.J. Abrams ‘Moon Shot’ 9 Short Documentary Films On GLXP Teams To Debut For Free March 15 And 17; X Prize Foundation Andrew Barton Discusses 2nd Space-Related Competition Under Development, May Be Announced After Dec 2017 When GLXP Officially Ends

Credit: GLXP, SpaceIL, Moon Express, J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, Epic Digital, et al

Friday / 19 February 2016

Rocket Lab Secures Another Multi-Launch Contract After Moon Express

Rocket Lab ME

Rocket Lab To Launch 2 Moon Express Missions In 2017, With A 3rd To Be Scheduled, And Possibility To Purchase 4th & 5th; Spire Satellite Company With Offices In Singapore, UK, USA, Recently Contracted 12 Launches With Rocket Lab To Begin 2016-17; Rocket Lab Also Won US$6.9M Contract With NASA; Electron Small Launch Vehicle Under Development, Planning 1st Test Launch Mid-2016 & Constructing 2 Launch Sites In New Zealand, Mahia Peninsula Site To Be Operational Q1 2016

Pictured: (TL) Peter Platzer of Spire; (BL) Bob Richards of Moon Express; (BR) Peter Beck of Rocket Lab.

Credit: Rocket Lab, NASA, Moon Express, Expert File / Peter Beck

Friday / 12 February 2016

Luna 9 Inspires Giant Leaps For Future
Moon Landings

Luna 9

NewSpace Companies, Universities, Space Agencies Developing Breakthrough Technologies For Moon, Planetary, NEO Missions As 50th Anniversary Of Luna 9 – 1st Soft Moon Landing Is Observed This Week; Mission Trajectory, Sensors, Deceleration Technologies, Imaging / Instruments, Propellants Proven By Past Missions Being Improved Upon; Morpheus / Landers Using ALHAT, Moon Express Lander To Be A ‘Hopper’, SpaceX & Blue Origin Reusable Rockets Soft Landing On Earth, ESA Philae & Huygens Probes Significant For Landing On & Relaying 1st Ever Images Of Uncharted Areas