Friday / 17 June 2016

13th International Planetary Probe Workshop Highlighting Innovative Ideas For Lunar Exploration


The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA Meeting In Laurel, Maryland June 13-17 Features Talks By Alan Stern PI Of New Horizons & Ellen Stofan NASA Chief Scientist; Includes Presentations By Robert Buchwald (TR) Of Airbus On ‘Prospecting And Returning Lunar Surface Samples With Volatiles’ And By Balaji Soundararajan, Masters Student (Space Engineering) at Technical University Berlin On ‘Autonomous UAV for Lunar Inspection’ & ‘Lunar Ballistic Robot Exploration’

Credit: JHU/APL, GSFC, NASA,R. Buchwald, B. Soundararajan,

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 3-6 June 2016

SSR / PTMSS In Golden CO To Advance In Situ Resource Utilization


Space Resources Roundtable (SRR), Planetary & Terrestrial Mining Science Symposium (PTMSS) In Collaboration With Colorado School Of Mines (CSM) And Lunar & Planetary Institute (LPI) Will Convene The 7th Joint Meeting On June 7-9 In Golden, Colorado; There Is Renewed Interest Worldwide In ISRU Activities And The Program Will Cover Related Issues With Regards To Moon, Mars And Asteroids Over 9 Technical Sessions; SRR Is Led By Angel Abbud-Madrid (T) Of CSM And The Program Speakers Includes John Hamilton (B) Of PISCES (Hawaii), Byung Chul Chang Of ISERI, Hanyang University (South Korea), Numerous NASA Representatives, And Others


Wednesday / 26 August 2015

Lunar Fire Fountains Fueled By Carbon Monoxide According To Brown Researchers

LED 082615Brown University Researchers Revisiting Glass Collected By Apollo 15 & 17 Astronauts Suggest Moon And Earth Volatile Reservoirs Share Common Origins; Carbon & Oxygen Forms Carbon Monoxide, Mixing With Basaltic Lava To Spew Quick-Cooling Droplets Of Green And Orange Glass; Recent Analysis Reveals H2O & Carbon Concentrations Decrease Near Center, Indicating Degassing; Brown’s Alberto Saal States, “Either Some Of Earth’s Volatiles…Were Included In The Accretion Of The Moon Or…Were Delivered To Both The Earth And Moon At The Same Time From A Common Source.”

Credit:  NASA, Brown University

Thursday / 23 July 2015

Device On Lunar Lander To Simplify Techniques Of Moon Rock Dating

7232015 Future Design Of Miniature Laser Ablation Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometer For Use In Moon Missions To Date Lunar Rocks And Surface; Instruments Placed On Lunar Lander / Rover Can Analyze Samples In Situ Without Complicated Preparations & Could Be Used On Proposed Moon Age & Regolith Explorer (MARE) NASA Mission; Team Led By Dr. F. Scott Anderson Of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) Demonstrated Success Of Device On Duluth Gabbro Rock Sample Analogous To Rocks Found On Lunar Near Side

Credit: NASA, SwRI

Thursday / 18 June 2015

Lunar Mission One Continues To Gain

United Nations Attention

6182015Privately Funded Lunar Mission One (LMO) Gaining International Space Mission Support For Moon South Pole 2024 Exploration; David Iron (B), Founder of Lunar Missions Trust & Lunar Missions Ltd Proposes Partnership Allowing Individual & Government Collaboration; Iron Recently Addressed Committee On The Peaceful Uses Of Outer Space (COPUOS) Administered By United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs; Supported By Former Conservative Science Minister Ian Taylor (TR), & Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees (TL), LMO To Deepen Understandings Of Moon & Earth Origins

Credit: Lunar Mission One, David Iron, Ian Taylor, Martin Rees

Friday / 20 September 2013

LADEE Update, Moon Regolith Research

LADEE & Moon Regolith

LADEE In 2nd Phasing Loop Orbit Around Earth, Continues Instrument Checkout & Calibration Activities; Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrometer In Bake-Out To Boil Off Any Contaminants; After 3rd Orbital Loop Will Fire Thrusters To Achieve Moon Orbit, Study Moon Atmosphere & Dust; NASA MSFC & USGS Creating Simulated Lunar Regolith From Stillwater Mine Rocks In Nye, Montana To Support Future Lunar Exploration

Image Credit: NASA / GSFC, A. Reinhold

Friday / 9 August 2013

Moon Interior May Be Wetter Than Believed

Water Moon

Amit Sarbadhikari Member Of PLANEX Group At Physical Research Laboratory In Ahmedabad, India Conducts New Study On Moon Rocks; Lunar Rock-15555 & Others Indicate Moon Interior May Be Wetter Than Previously Believed Due To Varying Levels Of Water In Volcanic Glass Beads, Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions, Accessory Phase Apatite; Concentration Of Volatiles Over Entire Moon Still Uncertain

Image Credit:, NASA, PRL