Friday / 29 July 2016

PISCES And NASA Conducting Lunar Simulations, Technologies Testing At Mauna Kea Hawai`i


Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES) Executive Director Rob Kelso & Students Developing, Upgrading, Testing Moon / Mars Rover, Equipment & Communications Software; From Remote Location, Students Use Google Earth Images Of Mauna Kea To Move Rover & Study Geology Mimicking Real Life Lunar Robotic Mission; NASA Ames Also Testing The Rover Stereoscopic Imaging System, Data Capture & Data Processing Remotely From Florida, Taking Advantage Of Moon, Mars Analog 3,000-meter Altitude Sites At Mauna Kea & Mauna Loa


Friday / 6 May 2016

Two Conferences Supporting Moon, Mars, & Asteroids Investigate Opportunities

Two ConferencesStimulating Renewed Support In Moon / Space Activities Two Conferences Moving Into Year 8 Scheduled To Address: Lunar Exploration & Enterprise, Solar System, Near Earth Asteroids; 7-9 June Golden Colorado School Of Mines To Host  SRR, PTMSS & LPI With PISCES Rob Kelso Discussing ISRU Construction – Lunar Launch/Landing Pad; Ames Research Center Holding Annual Lunar & Small Bodies Graduate Conference (LunGradCon 2016) In Mountain View California 19 July; NASA SSERVI Topics To Include Missions & Human Exploration


Thursday / 3 December 2015

Hawai`i Based PISCES Seeks Emergency Funds To Continue Moon & Deep Space Research Programs

1232015An Urgent Request To Hawaii Gov. Ige (R) To Appropriate Funds Of US$670k For Salaries To Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES) FY 2016 (Jul ’15 – Jun ’16) Currently Being Deliberated; PISCES Director Rob Kelso (L) States Organization Will Continue To Operate Normally Until The End Of The Calendar Year 2015 But Without Approval “We Are Out Of Business After June”; PISCES MoonRIDERS (Research Investigating Dust Expulsion Removal Systems) Joint Partnership With NASA Kennedy Space Center & Google Lunar XPRIZE Electrodynamic Dust Shield (EDS) Technology With High School Participants Kealakehe & Iolani Hope For Approval To Continue Hawaii High-Tech Advancement

Credit: PISCES, UH Hilo, State of Hawaii

Tuesday / 20 October 2015

LEAG 20-22 October Focus On Moon Utilization For Sustained Human Space-Faring Capabilities

10202015Public & Private Sector To Discuss Common Goals Of Lunar Exploration, Apply Results Of Recent / Ongoing Missions Toward Future Exploration, Provide A Community Forum At 2015 LEAG In Columbia MD; Along With Various Information Sessions, ESA Will Offer Update On Current Lunar Exploration Activities & Plans With International Partnerships; Rob Kelso Of PISCES To Brief On PISCES-NASA “Additive Construction With Mobile Emplacement (ACME)” Project Demonstrating Technologies Associated With Planetary Robotic Construction Using Basalt; Final Day Includes In Situ Resource Utilization Session About Key Factors For Sustainable Human Spaceflight Programs

Credit: LEAG, UH Hilo, PISCES, ESA

Tuesday / 28 July 2015

Hawai`i MoonRIDERS Receive US$35K Grant

 7282015. PISCES Receiving Grant For MoonRIDERS (Research Investigating Dust Expulsion Removal Systems) Project To Advance Space Exploration & Cultivate 21st Century Workforce STEM Skills For Hawaii Students; Kealakehe High, ‘Iolani High, NASA & PISCES Developing Lunar Experimental Electrodynamic Dust Shield (EDS) To Repel Particles Via Low Electric Current; Preparations In Process For Early 2017 Launch On GLXP Lander

Credit: PISCES, Kealakehe High School, ‘Iolani

Thursday / 2 April 2015

Lunar Dust Experiments Opening Future Exploration Possibilities


LADEE Results Indicate Tail Of Nanoscale Particles Trailing Moon, Likely Expelled By Asteroid Impact, <0.001g / Square Meter; LADEE Spectrometer PI Says Phenomenon Could Offer New Way To Study Surface Of Airless Planetary Bodies, “Collect Their Tails Rather Than Landing On Them”; Moon RIDERS Educational Project Testing System To Remove Lunar Dust From Moon Lander Equipment Using High Voltage Square Waves Being Tested At NASA Ames; Project Is Collaboration Of Hawai`i High Schools, NASA, GLXP Teams, PISCES

Image Credit: NASA,

Tuesday / 11 November 2014

Hawai`i Conference Looks To Advance Lunar Initiatives


PISCES-Sponsored ‘Next Giant Leap’ Conference Underway On Hawai`i Island; Separate Working Groups Examining Goals For Leveraging Lunar Assets, Collaborative Pathways To Sustainable Lunar Ventures & Mechanisms For Program Development; Feature Speaker Buzz Aldrin Discusses New Horizons For Space Exploration; Sam Lawrence Of Arizona State U / LEAG Says Rich LRO Data Has Allowed Researchers To Identify Location & Resources Of Optimal Lunar Exploration Site

Image Credit: PISCES, Aerospace Hawaii, NASA

Wednesday / 3 September 2014

MoonBots Winners Headed To Hawai`i


Incredibots From Columbus, Ohio Win 2014 MoonBots Challenge; Team Wins Trip To Pacific International Space Center For Exploration Systems (PISCES), Hawaii Island To Test Its Robot On Slopes Of Mauna Kea; Over 300 Teams From 24 Countries Participated In Contest, 25 Finalists Built & Programmed LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot & Tested It In Their Own Lunar Landscape; 1st Runner-Up From Barcelona, Spain, 2nd Runner-Up From Rotterdam, Netherlands; Contest Sponsored By GLXP & GeekDad

Image Credit: GLXP, GeekDad

Tuesday / 2 September 2014

Vision For Space Access May Be Difference In Tight Hawai`i Governor Race


Pacific Space Access Could Become A Key Issue As Hawai’i Gubernatorial Race Heats Up; Sen David Ige (D), Duke Aiona (R), Mufi Hannemann (I) All Could Benefit From Supporting Pioneering Initiative To Develop Hawaii-Based Sea Launching Enterprise, Which Would Bring Economic And Scientific Opportunities To Islands; With NASA Missions LRO & Mars Opportunity Rover Receiving Funding For Extended Missions, Hawaii Island Role As Analog Test Site For Robotic / Human Planetary Missions Should Continue To Advance

Image Credit: PISCES, Sea Launch, KHON2

Tuesday / 29 July 2014

Hawai`i To Host Lunar Conference In November


State Of Hawai`i, PISCES & Aerospace States Association Hosting ‘The Next Giant Leap: Leveraging Lunar Assets For Sustainable Pathways To Space’ In Waikoloa, Hawaii Island, 9-13 November; Conference Will Focus On Benefits / Opportunities For Making Use Of Cislunar Environment, Cost Effective Scenarios To Accelerate Development Of Technologies / Missions To Extend Humanity Through Solar System; Establish Multinational / Public-Private Partnerships To Link Space / Lunar Development Visions & Goals With The Resources To Enable Them

Pictured: PISCES Executive Director Rob Kelso

Image Credit: Aerospace Hawaii