Weekend Edition
Fri-Tue / 4-8 November 2016

Reclaiming The Moon: America’s Preeminence In Space Starts With The Moon


Days Before USA 2016 Presidential Election, Congressman Jim Bridenstine (Rep-OK, Center) Discuses American Space Renaissance Act At LEAG Meeting For National Security, Economic Growth & Leadership, Stating “NASA Should Utilize Somewhere We Have Already Pioneered – The Moon”; Moon Could Provide Resources (Water, Solar Power, Regolith, Helium-3), Testing Ground For Human Solar System Complete Exploration & Settlement; Putting The First Woman On The Moon, Venturing For Science & Observation To Unexplored Moon South Pole, Solidifying Humans As Multi World Species Would Boost Any & Every Nation; Clear Vision Outlined By Incoming 2017 USA Administration From LEO To Moon And Beyond Could Set Up Strategic Path To Human Exploration Of Outer Solar System By End Of Century

Credits: NASA, US.gov, ESA, Foster + Partners

Wednesday / 20 July 2016

Full Moon Rising Again As World Observes 47th Anniversary Of Apollo 11


Space Community, Scientists Gather In Silicon Valley At Ames Research Center, NASA For The Exploration Science Forum (ESF 2016) Bolstered By Renewed Global Momentum Toward Lunar Landings & Crewed Habitats; An International Moon Surface Station With Commercial Services Integration Would Be A Major 1st Step Toward Reclaiming, Sustaining And Surpassing The Greatest Advance In Human History To Date; GOP Platform Supportive Of Space Exploration, Former Astronaut Eileen Collins To Speak At Republican National Convention; Louise Prockter Named As New Director Of Lunar & Planetary Institute

Credit: NASA, LPI, ESA

Tuesday / 19 July 2016

Women On The Moon & USA 21st Century Leadership


Eileen Collins, Former NASA Astronaut & 1st Female Space Shuttle Commander, Set To Make 3-Minute Apolitical Speech On 20 July At Republican National Convention, Cleveland OH; The Auspicious Day Marks Apollo 11 47th Observation; Collins Previewed Focus Of Speech “We Landed On The Moon ‘In Peace, For All Mankind’ And I Know That Is A Message We Can All Get Behind”; She Also Openly Criticized, As Did Many Others Of All Sides, The Obama Administration Decision To Scrap The Constellation Program Launched By George Bush; Newt Gingrich And Ted Cruz, Active In Space Exploration Policy, Are Also Set To Speak

Credit: NASA, GOP, SYU / S. Sartori

Weekend Edition
Fri-Tue / 1-5 July 2016

2017 USA Space Program And The Moon – Galaxy Forum USA Inaugurates Spacemonth July 2016 / July 4th Weekend


 GF USA 2016 In Santa Clara CA On 2 July; Presentations By Bruce Pittman Of NASA Ames On USA Space Direction 2017, Imke de Pater Of UC Berkeley Astronomy On Jupiter, Steve Durst Of SPC / ILOA On Getting Human Moon Missions & Jupiter Back Into American Space Program, Considerations For 21st Century Solar System Complete; Bipartisan Support & Implementation Of Evolvable Lunar Architecture (ELA) Study Partly Funded By NASA, Proposed July 2015 By Charles Miller Of NexGen Space; ELA Designed To Lead A Return Of Humans To The Moon Surface Within 5-7 Years For US$10B (+/-30%) Via Development Of 2 Independent Competing Commercial Service Providers

Credit: Space Age Publishing Company (SPC) , International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA), NASA, NexGen Space LLC, A. Nesterova, UC Berkeley, FreeFlagIcons.com

Wednesday / 25 May 2016

Moon In Focus As Lawmakers Push NASA Toward Lunar Landings, Reject Asteroid Redirect Mission


Scientists, Engineers And Administrators At NASA Are Preparing For Tidal Shift As USA House Of Representatives Calls For Return To Moon To Refine Capabilities Including Landing, Ascent, Habitation, And Prospecting; Budget Committee Draft Bill Cites Moon Development As Best Strategy For Sustainable Future Mars Exploration; ‘The House’ Is A Legislative Body Made Up Of 434 Voting Members Elected To Represent Each State Proportionally To Its Population

Credit: House.gov, NASA

Thursday / 12 May 2016

India Launch Business Booming, USA Companies Missing Out As Feds Continue Export Restrictions


Affordable, Reliable PSLV Launch Opportunities For Commercial US Spacecraft Obstructed By Federal Policy Protecting US Launch Companies From ‘Unfair Market Competition’; India Department Of Space Secretary K Radhakrishnan Cites Possible Waiver Opening By US For Scientific, Educational (Non-Commercial) Missions; About 60% Of PSLV Launches In Last Decade Were For International Customers; ISRO Commercial Arm Antrix Achieved US$280M Revenue (Profit Of $30M) For 2014-15; GSLV Being Commercialized In Near Future, Will Carry Chandrayaan 2 Mission In 2017 / 2018

Credit: ISRO, ILOA

Wednesday / 2 September 2015

Why Is It So Hard To Go Back To The Moon?

9022015Author Mark Whittington In Upcoming Interview 6 Sept With Dr. David Livingston On The Space Show Will Discuss His Latest 92 Page Book Published August 2015; Whittington Addressing The Questions Of Ceased Apollo Missions / American Leadership / Political Intrigue; Will Also Give Views On Political Blue Prints & Learning From The Past To Set A New Course For Future Crewed Lunar Missions

Credit: NASA, Mark Whittington, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Tuesday / 14 April 2015

International Lunar Decade Initiative Seeking UN Support


Initiative Of ILEWG, NSS & University Of Latvia Seeks To Build Foundations For Permanent Human Presence Beyond LEO Through Detailed Framework Of International & Public-Private Partnerships, Legal / Property Rights Resolutions; ILD Working Group Seeking UN General Assembly Sanctioning As Global Activity, 1st Step Is COPUOS Approval, Possibly In 10-19 June 58th COPUOS Session; ILD To Be Discussed / Advanced At Upcoming Conferences In Florida USA, Frascati Italy, Toronto Canada

Image Credit: NASA, ILEWG, UN

Tuesday / 7 April 2015

Moon Reemerging In NASA Plans?


Reports Surfacing That NASA Is Shifting Plans To Incorporate More Cislunar / Lunar Surface Elements Into Its “Evolvable Mars Campaign”; Chief Of NASA Human Exploration Admits Current 900-Day Direct Mars Mission Plan Not Achievable, Harnessing Reservoirs Of Ice At Lunar Poles For Rocket Fuel & Testing ISRU Technologies At Moon Is Under Consideration; NASA Officials Still Deny Lunar Surface Plans / Any Changes To Current Human Space Exploration Plan; NASA Advisory Council Human Exploration & Operations Committee Meeting In Washington DC 7-8 April

Image Credit: NASA

Friday / 13 March 2015

The Moon: It Keeps Coming Around

Bolden Talk

Our Moon Luna – Greatest Advance For American Human Enterprise, And Source Of Vast Power / Material / Inspiration Resources For Future Generations – Remains Missing In NASA Prospectus; Current Administration Continues To Preside Over Greatest Retreat In U.S. National History, As India, China, And American Pioneers Commit To Seeing Humanity Again A Multi World Species, Asap

Image Credit: NASA, GDFC, B.Hrybyk, Kahilu Theater