Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 2-5 June 2017

ILOA Galaxy Forum China 2017 Precedes IAF Global Space Exploration Conference In Beijing

Astronomy From The Moon & International Human Moon Missions Focus Of 3-Hour 2-Part Program 5 June At BICC, On Eve Of GLEX 2017, Highlights Global Lunar Exploration Priorities; Organized By International Lunar Observatory Association Of Hawai`i; Part 1) Wang Jing Of NAOC On CE3 Lunar Ultra-Violet Telescope, Hakim Malasan Of ITB On Indonesia Future Astronomy, Steve Durst Of ILOA On Galaxy First Light Imaging; P2) Christian Lange Of CSA On Canadian Lunar Payloads & Technology, Guo Linli Of CAST On China Lunar Base Concept, Andrew Aldrin Of ShareSpace Foundation On USA / International Human Missions To The Moon

Credits: ILOA, NAOC, CNSA, CSA, ShareSpace, ESA, NASA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 20-23 February 2015

Moon South Pole Mission Opportunities Draw Southeast Asia Leaders To Series Of Events


Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia Events In Bandung, Indonesia On Sat 21 Feb & In Bangkok, Thailand On Tues 24 Feb Bring Together Leaders In Astronomy & Space Exploration To Evaluate How Southeast Asia Countries Can Advance Their Space / Astronomy Initiatives And Bring More Of The Subsequent Benefits To The People; ILOA, Co-sponsor Of The Events, Will Be Presenting Opportunities For These Countries To Potentially Participate In Its Missions To The Moon South Pole To Conduct Observations & Communications; A Special ILOA Southeast Asia Executive Meeting Will Follow On Thurs 26 Feb In Singapore

Image Credit: ILOA, galaxyforum.org, ITB, NARIT