Thursday / 21 July 2016

Space Studies Institute Celebrates SpaceDay 2016 With Free Release Of “The High Frontier”


SSI Newsletter Summer 2016 Includes Kindle Edition Of Gerard K. O’Neill Space Classic “The High Frontier – Human Colonies in Space” Free Until July 23 With Preface By Kathy Sullivan, Original Don Davis Illustrations, Pat Rawlings Cover Art; 99% Invisible Podcast By Roman Mars Has Producer Katie Mingle Talk With SSI Co-Founder Tasha O’Neill, Freeman Dyson & Author Patrick McCray For Episode Home On LaGrange; Raising Funds Toward SSI G-Lab Initiative To Test Real Impact Of Reduced Gravity On Generations Of Vertebrates (Several Million US$) And For SSI Exotic Propulsion Initiative (US$42,000)

Credit: SSI, P. Rawlings

Friday / 27 June 2014

Moon / Space Apparel Industry Growing

Lunar, Space, Stellar Fashion

Lunar, Space, Stellar Fashion Trending Upward, Signifies Consciousness Of Designers / General Public; Highlighted In Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Feb 2014 By Ana Locking ‘American Landscape’ Fall 2014 Collection, Striking Moon Dress & Moon Clothing Reflect American Dream, Journey, Inspiration; Other Space Age Fall Fashion Debuting Elsewhere Includes Albert Kriemler Mars Surface Dress, Stuart Vevers Apollo Sweater

Image Credit: Theremina, Tumbler, Coach, Instagram, Stylecaster, Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho, WireImage

Wednesday / 8 January 2014

Moon Ownership Questions / Implications Highlighted By London Art Exhibit


Lunar Property Rights Debate Prominent Issue With Chang’e-3 / Yutu Heralding Start Of Permanent Lunar Surface Operations & GLXP Teams Confirming 2015 Launch Plans; 37.9 Million Square Km Of Surface Area, Vast Resources Position Moon As Attractive New Frontier For Individuals, Corporations, Nations; Group Of Artists Led By IAF ITACCUS Co-Chair Nicola Triscott (Inset) Opening ‘Republic Of The Moon‘ Exhibition In London To Spur Debate About Moon Ownership 

Image Credit: The Arts Catalyst, Bargehouse,