Friday / 1 May 2015

Copernicus Space Science Program To Feature Space Elevators & GLXP Team Puli GLXP Exosphere

Exosphere Conference In Budapest, Hungary 13-31 July With Theme ‘An Endogenously-Powered Space Elevator’ To Focus On Modeling Various Power Supply Systems, Potential Markets Resulting From Reduced Cost Payload Delivery To / From Orbit, Asteroid & Moon Mining Industries; Hungary GLXP Team Puli Will Demonstrate Its Lunar Rover; Program Supported By PuliSpace Founder (BL) Dr. Tibór Pacher, Space Elevator Expert Larry Bartoszek (BC), Enrico Dini (BR) Of D-Shape Company Which Is Experimenting With 3D-Printed Lunar Bases

Image Credit: Exosphere, GLXP, Team Puli, D-Shape, NASA SSERVI

Wednesday / 11 February 2015

Lunar Elevator May Facilitate
Moon Mining Industry


Oregon L5 Society Hosting /Streaming Meeting ‘Mining The Moon With A Lunar Elevator’ On 19 Feb At Pearson Air Museum In Vancouver, Washington; Proponents Claim Lunar Elevator Can Be Built For US$800M With Available & Inexpensive Materials Like M5, Zylon, Dyneema; Proposal Envisions Near Side Elevator Anchored To Lunar Equator At Sinus Medii, Orbital Center Of Mass Of System To Be Situated At Earth-Moon L1 Or L2 (50,000 Km) From Moon Surface; Elevator Would Substantially Reduce Cost Of Lunar Surface Missions, Could Potentially Pay For Itself In Single Payload Cycle

Image Credit: The Technion,, Oregon L5 Society

Wednesday / 8 October 2014

USC Graduate Students Present Innovative Lunar Exploration Concepts


Students In USC Astronautical Engineering Course With Prof Madhu Thangavelu Present Concepts For Future Human Solar System Exploration; Projects Evaluated By Faculty, Industry & NASA Experts; Proposals Include Maglev-Operated Lunar Space Elevator Attached To A Station At L1 Lagrange Point, Lunar Lava Tube Explorations With Spiderbots Capable Of Inverted Climbing With Advanced Sensors, Self-Propelled Inflatable Lunar Rovers Which Could Deploy Swarms Of Small Exploration Rovers

Image Credit: USC

Tuesday / 11 March 2014

Moon-Based Space Elevator Key To Mining ProfitsLED031014

LiftPort Group Of Seattle, WA Urges LSEI (Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure) Placement For Soft-Landing Equipment / Human Transport; Advisor Charles Radley(L) Notes Lunar Elevator Tech Could Place Lunar Mining Costs On Par With Terrestrial For Some Commodities; Jerome Pearson(R), President Of Star, Inc., States Lunar Elevator Can Be Made Of Existing Composites / Moon Testing Would Not Endanger Satellites In Earth Orbit / In Place By 2025

Image Credit: LiftPort, ISDC,

Friday / 16 August 2013

Lunar Elevator Workshop At Space Elevator Conference

Lunar Elevator

2013 ISEC Space Elevator Conference To Be Held 23-25 Aug In Seattle WA Includes 3-Hour Lunar Elevator Workshop Led By Michael Laine Of LiftPort Group; Humans / Cargo Would Be Transported To Lagrange Point 1 Depot Via Rocket, Then Gently Lowered To Moon Surface Via Tether; Able To Transport 36 Humans To Moon Annually; Could Travel 1,000 Times Farther Than Space Shuttle For 1/10th Price

Image Credit: LiftPort Group, Newsweek

Weekend Edition / Fri-Mon 26-29 Apr 2013

LiftPort Group Advancing After Kickstarter Success


US$110,000 Kickstarter Campaign Giving LiftPort Group Renewed Momentum In Lunar Elevator Development; Founder Michael Laine Says Group Initiating Strategic Partnerships In Smaller Countries Including With Iceland Company CCP Games; Bought 7.25km Of Vectran String Rated At 1,500lbs For Initial Tests; LiftPort Business Model To Spin Off Technology Solutions & Commercialize Them While Working To Perfect Lunar Elevator System

Image Credit: LiftPort Group,

Thursday / 15 November 2012

Lunar Space Elevator Aiming For 2020, Significant Steps Achieved

LiftPort Group With Kickstarter US$110K Relaunching “Tethered Towers”; Robot Reached 1.6-km Altitude In 2006 Demonstration; 2013 Study To Refine Technical Details; Aiming For Lunar Space Elevator By 2020, Reducing Lunar Missions To 1/10th Of Current Cost; Charles Radley Formerly Of Moon Society Says Elevator Can Be Built Today For US$800M And Capable Of “Infinite” 100-kg Payloads To / From Moon

Image Credit: LiftPort Group

Thursday / 26 January 2012

Image Credit: LiftPort Group, Spaceward Foundation

Space Elevator On The Moon?; Michael Laine (BR) Of LiftPort Group Sees Moon As Ideal Location To Advance Space Elevator Concepts; Contrary To Earth-Based Elevator, Required Technology Exists Today; Weaker Gravity Allows For Use Of Zylon Ribbon Extending From Surface Of Moon To L1 Point (58,000km From Center Of Moon); Others In Space Elevator Community Such As Ben Shelef (Inset) See Lunar Elevator Concept As “Distraction”