Thursday / 21 Dec 2017

New Novel “Artemis” Set In The 1st City On Moon In Late 21st Century

Andy Weir — Author Of “The Martian” — Depicts Life Of Saudi Woman Jazz Bashara In Lunar Settlement Named Artemis; Weir Thinks We Will Colonize Moon Before Mars; Artemis Based On Commercial Space Efforts Making Lunar Tourism Viable Business; Population Lives In 5 Interconnected Bubbles Built With Aluminum From Smelting Lunar Anorthite, Located Near Apollo 11 Landing Site; Weir Presents Only ~1% Of All Details Of City He Crafted; Film Rights Already Sold

Credits: Andy Weir, Crown Publishing Group, David Lindroth Inc, Will Staehle, Kovalto1/shutterstock

Friday / 27 May 2016

Russia Lunar Reports: Nuclear-Powered Moon Base, Mission Cost Estimates, Moon Shuttle Service

Russia Moon 2016

Russia Overarching Plan To Put Humans On Moon By 2029 / Set Up Lunar Base 2030-2035 May Involve Inflatable Modules & Nuclear-Power According To Russian Academy Of Cosmonautics President Igor Barmin; Deputy President Of Energia Aleksandr Derechin States Mission To Moon Will Cost 10x More Than LEO With Mars Being 50x More; Energia Rep. Yuri Makushenko Details Reusable 4-Person Ryvok Craft (Launched By Angara A5 From Vostochny) Which Could Dock At ISS & Transport Crew, Cargo To Moon Surface

Credit: NASA, ROSCOSMOS, Architecture and Vision / A. Vittori, A. Vogler, D. Martini, R. Tchakerian

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 20-23 May 2016

Bigelow Closer To Realizing Lunar Habitats, BEAM Expansion At ISS Planned Next Thursday


Robert Bigelow Goal Of Human Habitats On Moon, In Cislunar & Deep Space Remains Primary Focus For Company In Its 18th Year; As US$17.8M, 16-Meter3 Volume Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) Will Be Tested At ISS Over Next 2 Years, Bigelow Will Be Working To Fabricate & Test 2 Habitats For Deployment In 2020; Hoping Lunar Habitats & Tourism Accelerate Deep Space Exploration, And Customers Could Be Flown To & Access 1/3 Of 330-Meter3 Habitat For $60M A Year

Credit: Bigelow Aerospace, NASA

Wednesday / 29 July 2015

Further Details Of ESA Director’s Lunar Vision

7292015Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Director General Of  European Space Agency Clarifies His Vision “To Establish An Infrastructure On The Moon… To Do First-Class Fundamental Research”; International Research Station On Lunar Surface NET 2024 Should Serve As Next Foothold Of Human Expansion Into Solar System After ISS; Moon Focus Increasing ESA Collaboration With China, Russia, Japan & U.S. On Moon / Mars / Space Missions

Credit:  ESA, Foster + Partners

Wednesday / 25 June 2014

Russia Government Responds To Circumlunar Tourism Plan


Roscosmos Deputy Chief Denis Lyskov Says Government Will Not Be Involved In Plan To Send 2 Space Tourists On Circumlunar Trip Aboard Modified Soyuz; Space Agency Leaders Disappointed They Were Not Consulted About Project, Have No Plans To Modernize Soyuz; Mission Plan Developed By US-Based Space Adventures & Russia Spacecraft Manufacturer Energia Rocket & Space Corporation; Government Plan To Obtain 51% Stake In Energia & Need For Government Approval May Put Mission In Doubt

Image Credit: CSI, Roscosmos, Space Adventures, Energia

Wednesday / 4 June 2014

Next Humans At Moon Likely Space Tourists


Russia Aerospace Company RSC Energia CEO Vitaly Lopota (BR) Confirms Plan To Send 2 Space Tourists To Circle The Moon In 2017 Or 2018 Via Modified Soyuz, “We Can Do This”; Virginia-Based Partner Space Adventures (SA) Describes Mission As Bold Return To Deep Space Exploration, SA President Tom Shelley Confirms That 2 People Have Already Committed To Purchase The US$150M Seats, Company Has Yet To Disclose Identity Of The First Lunar Tourists

Image Credit: RSC Energia, Space Adventures

Friday / 28 June 2013

Funding Trips To Moon – 1st Giant Step Into Galaxy

PayPal Galactic 2

Universal Space Payment Initiative ‘PayPal Galactic’ Headed By PayPal, Apollo Moonworker Buzz Aldrin, Space Tourism Society, SETI Institute To Address Multi-World, Multi-Star Species; As Space & Moon Tourism Becomes Reality With GSC, SpaceX, VG, XCOR, Humans Will Need Interplanetary Payment System For Flights, E-Books, Moon-Rock Souvenirs, Pizza Deliveries In Space; Moon Travel 1st Step Toward Asteroids, Mars, Jupiter, Deep Space, Galaxy Stars

Image Credit: STS, K. Belew/CNN

Wednesday / 17 April 2013

Golden Spike Business Plan: Exploration, Innovation & Entertainment


Alan Stern Says Golden Spike Company Intends To Begin Construction Of Lunar Transport System In 2015, Commence Uncrewed Test Flights By 2017 Culminating With Lunar Landing In 2019, 2 Or 3 Round Trips To Moon Per Year Thereafter; Can Develop Entire Program For US$5-8B; Company Expects US$13.7B In Revenues By 2022 Through Pre-Paid Customers, Media Rights / Sponsorships Fostered By Creating Worldwide Fan Base For Space Exploration 

Image Credit: Golden Spike Company, NASA,

Tuesday / 26 February 2013

Susmita Mohanty Envisions Private Astronaut Taxis To Moon


India Commercial Space Company Earth2Orbit Founder Susmita Mohanty Discusses India’s Part In NewSpace Movement & Her Thoughts On How To Accelerate Human Spaceflight Development; Aerospace Companies Over-Engineer / Under-Design Crew Craft With Exorbitant Costs; International Consortium Of Companies Such As Apple, Samsung, SpaceX Could Design Spaceships That Think; Private Astronaut Taxis To LEO & Moon Would Follow

Image Credit: Abhijit Bhatlekar, Earth2Orbit

Wednesday / 23 January 2013

Buzz Promotes Space Travel For Everyone


Famed Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, Who Recently Celebrated 83rd Birthday (20 Jan), Still Active In Space Exploration Initiatives / Advocacy; Teaming Up With AXE To Send 22 Contest Winners To Space Aboard XCOR Lynx Spacecraft Operated By Tourism Firm Space Expedition Curacao; The Astronaut Who Spent 289.9 Hours In Space, Including 21.6 Hours On Lunar Surface Says “Space Travel For Everyone Is The Next Frontier In The Human Experience”

Image Credit: AXE, XCOR Aerospace