Friday / 12 Jan 2018

Lunar Science For Landed Missions NASA Ames Workshop To Evaluate Target Sites Today

3rd & Final Day Of Workshop At NASA Ames Organized By NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) & Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG); 1st Presentation Today By Jack Burns On Lunar Farside Science Including Radio Observations Of Redshifted 21-cm Hydrogen Line For Cosmology; Final Panel Discussion With Jim Green, Sarah Noble, Ben Bussey, Clive Neal, Greg Schmidt; Ends With Discussion On Top Recommended Sites — Within Context Of Newly Reactivated USA Moon Goals; Remote Participation Possible Through Live Coverage

Pictured: NASA Planetary Science Division Director Jim Green, Professor Jack Burns; Credits: NASA, University of Colorado

Wednesday / 11 May 2016

Europe Focuses On Lunar Exploration And Moon Village

4th European Lunar Symposium 18-19 May At The Dutch Royal Academy Of Arts And Sciences, Amsterdam (TR), The Netherlands Is Co-Organized By NASA SSERVI; Inaugural Lecture On LRO ‘Seven Years Exploring The Moon’; A “Moon Village” Workshop Occurs At Nearby ESTEC (BL) 19-20 May To Expand, Enhance And Refine This Primary Initiative Of ESA Director General Jan Woerner Who Is Determined To Help Establish A Permanent International Outpost At Moon As Next Major Step For Global Space Endeavor Beyond ISS


Friday / 6 May 2016

Two Conferences Supporting Moon, Mars, & Asteroids Investigate Opportunities

Two ConferencesStimulating Renewed Support In Moon / Space Activities Two Conferences Moving Into Year 8 Scheduled To Address: Lunar Exploration & Enterprise, Solar System, Near Earth Asteroids; 7-9 June Golden Colorado School Of Mines To Host  SRR, PTMSS & LPI With PISCES Rob Kelso Discussing ISRU Construction – Lunar Launch/Landing Pad; Ames Research Center Holding Annual Lunar & Small Bodies Graduate Conference (LunGradCon 2016) In Mountain View California 19 July; NASA SSERVI Topics To Include Missions & Human Exploration


Friday / 15 April 2016

2016 Lunar Conferences Head Into July Moon Landing Observation / Lunar High Tide 

Lunar Conferences 2016

 New Views Of The Moon 2 To Be Held At LPI / USRA, Houston TX 24-26 May, Covering New Data From Missions, Sample Analyses & Earth-Based Observations Of The Moon Made This Century; 2016 SRR/PTMSS At Colorado School Of Mines, Golden CO 7-9 June, Will Cover In-Situ Resource Utilization Of Lunar, Asteroid, Mars Resources; 3rd Annual Exploration Science Forum (ESF 2016) Hosted By SSERVI, NASA Ames, Mt View CA 20-22 July, Will Feature Scientific Discussions Of Human Exploration Of The Moon, NEAs, Moons Of Mars, Recent Mission Results & In-Depth Analyses Of Science & Exploration Studies


Wednesday / 15 April 2015

Abstract Deadline For NASA SSERVI Exploration Science Forum


2nd Annual NASA Exploration Science Forum To Be Held At Ames Research Center, Moffett Field CA On 21-23 Jul; Tomorrow Is Last Day To Submit Abstracts; Forum Will Feature Scientific Discussions Of Human Exploration Of Moon & Other Destinations Of Interest; Event To Be Followed By Resource Prospector Mission Meeting, Will Provide Introduction To Parameters & Capabilities Of Mission & Current Status Of Landing Site Analysis; Follow Up RPM Meeting In Conjunction With LEAG Meeting This Fall

Image Credit: NASA

Wednesday / 15 October 2014

Space Horizons 2015:
McMurdo On The Moon?

LED101514Brown University Hosts Annual NASA Sponsored Event Space Horizons 2015, 18-19 Feb; Antarctic McMurdo Station Inspires Asking “What Can 50+ Years Of Science In The Toughest Setting On Earth Tell Us About Working On The Moon?”; Workshops Examine Analog For Breakthrough Technologies To Realize Lunar Settlement; Brown’s 250-Year Anniversary Celebration Highlighted By Contributions In Planetary Science; Cutting Edge Virtual Reality Exhibit Allows Viewer To Fly Over Moon And Antarctica; Online Registration Now Open

 Image Credit: USAP, NASA, Brown University

Friday / 25 July 2014

ILOA July Meeting Marks Mid-Point For SpaceWeek 2014 In Silicon Valley

ILOA BoD 2014-2015 SV CA

The International Lunar Observatory Association, Based In Hawai`i, Held Its 3rd Board Of Directors Meeting Of 2014 In Mountain View CA, 23 July The Day Before The Space Frontier Foundation NewSpace 2014 Conference & Immediately Following The NASA Solar System Exploration Science Forum; Anticipating A New Lunar / Culture Renaissance In The N Cal / San Francisco Bay Area Similar To That Of The 1960s & ‘70s, ILOA Expects Its 2015 Silicon Valley Board Meeting Again To Overview & Advance Its 4 Moon Missions & Its Galaxy Forum Program For 21st Century Education & Fundraising

Image Credit: ILOA, Canadesys Aerospace Corp., Moon Express Inc., Charles O’Rear

Tuesday / 22 July 2014

SSERVI Exploration Science Forum 2014 Kicks Off Space Week


Around 250 Experts In Planetary Science & Engineering Meeting At NASA Ames To Advance Scientific & Human Exploration Of Solar System; SSERVI Currently Composed Of 9 Teams From 7 States, Along With 7 International Partners, Totaling 243 Investigators / Collaborators Addressing Important Questions And Engineering Challenges For Upcoming Deep Space Missions; Day 1 Focus On Mission Updates, Day 2: Volatiles & Geology, Day 3: Human Exploration / Destination Drivers & Regolith / Dust; Pictured: SSERVI Director Yvonne Pendleton

Image Credit: NASA

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 13-16 June 2014

LEAG & SSERVI Conferences Highlight Scientific Value Of Lunar Exploration


1st Announcement Of 2014 Annual Meeting Of LEAG, 22-24 Oct In Maryland USA; Call For Abstracts Expected 24 June; 2 Main Focus Areas: Lunar Volatiles & The Global Exploration Roadmap (GER); SSERVI Releases Agenda For 1st Annual NASA Exploration Science Forum, 21-23 July At Ames RC, California USA; Event Also Includes Discussion Of GER, To Integrate Priority Science Objectives Into NASA / International Exploration Plans; Pictured: LEAG Program Chair Samuel Lawrence

Image Credit: LEAG, NASA

Friday / 16 May 2014

European Lunar Symposium Covers Diversity Of Moon Research, Interest

ELS 2014

Second Day Of European Lunar Symposium Focuses On Lunar Samples, Future Missions, Global Partnerships; Sessions Chaired By (L-R) Romain Tartèse, James Carpenter, Greg Schmidt, Ian Crawford; David Kring Talks On Human Exploration Of Lunar South Polar Region & Far Side; Up To 200 Participants Interacting On / Advancing Strategic Considerations For Moon Astronomical, Astrophysical, Geological, Commercial, Resource Utilization Interests

Image Credit: ESA, NASA, SSERVI, LPI, Open University