Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 29 Sep – 2 Oct 2017

First Woman On The Moon Advocacy
From 68th IAC, LEAG, Stanford On The Moon

IDEA 3G Breakfast “First Woman On The Moon” At 68th International Astronautical Congress In Adelaide, Australia 27 Sep Featuring Jean-Yves Le Gall, Steve Durst, Jan Woerner, Danielle Richey, Sandy Magnus, Mary Snitch Focuses On Epochal & Historic Event Of 1st Woman On The Moon – Asking Who? When? How? Why? And Confirming Significant International Interest To Reclaim Greatest Advance In Human History, Fulfill Spirit Of Apollo 11 Pledge ‘In Peace For All’, And Launch Multi World Civilization; Further Support For Women On The Moon Upcoming At Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Meetings Oct 10-13 And Stanford On The Moon Conference Oct 13 Featuring Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides

Credits: IAF, IAC, ILOA, SPC, Newsgallery Pty Ltd

Weekend Edition
Fri-Mon / 23-26 October 2015

Stanford On The Moon (SOM)
Launching The Next 50 – 75 Years

10242015Stanford University President John Hennessy (TL) Commends SOM At Reunion Weekend “It’s A Good Project, Keep It Up”; SOM Advisory Committee Consists Of 12 Alum: Founder Steve Durst 1965, Lois Driggs Aldrin 1951, Bruce Lusignan 1958, Jim McCotter 1965, Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides 1996, Grant Anderson 1985, Henning Roedel 2011, Jim Michaelis 1960, John Kleeman 1969, Alicia Kavelaars 2002, William Brown 1965 & Professor Sigrid Close; Committee Drawn To Critical Thinking To Address The Need To Explore New Horizons Vital To The Future Of Humanity; SOM Launching For The Next 50-75 Year Trajectory, Planning For Stanford Center On The Moon Before 2091 University Bicentennial

Credit: SOM, NASA, Space Age Publishing Company

Friday / 23 October 2015

Stanford On The Moon 2015:
Sustaining And Realizing The Vision

SOM 2015

Stanford On The Moon Conference Being Held 23 Oct 15:00-17:00 At Stanford Campus Bld 260, Rm 113 In Conjunction With 2015 Stanford Homecoming Reunion; Will Feature Presentation By (Pictured L-R) SOM Founder Steve Durst & Stanford Director Of Development (Humanities & Sciences) Denise Ellestad On SOM Endowment Fund, Sasha Maldonado From Stanford Student Space Initiative, Jim Keravala From Shackleton Energy Co. On Lunar Property Rights: Who Owns The Moon?; And Introduction Of SOM Advisory Committee Members

Credit: SOM, ILOA, SSSI/S. Maldonado, D. Ellestad, Shackleton