Tuesday / 26 November 2013

Lunar Lion Team Sets Launch For July 2015


Penn State GLXP Team Pays Launch Reservation Fee To Team Phoenicia LLC, New Space Launch Services Provider Offering Significant Savings And More Flexibility; Will Share Launch With Several Spacecraft, Some Released In LEO Before Rest Are Pushed On Lunar-Intercept Trajectory; SHERPA Hosted Payload Platform / In-Space Maneuvering Stage To Bring 5 Additional Spacecraft Up To 330Kg Each To Trans-Lunar Injection Orbit

Image Credit: Penn State Lunar Lion, Andrews Space

Thursday / 26 July 2012

Team Phoenicia Helping To Facilitate Lunar Nanosat Missions

Team Phoenicia Agrees With Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems LLC & Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo To Collaborate On Lunar & Interplanetary Small Satellite Launch Opportunities; Cal Poly / Tyvak Will Utilize Team Phoenicia Excess Launch Capacity On GLXP & Future Lunar Missions; With Projected Costs Between US$5-10M, First Interplanetary NanoSat Missions Could Spark Revolution With Hundreds Of Missions To Moon, Asteroids, Mars & Beyond 

Image Credit: Team Phoenicia, Tyvak, CalPoly, NASA